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When the Lion Roars

Today is my birthday, and I gave myself the best present one can give oneself.  I regained my power over my past, over my abuses, and by learning to protect my inner child. 617 more words


Evolutionary Spectrum

My feelings are that no matter where one is on the evolutionary spectrum, all beings are manifestations of spirit and therefore have value, and deserve ‘respect’, regardless of whether or not a person has yet to figure out ‘ 407 more words


When The Memories Come Back...

It was a gloomy day as I was sitting down on a bus on the way home. It was a quite a long ride back, about 2 hours, so I had to take naps to cure my tired self. 430 more words


Tapping into our Energy Body to Connect to Source

We are made up of several different energy bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each energy body is connected to the other, and what is felt or done to one impacts the other energy bodies and our overall wellbeing and health. 587 more words


Fond Farwell

Without regret or tears,
You have taught me,
What I could not learn,
On my own.

Even now,
I feel love from you,
That you could not, 108 more words


Moving Towards Fear

For most of my life, I have run away from what scared me.  This may be people, situation, and places.  The people I fear the most are my parents because they injured me as a child, and left deep emotional scars within me from the abuse. 224 more words


Lattes and Lifestyles

I didn’t drink coffee for over a decade.

I was a senior in high school when I gave it up, but with the rise of Starbucks I was already totally addicted. 430 more words