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Self Love Sunday

The “bikini body” workout and diet messages are revved up right now and ready to make you feel like shit. Four years into eating disorder recovery I still feel the tug of the media during the swim season and have to remind myself that my body is perfect exactly the way it is. 141 more words

Self Love

Body Negativity: The Deterioration of the BoPo Movement

You don’t have to be a plus-size lingerie model to be body positive. You don’t have to have cellulite, back fat, and stomach rolls to be body positive. 299 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

Self-Love Sunday: What You Need To Hear

About three sentences into my preachy post on self-love, I realised I had absolutely no clue what I was talking about. I cannot seriously tell you that you’re a magical rainbow unicorn who deserves to love yourself unconditionally. 265 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

DAY 001 || YEAR 021

As I begin another adventure filled trip around the sun, I reflect on a journal entry my (roughly) 13-year-old self wrote. I didn’t know then the truth in which it would resonate with me many years later. 377 more words


Running To Get Nowhere.

We are always so busy and always in such a rush these days as humans. When we go so fast during our days trying to accomplish everything we forget what is important and to take a step back. 651 more words


External Forces Will Not Solve Your Internal Issues

Thinking back years ago…

I hated endings. I hated having to cut ties in a relationship, it made me feel helpless. Even when I knew it wasn’t healthy for me I stuck around because unhealthy seemed a bit better than being alone. 857 more words

Self-Love Sunday

A List of My Favorite Self Love Sunday Rituals

We know it’s coming. We anticipate its arrival and even when it does arrive we all pretend we’re utterly surprised. Oh Sunday! It’s the bitter sweetness of a Sunday morning. 687 more words

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