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Pheonix ashes

I am learning to be a new person, in order to do that I have to quiet the mental gremlins. That is harder than it sounds. 139 more words


Paralysed by Fate

My life is falling apart in front of me,

And I’m unable to move a muscle,

As I’m paralysed by my fate.

My future is burning down to ashes, 18 more words


Identify your capabilities, and thrive…

Hi guys, Morning, I hope all of you are doing great today. Well, there is something that has been hitting my mind repeatedly in the recent past. 448 more words


The thin line between being Proud and taking pride.

Some recent incidents and conversation in near past have left few open questions in my mind. How can we be sure that we are not being overconfident and proud while we assume we are simply taking pride in our things and being confident . 588 more words


Mister and Misses

Was just auditing my life and the below list came up as the observations on what areas I am missing.

  • I miss the weekly Friday tests of my school life, it was actually good I used to be focused for the entire week.
  • 196 more words

The proverbial Monday blues!

So I get up this morning and want to flop back on the bed desperately, as the last night’s or rather the weekend’s fatigue has caught up with me just now… 263 more words


Giving emptiness a chance

I recently quit my job. It was an unwavering voice of surety from inside me that suggested I quit my job of fifteen years. This voice seemed to have a plan for me. 369 more words