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Dissociative Identity Disorder and Responsibility

For those experiencing Dissociative Identity Disorder, it is important to understand the difference between “blame” (which is about “fault” and “punishment”) and “responsibility” (which is about self-management and taking care of what needs to be taken care of). 141 more words

17: When you have no time

Right now I feel pressed for time

I have a project looming over me and another that i need to finish as soon as possible but yet every time I think we have the edit right, that the end is near, I realise that we’re nowhere near close to the end… 123 more words

You're Really Not That Important!

You’re really not that important!  Really!

For many leaders, especially those that have experienced some measure of success, the temptation to promote themselves and their accomplishments is a temptation that is easy to embrace.  395 more words

Kingdom Leaders

When you move out of your comfort zone

This post is about what happens to you and your life when you move out of your comfort zone..

First is you start growing.. Growth can be seen in many ways.. 255 more words


Made beds and tidied rooms

It is our job as parents to teach our kids how to become functional adults.

Part of being a functional adult is looking after your own personal space – making your bed and keeping your home / personal space tidy. 214 more words


Have a smile with the customer

Have you ever been out in a crowded place like the mall or  waking down a busy street or passing a person at work and smiled at them? 593 more words

Customer Experience