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4 Steps to Release the Full Potential of Organizations

What would you say is the most crucial challenge that a manager faces these days? I would argue it is to release the true potential of workers. 3,216 more words



Saat seorang ibu mengeluhkan kelakuan anaknya, sebenarnya yang perlu bercermin adalah dirinya sendiri. Seperti apa pendidikan anaknya selama ini, adakah dia telah memperbaiki dan menyelamatkan dirinya sendiri, sebelum memperbaiki dan menyelamatkan anaknya.

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Sending Love Along

How do we learn the meanings of words like “grief”?

How can five squiggles strung together – g r i e f – or four, for that matter – l o v e – end up conveying such a complex and undefinable cocktail of inner states? 857 more words

Child Development

Millennials vs Ceilalți -"criza forței de muncă" sau o schimbare (absolut necesară) de paradigmă?

(Foarte interesant acest video în care Steve Jobs vorbește despre oameni și management.  O definiție excelentă a ceea ce înseamnă cu adevărat să fii manager la min 2.16) 2,811 more words

My Dystopian World

My Ideal Week

I came across Michael Hyatt’s blog post about making an ideal week, suppose you have 100% control of how your time is spent. The idea is that since time is a resource, it will be treated as a resource, and is allotted to certain “departments”. 654 more words