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A critique of Objectivism

If I understand objectivism correctly, objectivism holds that what is good for me is not defined by my opinion, but by what is indeed good for me independent of my opinions. 490 more words


Οι ιδεοληπτικοί εθνομηδενιστές, μετέτρεψαν την Ελλάδα σε ένα "μεγάλο παζάρι"...

Του Σταύρου Καλεντερίδη-

Μην έχετε την παραμικρή αμφιβολία ότι οι εθνικές ήττες στις οποίες μας οδηγεί το εγχώριο πολιτικό σύστημα και οι πολιτικοί που το υπηρετούν, συντελούνται με αποκλειστικά δικές τους ευθύνες.


Be aware ...

People are selfish and self centered. Don’t be in hurry trusting anyone. They can seem like they helping you but they have their own hidden interests.

Duplicity, Politics & Regulation

Duplicity. The ways in which what something is meant to do (or what is asserts as mission statement or other pithy sentiment) and what it actually does can be diametrically opposed. 453 more words


The Simpsons -- Sirloin-A-Lot Challenge

This clips includes a few different economics concepts rolled in to one. The overarching theme is that of consumer choice where Homer appears to experience diminishing returns while trying to eat a 16 pound steak. 85 more words


Answer Zero

Asked only
A little of life
Life offered
Myriad temptations 82 more words