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Blogging: It's Not About You

It’s not about you.

How many times do we need to hear this before we internalize it? We live in a society of bloated personalities, where every social media post screams “Look what I do! 131 more words


The Trouble with Blogs

As noted in the first post here, it has taken me this long to enter the world of blogging. For many, this is likely akin to your grandparents just getting their first flip-phone as you contemplate things like smart watches and the like. 243 more words

Home Sweet Home

They should have taken bets.  The staff realized this too late, of course, so all they could do is sit and watch the creative excuses unfold. 633 more words


Homo Economicus/Homo Reciprocans Compare and Contrast

In terms of economics, my perspectives are more inclined towards homo economicus when it comes to the nature of a consumer/producer relationship. As humans are motivated by their self-interest so that they can continue to live on and bear offspring for the next generation using social and cognitive influence. 352 more words

Day 46: Work Harder AND Smarter

Day 46
Date: August 24, 2015
Location: Honolulu, HI

It is an unbelievable feat that I have gotten this far in life being so incredibly lazy. 980 more words

Feminism or self-interest?

Feminism. Thanks to the Western notion of it, feminism is often fallaciously associated with misandry. And I would not blame men for assuming this. The way feminism is portrayed by Western standards appears to be needlessly aggressive, self-indulgent, superficial and, in many cases, blatantly accusing every man of misogyny. 823 more words

Acid Attacks

Should we boycott Amazon?

Amazon has been “exposed” by the New York Times as “a bruising workplace” where employees are driven by callous managers to compete against their co-workers and work grueling hours, at the cost of their health, family and personal lives—to squeeze everything out of them so that Amazon can maximize profits. 628 more words

Business Ethics