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Vocation - Fredrick Buechner

Fredrick Buechner wrote the following about vocation…

IT COMES FROM the Latin vocare, to call, and means the work a man is called to by God. 203 more words


Selfless Transparency

“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” – John 14:9

Sometimes we come across a father-son pairing that makes us think we’re seeing double. 279 more words


One Take on Spiritual Rebirth

We start out our adult life enjoying the things that bring financial reward and that feed our egos. But after we are shaken up and knocked around in life, we see that others matter, too. 176 more words


Can you help to build on this idea?


Self-interest and altruism are not polar opposites.


People are usually assumed to be either self-centred or altruistic (first table).

However, self-interest and altruism are both part of a broader spectrum of motives (second table). 45 more words

Can 'We' Be Selfish?

I need to try this argument out, because I am being driven crazy by a pattern that has developed in my conversations with rational people. 597 more words


The 90 Day Challenge - Day 71

“The king ordered his henchmen, Surround and kill the priests of God.” -1 Samuel 22:14

Saul was intent on killing David, though David remained loyal to the king. 186 more words


6 Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Marriage was designed to be permanent. No one walks down the aisle with the goal of till seven years do us part. Unfortunately our mindset these days is not aligned with permanence but favours instant gratification and the pursuit of (fleeting) happiness, from one source to the next.  1,171 more words