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What I Love Most About the Philosophy of Tantric Sex

The Tantric philosophy teaches one about self-love. No judgments. Our bodies are temples to be cared for and respected. No judgments. The rituals one can create as preparations are made for engaging in Tantric Sex foster acceptance and love of one’s self. 119 more words


#TastefulTopics - The Hidden Joy in Unfollowing

When social media originated, it was a great place to share your life as well as keep up with other people you were interested in. Now, it can seem like a complete drag. 392 more words

The Breadcrumb Relationship

Have you ever taken breadcrumbs and tried to make a piece of bread?

I have, perhaps not literally, but those little pieces of bread would just crumble in my fingers while gluing them together, making it messy, sticky, and giving me  675 more words


Running with emotion

This has been one of the craziest weeks for me. It’s been emotional. As a race director in my community for a national event, I get to meet a lot of people. 433 more words

🎶 You don't have to try... 🎶

I just want to take the time to talk about the importance of self love. Growing up, I got teased a lot for my appearance. What everyone thought was funny, I took to heart. 165 more words


Money Costs Too Much

And what does it cost?  Time.

You’ll never get time back . But money can always be made.

Of course one needs money for shelter, clothing and food but what I experienced (and may still) is something called the “Joneses” That feeling to gain acceptance amongst others and belonging to the social class we yearn to be recognized as.  77 more words


Reparent Yourself

To get to your best life you may have to do some self parenting.

A couple of years ago I heard from three different inspired healers in one week that it was time for me to begin reparenting myself. 619 more words

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