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discerning & deciding

I awoke early this morning; the bright numbers of my Fitbit glaring at me: 4.30. In a reflective mood, unable to return to sleep, I arose. 526 more words

A Personal Reflection

The Trump Family Grifters

It goes without saying that comparing the Trump Presidency to any in the past is an exercise in the absurd.  His behavior, and that of his administration, is without precedent.   613 more words

Stuff Reduction

What I’ve done this morning:

  • I waxed the edges of the new desk with beeswax to help the piece run smoothly.
  • I washed down two exterior walls which because of the way the roof was originally built were really dirty.
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Digging Out From Under

An atheist explains the real consequences of adopting an atheistic worldview

If you love to listen to the Cold Case Christianity podcast, as I do, then you know that in a recent episode, J. Warner Wallace mentioned a blog post on an atheistic blog that clearly delineated the implications of an atheistic worldview. 1,240 more words


What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Garbage equipment. To be fair, the equipment might not be complete garbage when it’s new in the box, but as soon as we open ‘er up and layer on security software and forbid users to have even basic administrative abilities on the machine, we’ve got equipment that behaves as if it’s old and slow and generally garbage. 265 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?



Amidst the social gatherings and backyard barbecues of the Independence Day celebrations that we have each year, there are many important and dramatic stories about the sacrifices of our founding fathers who signed the  682 more words

Tarot Insights: Five of Swords

I’ve been working with the Bonefire deck recently, where previously I worked mainly with the RWS deck. In the latter, the Five of Swords seems a bit ambiguous—is that person in the foreground collecting the swords for the others, or is he stealing them while their backs are turned? 401 more words