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Are we all Narcissistic?

Good morning readers.

I have been thinking a lot about our society, and where we are going wrong, of late. I can’t say if all of the world is like this, but certainly in some western countries it appears to be this way. 1,019 more words


Holman Jenkins: Oregon Is Greener Than Thou

Wall Street Journal: Environmentalist self-righteousness is so unaware of itself as to be entertaining.

The Kitzhaber scandal in Oregon demonstrates many obvious things:

Single-party rule is intrinsically corrupting. 60 more words



This is my first attempt at starting a blog, and my first blog post; here goes, a bit about me!

I am a law student at Monash University, and have a variety of seemingly introverted interested. 120 more words


Adam Smith on Sympathy: From Self-Interest to Empathy

The intro to Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo’s essay

Is the assumption of self-interested behavior assumed in economics at odds with altruism and compassion? I believe that this question—which has been formulated in various ways in the literature for the past two centuries—is the thorn that often turns us away from reconciling the Adam Smith of the… 626 more words

Adam Smith

"Who's On First" in Your Communications?

Alfred Hitchcock said, “Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” Well that’s good and dandy if your intent is to write a horror flick or thriller novel, or even any kind of story. 426 more words


The Double Take Comment

The new Director’s staff filed into the conference room and dutifully sat down.  These meetings were common in the Director’s four month tenure at the company.  412 more words


"So that means you don't believe in helping people, right?"

All readers of Ayn Rand have been there. In a conversation, it somehow is revealed you like her books. The assembled group finds out Atlas Shrugged… 2,691 more words