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Commenting: Getting Ahead or Embracing Community?

There is so much greed in our world (at least the capitalist Western world). People will do pretty much anything to get ahead, and I find myself often questioning people’s intentions – are you offering to help me because it will benefit you in some way? 567 more words


Swayed by Opinion

Each of us are at one time or another swayed by opinion. The opinion of others, whether spoken with erudition or otherwise, changes our own thinking. 635 more words


Deified Through Pride


[Written while in Uganda]

It’s hard to imagine myself struggling with pride given the fact that I have little to no confidence in myself. 350 more words

Project 365

Ant Man and Ethics

I just enjoyed watching Ant Man at the cheap theatre.  I thought it was a good movie and had funny parts.  However, I was deeply concerned about the morals that motivated Ant Man.   239 more words


Dear Conservative: Your Moral Ideal of Self-Sacrifice + Belief in Original Sin = Big Government

There is a lot of complaining among conservatives these days about “big government”: Washington has too much power, taxes are increasing, new and old regulations are stifling the economy, judicial overreach is running rampant. 1,090 more words

Limited Government

Was Pilate Guilty or Innocent?

Q. Thinking back to illustrations and children’s books from childhood, Pilate is often portrayed as a bad guy. Reading the scriptures now, it seems Herod was always out to get Jesus, but it was Pilate who tried to save Him. 996 more words

Bible Q&A

Praise, criticism, and hypocrisy around people you know

I got some pushback on two recent posts, in which I said “Bess Stillman is the best med school essay writer there is” and that… 554 more words