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When Fear Took Over

My desire to know all the answers to everything all the time is making me miserable.

Sometimes we don’t know the answers. We don’t need to. 570 more words


The Gift of Self-Love

This morning I woke up with a laundry list of things I needed to do that weighed me down. On top of all of this, my daughters really need extra support these days. 385 more words


Relax. Relate. Release.

The last 48 hours are a perfect snapshot of how full, buoyant, exciting, and just a wee bit crazy that my life in New York has become. 717 more words


Finding the Light

I awoke this morning with such gratitude in my heart.  Yesterday, I sold my house, and also got a second interview for a university job I want in California!   183 more words


The Importance of Doing Nothing

Four-thirty mornings, full time job, grad assistant and student. Then there’s doing work around the house, exercising, and trying to maintain a social life. Ay-yi-yi! It seems like every hour of the day I’m doing something—except rest. 305 more words

Self Care

Will You Let Fear Dictate How You Live?

I recently attended a women’s conference, G3 (Gather, Grow, and Go) in beautiful Sonoma County. Kristina Kuzmic, a parenting YouTube vlogger, was one of the speakers. 250 more words


Breeds of Sheltered Goods

Nothing but fictional logos.

A place to put things…

when there is no comfort between you and me.

Storage sheds made of un-evolved wood. 66 more words