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Notes on Cooking for Myself

I am a single woman in my mid-twenties and I enjoy cooking for myself. In fact, before I started writing this post I made myself a single serving of eggs benedict, complete with homemade hollandaise sauce (the slightly complicated one where you have to whip the egg yolks into the melted butter and make sure the temperature isn’t too high or you’ll ruin it). 785 more words


Love Big

If you are going to love, Love Big


Love as big as the ocean


Let it’s powerful waves carry you along 🌊

Relax and let it support you with it’s ups and downs… 60 more words


My Honest Spring Intentions

Ebb & Flow With My Emotional Tide

I want to remember that I am feeling a certain way for a reason and I need to honor that feelings that have presented themselves. 347 more words

Self Love

In Defence Of Self Love: Two Powerful Words, One Soppy Sentiment (Self Love #2)

I still shudder at the term Self Love. The two words alone are robust and somewhat dignified concepts in and of themselves. Yet putting them together somehow whips up a substance as light, silly and novel as Angel Delight. 943 more words

Throw Back Poetry : Signs of Love

It’s been a while since i posted so, in between time, I’ll be dropping some old poetry ! Comment and tell me what you think.. 325 more words


Keep on Keepin' on

That phrase “we all have our days” can apply to all of us. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, little things start to get on your last nerve, your heart may beat a little faster than you want it to, you don’t feel yourself, you can’t take a full breath, you don’t know where your motivation went, productivity seems foreign to you. 357 more words


#selfloveselfiesunday 3 Lessons of Archery to Help You Succeed in Life.

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I went to the archery range for the first time. And, let me tell you, I wasn’t bad. I wasn’t good. But, I wasn’t bad. 793 more words