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Business Ethics: Oxymoron?

Business Ethics: Oxymoron?

By Shlomo Maital


    I’ve just written my fortnightly column for a magazine (Jerusalem Report), about how “plunder and blunder” ruined a first-rate supermarket chain, endangering the livelihood of 3,500 employees, as it goes into receivership and bankruptcy. 316 more words

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To Take Self-interest and Money Lightly

February 08, 2016 | A Dafa practitioner from mainland China

(Minghui.org) I started learning Falun Dafa cultivation in 1997. Since that time, many people have told me, “Falun Dafa has really helped you change your personality for the better.” 786 more words

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Altruism, Freedom and Economic Progress

The virtue of altruism is held in immeasurably high esteem in our society today. Selfless benevolence at one’s own expense is regarded as the pinnacle of human endeavours, with societies and cultures often reserving their most coveted honours and elevations for people who have apparently undergone acts of selflessness and generosity. 2,566 more words


Net Neutrality and Facebook's Free Basics: A Case Study on Being Too Stubborn

In the past two years, Facebook has brought access to basic internet services to people in developing countries through a campaign called Free Basics. While Free Basics (as the name suggests) is completely free, it only offers limited services, a characteristic that is inflaming net neutrality advocates to not just criticize Facebook, but in some cases even call for its illegalization. 850 more words


A rebuttal to the glass-half-empty syndrome

My previous post, Musings of a temporarily despairing optimist, lamented the reluctance of so many people to become part of a solution, preferring instead to complain about the problem, waiting for someone else to find the solution – and then complaining if they don’t like the solution. 748 more words


Morality Over Rationality: Here's why

In this age of rationality, it is not unnatural to hear that people place great emphasis on being rational. Rationality is important, and is good in scenarios where rational decisions are to be made. 588 more words

Tony Abbott's decision to stay may finally force Turnbull to take a stand | Lenore Taylor

The prime minister can no longer avoid glaring differences of opinion in the Liberal party. In the long run, a frank conversation will benefit everyone… 39 more words

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