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Nigeria! Of What We Have Become or are Becoming

All of a sudden, I heard tires squealing, and as I looked up, right in front of me, this vehicle knocked down a man on a motorcycle, swerved into my lane to avoid climbing over the man lying on the road, and then sped off. 532 more words

Sundry Thoughts


Take what Senator Corker said  —

“…The West Wing is adult daycare” “…Trump’s rhetoric is leading to World War III”… then add in the fact that the two greatest threats now facing America and the entire world are both… 190 more words

The Trump Times

A Month Of Mondays- Death By Hangover

I have less than zero motivation to get this post written, which is why it is probably more important than the ones I actually want to do. 973 more words


Reading Thoughts

I’m rereading “I Thought It Was Just Me” while I wait for Brené Brown’s new book to be available at the library. This quote was meaningful for me and for clients. 22 more words


My Final Thoughts On Alcohol

Alcohol has been around for a long time. Social interactions, alcohol, and people have developed alongside each other for the last 10 million years according to Live Science, possibly even longer. 1,812 more words

maybe punishing myself is just what was intended,
there are moments
when I do this better than anyone else,
congratulations, Red
another successful day

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