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Ambition & Causation

Despite all the moral tales and stories people rarely think that the law of cause and effect applies to them. Somehow they, and they alone, are excused and excluded from causation. 391 more words

Self Discovery

The Project: A Vacation

This is the second in a set of articles detailing some of the management behaviors that took place while a certain department was working on a very labor-intensive project.  429 more words


Gone For a Trot

I was going to do a Foto Friday last week. When I missed my window for that post, I was going to do a Snapshot Saturday, then a Snapshot Sunday. 416 more words


Catching Up

Once again, I have to confess a level of inferior commitment to this space.  It’s not like “nothing” has been happening.  As I look over the screen, it shows I have (11) draft-posts, various thoughts in a wide array of completeness.   1,175 more words


Teamwork works wonders

I’ll admit, it is a cliche to say that teamwork is vital to any group, but it cannot be expressed enough. We all have that one person at the back of our mind that tends to works on our nerves from time to time. 290 more words


Life is as Fair as You Perceive It

The argument that “Life isn’t fair” is a long term pet peeve of mine. So many people say it, yet I’m constantly tempted to ask what the hell their basis for comparison is. 131 more words

On The Horizon - Part Six

This is Part Six of a six part mini series on Predicting the Future. It’s taken five weeks to get here, and lots of thinking. Have a read through all of our somewhat likely and somewhat terrible predictions by following the links!  3,770 more words