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EB Trecena: The Path of Destiny

Today begins the EB, or path of destiny, trecena, focused on our sacred path of self-realization and fulfillment.

This time is about filling ourselves up with messages from the spirit world so that we have revelations, greater understanding and healing. 41 more words


12 Reminders To My 29 Year Old Self.

Hello Beautiful,

In a few days you’ll celebrate your last birthday in your 20s.

You’ll be all of 29! Can you believe it?

I know you have no ‘plans’ for the day, but that’s ok. 473 more words


Changing My Soul Life

In March 2011, a Kundalini active man I met changed the course of my soul life.  His actions, attitude, and behaviors towards me hurt me so deeply that whenever I observed this in another man, I instantly recognize it.   277 more words


The Letter, Part 1.

“The Letter” will be a part of a 4-post series written by Aj de Leon. They will include letters to herself, her family, her…

334 more words
Self Love

6 Lessons I learned about Self Love

During the course of my spiritual journey, I learned so much about myself and the lessons I learned are invaluable about how to love myself.  These are the six lessons I learned and I hope you find them helpful. 149 more words


Letting Go

We’ve all been there: we stay in a job, relationship or situation because it is “known” and easier than the alternative of finding something new.  But in doing so, we end up providing a great disservice to ourself and our personal growth. 269 more words


A Love Letter for Discouraged Hearts

I had such a bad weekend and the sad thing is, nothing really bad happened. I just got seriously overwhelmed with the social fuss. I tried to be mindful, to breathe, to say positive affirmations, and when push came to shove, I held my own. 360 more words

Self Love