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it's not you, it's me...me and my amygdala.

So I rock up to my barista and order my large cap, and toast with a tiny bit of vegemite. The coffee here is perfect, the service outstanding, and as I glance at my watch, I don’t know whether to sigh or smirk about being on time for my meeting. 744 more words

The Muse This Week

Don't be like Trump - Avoid these public speaking mistakes

Have you ever tried watching an entire press conference with Trump? It’s a challenge. 1,002 more words


Putting the Emotional Intelligence in Editor-in- Chief

As children we are taught to comprehend and react to a particular social setting by using our developmental skills: seeing, thinking and doing. They inculcate these skills in you as a chill to make sure that you grow up to be well adjusted adult. 723 more words

I Used To Go With The Wrench

Good Will Hunting is one of my all-time favorite films. It’s packed with potent quotables, wisdom, meaningful relationships, and stand-alone pedagogical scenes.

Perhaps one that has continued to resonate with me as I’ve traversed the ineffable world of mental illness is the following scene in which Will explains his position on taking undeserved abuse: 464 more words


Mental Health Quick Hits: How To Meditate In Five Minutes Or Less

John Ward is a Pennsylvania state-certified Peer Support Specialist, Mensan, and unfortunate-therefore-fortunate possessor of over a decade of mental illness lived experience.

Mental Health Quick Hits is a recurring… 1,031 more words


The Life you Avoid Might be the Life you Need

You watch your parents struggle and vow that will never be you.

You’re going to have the good life and avoid all the pain you can. 612 more words

Blogging the Chong Way

Social media has taken over the generation putting bloggers are the pinnacle of everyone’s vision boards. In an era where your Instagram acts as your manager, Pintrest your personal stylist, Facebook your agent, Snapchat your PR; when your entourage is literally a few apps away it is no wonder that we consider these moguls as our monarchy. 776 more words