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The "ME" Age.

Yeah, yeah, I know what your thinking, I was going to bed to not sleep when I posted my last piece. Well, after a nice hot shower, I still feel like crap, so I decided to write about something I have been mulling over for a while, instead of rolling from side to side, unable to get comfortable enough to drift off to sleep. 1,191 more words

Facebook's "Safety Check"

On the topic of identity farming: Is Facebook’s “Safety Check” an authentic attempt to assist communities reeling from disaster ? Or is this merely another way of corporations to intrude into every aspect of contemporary social existence and to continue to turn a monumentally accelerating profit margin ? 352 more words


Gender Wars: Interdependent Dynamics

When Pat Benatar sang “love is a battlefield,” truer words were never spoken. While the dynamics of the individual genders are dissected, reviewed, given archetypes, I see some things missing. 526 more words

Love is What The Word Was

Misconceptions will come to die in this post, for what love has been said to be is far from how love lives and breathes. From one who sees mistakes abound in both frequency and scale, I will lay it out. 386 more words

My Dad

would be over 100, if he was still alive. His birthday was early this month.

I think, like everyone, when you have an anniversary of this type, you remember the person in question. 312 more words

Psychological Stuff

How we should act towards the powerful

Epictetus – Discourses Book 1
I.19. How we should act towards the powerful

What is the advantage of being powerful? Is it that everybody pay you attention and respect? 415 more words