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Achieved Divinity Self-Interview #1

People try to bring you down no matter what you do. Whatever reasons they have, they will do. They will take any action you make and use it against you. 1,498 more words

Self interview

Q. You claim to possess so many skills which are mixture of client and server side technologies. How is it possible for one person having so many skill sets? 702 more words

Profile Of Sushant

16 Film Festival : 16 Hari Anti Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan

Saya bertanya-tanya, kali ini saya akan menulis dengan versi seperti apa ya? Sembari menikmati istirahat makan siang dengan angin semilir dari kipas angin dan semangkuk buah potong, maka saya memilih menulis dalam bentuk… 786 more words


A sort of self interview/You can create other worlds

The following are my answers to some questions put to me by the Inner West Council for inclusion in their Art Post newsletter, which was supposed to be published to coincide with my recent exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, but, due to some administrative confusion, wasn’t. 1,465 more words


New! Up and Coming rnb/other Artist: Tia Bell!!

Introducing Myself!!

Hello, I am Raquintia D. Aka “Tia Bell”.

I am an up and coming rnb/ other Artist from Sacramento, CA…

I want to make this article as interesting as possible but I don’t express myself very well in things written about myself, by me, so I’ve written down some questions I get asked often and will answer them here for you guys so that you can get to know me! 468 more words