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External Forces Will Not Solve Your Internal Issues

Thinking back years ago…

I hated endings. I hated having to cut ties in a relationship, it made me feel helpless. Even when I knew it wasn’t healthy for me I stuck around because unhealthy seemed a bit better than being alone. 857 more words

Self-Love Sunday

A List of My Favorite Self Love Sunday Rituals

We know it’s coming. We anticipate its arrival and even when it does arrive we all pretend we’re utterly surprised. Oh Sunday! It’s the bitter sweetness of a Sunday morning. 687 more words

Self Love

Self-Love Sunday: When's The Last Time You Chose You

Why I chose me…

It was a hot summer day. I sat on the other end of the phone as my heart sank into my stomach. 622 more words

Self Love

Self-Love Sunday: Learn to Be Your Authentic Self

As I grew older I was always caught asking myself “who are you?” For years I grew up with a lack of understanding on who I truly was. 650 more words


Self-Love Sunday: Stay Hydrated

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Let me be a lesson to you my internet friends.

Stay hydrated.

I was feeling crappy today and thought it had to do with a combination of things. 428 more words

International Day of Happiness!

Today is the International Day of Happiness (note: check out that link. There are awesome things there)!

Today, take a moment to do some things that make yourself and other people happy! 224 more words