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Brothers Lessons

As a child, you teased me making sure my skin was tough enough for the cruel world and mean kids

As a child, you showed me the definition of unconditional love… 566 more words


Embrace Your Face

“Just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive. Flowers are pretty and so are Christmas lights, and they look nothing a like” 212 more words

Self Love.

Peace on Earth

The relativity of time, the balance of life. The perceptions of each and the ghosts of the things unknown. Living in a world full of misunderstandings and teachings of absurdity. 142 more words

The Mystery under the wig🤔😳

I finally decided to take my wig off-Sounds so funny to say, but I promise I’m not a balding Middle Aged woman-I’m just a twenty-something year old who’s trying dabbling in alternative inexpensive protective hair style options. 514 more words

Spring Cleaning for the Soul 2

NEW TO YOU: Growth, Challenge, Change.

When most people decide they want or need to personally grow they look to those around them to learn from and then they also dive into the pages of good books. 848 more words

Health & Happiness

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Being Perfect

Have you ever tried to be perfect? Have the perfect body, perfect skin, be the perfect partner, employee, student—the list goes on and on. What is it about perfection that makes us chase after it? 1,017 more words