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Battles Fought Within

Painful pangs of Hypocrisy
Hurt us the most, almost
Shattering the inner being
To uneven pieces, sometimes
Even scrambling them in a fashion
That it takes long to reckon the pattern. 64 more words


Capability vs self worth

(Picture borrowed from Debbie Burns, head unicorn and founder of Debbieburns.me all rights to it are hers)

My writing mentor posted this picture earlier. It brings up a topic that I believe I would like to try and tackle. 274 more words


Kindness and cruelty

I struggle to see myself as others do. I can list my flaws innumerable. I logically know that I am not what my mental gremlins say. 354 more words


Holidays burdens

In our society there is so many choices. Things become somehow expected and so many of us end up overwhelmed. Addiction and depression drag us into deep meaningful arguments. 104 more words


No I Won’t?

Hi Guys, I hope you are keeping well. Today I am here with a query for you that is, what will you do if I ask you to prioritize somebody else than yourself? 414 more words


What else? 

And there are times

When being mess is a whole new fun.

And all what you need is

Hair ruffled

Clothes rugged

Attitude untamed.

When all you need is open air… 44 more words


2017: The Year of Raised Self Awareness (Part 2)

Who Even Am I?

One of many questions doing acrobatics in my head lately. It’s quite a scary question to pose to self (or be asked) because doing so compels me to contemplate on the person I have been and what was the underlying driving force of that person’s actions or utterances. 647 more words