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Girl, We Know Better.

The title for this post is the tone I want to set. Girl, WE KNOW BETTER. Don’t forget that while reading. You knew this all once before. 1,003 more words

Self Love

Are You a Pushover?

I hate when people walk all over me, and push me around, and take advantage of me. Acting like I’m stupid and can’t see what they’re up to. 760 more words

Self Love

the Room

I have always been fascinated, visually, by my ‘room’!  My psyche…behind four walls.  Beating like a heart…bleeding like the history it has shed.

From birth, our room, is made up of conformity!   128 more words


Setting Goals

2016 is more than half over. I haven’t achieved much in respect to physical improvements. I’ve run 58 miles this year and I’ve gained 20#. I have had little to no motivation. 276 more words


Releasing a Bad Mood

Yesterday I was on a cross-country flight, and the man sitting next to me started yelling at me. He didn’t care for my perfume. I don’t wear perfume and told him that. 437 more words

The Heiress Project Q & A Session

I don’t know about you, but before I buy a book, I want to hold it in my hands, flip through the pages and get a feel for it. 768 more words

Self Love

Follow You, Follow Me

To admonish defeat…meaning that I have…tamed the shrew?

In the mundane peril, it is best not to.

The ending, the results…are bouts of loneliness…long over due. 62 more words