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#HelpAQueenOut: The End of an Era?

Over a year ago, I launched an online networking hour on Twitter for the first time. I had high expectations for #HelpAQueenOut but at its core I wanted it to be a virtual meeting space for women to connect with each other. 975 more words


Knitting through pain

I’ve been knitting since June 2016. I discovered that I like working with my hands, but sewing wasn’t a hobby I could take along with me while away from home. 997 more words


What do I want out of life?

I find myself asking this question a lot. I am working on my mental health by seeing my psychiatrist monthly. I don’t think my dosage for my antidepressant is quite where it needs to be, but that can be adjusted in my next session. 581 more words

Love Yourself

Working on my mental health, once again

Mental health is never a done deal. It is ever evolving care. I was on two mood stabilizers, that I have been on for years and thought that was enough to deal with my bipolar II. 484 more words

Love Yourself

5 Ways Self-Compassion Promotes a Healthy Body Image

When it comes to appearance, we’re often too hard on ourselves.

In this age of social media, we’re surrounded by idealized images of beauty more than ever before. 669 more words


Moving Through Fear

Fear is like waves on the ocean that come in ebbs and flows.  This is what I have been experiencing after a recent argument with my Twin Flame.   254 more words


My First YouTube Video - The Awkward Masterpiece!


In relation to my previous post on being loud and proud, I must say… I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

After years of being nervous, awkward and afraid, I finally got the balls and uploaded my first YouTube video! 154 more words

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