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Self-Love Sunday: When's The Last Time You Chose You

Why I chose me…

It was a hot summer day. I sat on the other end of the phone as my heart sank into my stomach. 605 more words

Self Love

Self-Love Sunday: Learn to Be Your Authentic Self

As I grew older I was always caught asking myself “who are you?” For years I grew up with a lack of understanding on who I truly was. 650 more words


Self-Love Sunday: Stay Hydrated

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Let me be a lesson to you my internet friends.

Stay hydrated.

I was feeling crappy today and thought it had to do with a combination of things. 428 more words

International Day of Happiness!

Today is the International Day of Happiness (note: check out that link. There are awesome things there)!

Today, take a moment to do some things that make yourself and other people happy! 232 more words

Self-Love Sunday: Have a Laugh

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Humour is an important part of our everyday life. Many of us have read that a few of the benefits of humour are reduced stress, lower blood pressure and some relief of pain. 152 more words

Self-Love Sunday: Recognizing Emotional Abuse

Most days on the self-love journey, it really is all about you. But, you do have to look at those around you and take a critical look at how they and their actions affect your health and well-being. 520 more words