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Since the month of LOVE is quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to post about LOVE. Not just “Love YOU” sentiments or valentine hearts and kisses, the LOVE that begins with YOU. 1,063 more words

Forced image

“Mental health is important too,” just a little part of the saying that my friend said a couple days ago. She said this because I told her that I felt like “there’s something wrong with my head and I can’t seem to know what’s inside it.” She thought it was mental health but really, it was more on the physicality of the situation that bothered me. 204 more words


Harsh Reality

You said she didn’t love me.

I knew it wasn’t true.

The truth of the matter,

is she didn’t love you.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017


Do Less & Live with Less so I can focus more: My guiding words for 2017

Making resolutions can oftentimes lead to disappointment, especially if the resolution is unrealistic. For this reason, I’m setting intentions rather than resolutions again for 2017. 971 more words

Life Lessons

Bring it. 

I can’t escape the feeling that something is coming. In November when Donald Trump was elected, I cried all night. I felt… sad, and scared. I wasn’t sure why I felt that way. 307 more words


Am I ashamed to call on your name?

On Christmas Day, at the dinner table I found myself making the most pitiful and hesitant attempt to gather my family together with an announcement about prayer. 413 more words



I am sure that my definition of friendship is different from most peoples’.
There is, of course, the laughter. Laughter is a big part of it. 235 more words