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A sense of shame has never entirely departed

“If you grew up very self-conscious, feeling that you’re not as good as other people, I think that it defines you,” she said.

A sense of shame has never entirely departed. 197 more words


Find your YOUniqueness!

My daughter has been going to a summer camp this week at our local aquarium. She has been learning from all sorts of people–some love to scuba-dive, some love ‘cats’, some train the parrots, one guy loves toads and another guy LOVES coral. 589 more words

Self Love Minus the Slushy: Self Compassion for Skeptics (Self Love #1)

I loathe having a category on this blog called ‘Self Love’. It feels like having a tattoo on my forehead of a daisy-chain peace sign flanked by a dove carrying a leaf of cannabis across a heart-shaped sunset. 842 more words

Why We Should Celebrate Every Day

It’s been a while since I realised that emotional well-being is quite a big deal and that I have some control over the flow of things when it comes to it. 534 more words


Serena Williams' Photo Backlash Is A Sad Reminder That Pregnancy Body Shaming Still Exists

Fact: Pregnancy is related to sex and the naked female body. So, why are women being shamed for connecting to their innate sexiness and showing off their bare bellies? 184 more words


Lumps,bumps and the art of not giving a crap

My love my love my love my love
You love my lady lumps- Fergie

I know, I know how elegant a title you are probably now wondering to what level of Shakespearean quality am I about to type, what beautiful sonnet doth my hands yearn to type but alas that is not my style. 661 more words