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Um, hi, to that one person who reads my every post. Hello, how are you doing? I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to read them. 127 more words


Increasing Your Personal Power

Ask people to define and give their perspectives on the word “power” and you will get a variety of responses: some people may view power as something to be gained or increased, others as something that is used to exude over others to their detriment, and even others as something to hold onto for social standing. 784 more words


Reuniting with Writing & Running

Well lookie here, I had lost all hope of being able to log in to this blog again, but I decided yesterday during a really looooooooooong meeting to check and BAZINGA! 295 more words


The Second Choice

.At some point in our lives, we become someone’s second choice or backup plan.  When we finally acknowledge that is who we are, it is a sad moment.   356 more words


What Do I Have To Be?

I could ask anyone (friends, family, strangers and those who don’t like me) “What do I have to be?” and get a variety of answers. 1,108 more words


The Pain of Perception

Check out the girl in this photo. How does she look to you?

If you had to describe the picture in one word what would it be? 859 more words

My Body Is NOT Toxic

Swim suit season is coming. All the more reason to love your body just as it is. I’m so grateful I don’t feel the need to go on a restrictive cleanse to feel ready for swimsuit season. 285 more words