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How Good Feelings Might Arise from Using the Shared Situation Guide

Even though the TED talk below is called “Religion, Evolution, and the Ecstasy of Self-Transcendence,” part of what Jonathan Haidt is talking about is groups coming together around shared situations… 271 more words



I read this short blog and really liked it! You might as well?


For a long, long time my goal was, “Stop hurting.” Certainly a worthwhile idea. 37 more words

Digging Out From Under

The Ethics Of... Ignorance

Is there anything you wish you could just not know? Knowledge that, if it was completely erased from your mind a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… 1,158 more words

PURSUE Happiness

This is what I used as a reminder and still do, when appropriate:

Put Up, Remember, Shut Up, & E… 283 more words

Psychological Stuff

Dostoyevsky on Donald Trump And The 2016 Elections

Yesterday, I spent part of a gloomy, overcast day in the CUNY Graduate Center library, preparing for my classes today. In particular, I prepared for my class on existentialism by reading, yet again, … 649 more words


Out of Time

Quick! What’s the world’s most valuable commodity?

If you’ve answered,


You’re right.

The greatest treasure one can share, or bestow on another is time.

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Changing It Up

It has occurred to me that not only am I wading through the now smaller  mountains o’ stuff, but that there’s FIVE YEARS worth of my blathering about this and that, here. 290 more words

Making Home