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Back to the Beginning-A Poem

Within the recesses of my soul

A longing waits, and yearns for more

Of remembrances before time,

Floating in a reverent sea

Where I knew who I was… 106 more words

What we are running from that catch up – meeting with our shadow part of self

I’m asking you to spend 5 minutes thinking about one question: Is there anything in your life which upsets you, very uncomfortable and time by time comes back, appears in your life? 729 more words

Personalistic Psychology

Soul Contracts

Souls have many contracts upon entering incarnation. Some are with other people some are for your personal spiritual growth. Personal spiritual growth contracts are the ones we will speak about today. 521 more words

Safely Held

Sensing my expansive Self,

How can It fit inside my mind?

My mind tries to control It by

Thinking It down into small bits of identities… 26 more words

Path To Being

Week 21 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Objectivity & Subjectivity

(This post is part of a weekly series for Know Thyself 2019, a 365 day journal project. Start here!)

This week’s journal topic: Objectivity and Subjectivity… 816 more words


A Conversation with Ashtavakra Pt. 18

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Ashtavakra said:
11:1 – One who knows for certain that existence, non-existence and change are the nature of everything in the universe easily comes to peace, unaffected by affliction. 1,192 more words