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Towards Truthfulness & Honesty With Oneself and Others

When we eliminate false appearances with respect to ourselves and become truthful in thought and action, we build the foundation for honest treatment of the environment. 135 more words

On Spiritual Progress

Self-cognizance & Knowledge of Others: Grasping the Actuality of "Evil" or Smallness of (primitive) Aims

The basic Socratic thought, “Know thyself,” is always actual for everyone who consciously realizes his ideal of personality. It goes hand in hand with a fundamental query: “Who am I, and where am I going?” Learning to know oneself consists in seeking an answer, through experience and meditation, to the questions: “What is it in myself that is not ‘me’? 539 more words

On Self

Steady Wisdom: 7 Week Progress Check

Steady Wisdom:  108 Verses On Changing My Thinking DAY 49
One who has the firm conviction, “this is done by the body and not by me, the pure self” does not act, even while acting. 132 more words

Steady Wisdom: Day 47

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking DAY 47
I am immutable, formless and unperturbed consciousness.  I am unaffected by the appearance of the body and mind.  59 more words


I woke, hungry for delight.
The thought of you hovered over me
Like the blue man in a Chagall.
And the spectral imprint of fleeting touch… 15 more words


Steady Wisdom: Day 45

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking DAY 45
I have no parts.  I am actionless.  I am the self of all.  By nature I am eternal and self-evident.  79 more words


In the pursuit of what is and is not ethical in our daily lives, our businesses, and our relationships, I sometimes find myself having doubts about my own integrity. 87 more words