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Blog Entry #1

For some reason, I could never seem to write anything and leave it online.

I’m not the type who loves writing, in fact, I detest the activity since I haven’t trained myself to write, and I do not have the will to finish an article unless necessary. 713 more words



how do you perceive yourself?


do you look at yourself as a scrawny looking young woman or man, with no friends, nothing to be proud of, a  268 more words


To Myself: I'm Sorry For Not Loving You Enough

I’m really sorry I don’t love you enough, that I haven’t loved you enough.

You’ve been through so much. I know that. You’ve been hurt your whole life, and a lot of the time that hurt has overshadowed any love you’ve received. 305 more words

Collective World

Open Letter

Open letter

I sit back in amazement because this is the biggest sigh of relief that I have ever felt. You see I am a single mother of a beautiful 2 year old going through teenage attitude. 429 more words


I Chose Love

What is difficult is knowing that slowly I am not thinking of you anymore.

I’m slowly forgetting what you felt like.

What I felt like in your presence. 279 more words



There are many things I am bad at and lying is one of them (others include math, being patient, and expressing emotion). The past 4 days all I have been doing is lying. 376 more words


Kick Ambiguity to the Curb!

Growing up, the elders in my community would rarely commit to the success of anything before its completion, and even then, they were careful not to let the slightest hint of arrogance interfere with their assumptions. 882 more words

Domestic Violence And Abuse