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Overcoming Fear and Self Loathing

During this period of my emotional  healing and spiritual work, I finally am understanding what it’s like to love oneself.  It is not narcissitic, but self love is the beginning of unconditional love for others and humanity.   345 more words


Having the Courage to Drive Change

A couple months ago I was traveling and called for a car to bring me to the airport. My driver was a young woman from Somalia. 383 more words


Be in your power and speak your truth!

For years I have been trying to “fix” myself. Mainly, so I didn’t have to face going back to a nut house, but in a wider sense, because I felt so at odds with most of society, I thought there MUST be something wrong with me! 566 more words

5 Ways to Heal After Losing a Pet

Hello Lovelies!

How are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling strong.

Chances are if you are reading this, you have recently lost one of your best friends. 1,687 more words


Sound Healing Compendium

Since the middle of 2012 sound healing has become a part of my day to day ritual.  I utilize the crystal bowl in the morning during meditation, the whale flute to shift the frequency, the chimes to clear stagnancy and the tuning forks for physical pain as well as psychic pain in the body. 308 more words

Self Love

Light Worker 

​Sad because nobody hears you, nobody feels what you feel inside. The pain, the pleasures but everybody seems to tell you what you should or need to do. 163 more words

Self Love

MULUC Trecena: Power

Today we begin the MULUC, or water, trecena.  Water has an incredible amount of power, energy and force. This trecena is all about purification, release, and going with the flow – a great follow up to the cleansing we just got from the CIB trecena. 15 more words