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How to Manifest Anything You Want

To manifest means to appear. So if you want to manifest, you want to make something appear. In this blog post, we will be discussing ways to make things you actually want…wait for it…appear in your life! 1,015 more words

Nia Venus

Recipe for Disaster

Introduction: Food for Thought

Let’s say you are cooking a new meal idea you have never had before. You cannot find a recipe so you just wing it. 1,127 more words

Self Love


I may not be where I wanna be at

But I’m getting close

Told you I would pay all of my dues

when they outweighed my pros… 119 more words

Bounce Back

Finding Another True Love

By Ellen Jayne | Have you ever had something you based your whole life on taken away from you?

Finding Another True Love


Few People Truly Understand

Few people truly understand what it really means to be there for somebody.

Few people understand what it’s like to truly give away all that I have within. 220 more words

Conoce más de FLY!

FLY es un concepto de vida que debería ser enseñado como una asignatura en las escuelas ya que muchas veces nos enseñan a contar, leer, escribir, seguir, cumplir pero nunca nos enseñan a FLY! 99 more words


Love thy self

I have never been kind the person to love myself

Don’t get me wrong, I am very satisfied with me for most part but the thought of it has never really crossed my mind… 66 more words

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