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How to Flip Depression

Oh, depression. It’s an unfunny thing.

I find myself continuously falling victim to the compulsion to only discuss perseverance during periods of relative stability – or, perhaps, moments of happiness. 1,443 more words


Just for Today

Inspired by Reiki Principles.  When one gets treated differently – when one gets tired of being anything but as who they are within.. 

Just for today… 203 more words



Every journey has a beginning, and then some space we generally call the middle, once we know where the end is. But not every journey has an end, so the middle is hard to define. 114 more words


Information prescriptions

What is an information prescription?
Information prescriptions are designed to give people with diabetes the information they need to understand and improve on their health targets.

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UKPDS Risk Engine cardiovascular risk calculator from patient.info

The UKPDS Risk Engine provides risk estimates and 95% confidence intervals, in individuals with type 2 diabetes not known to have heart disease, for:


ETHRISKCardiovascular risk calculator from patient.info

ETHRISK can be applied to people aged 35 to 74 without diabetes or a previous history of CVD. For comparison, the standard risk estimates from the Framingham equations are also available in addition to the ethnic group-specific risks.


When the Hospital is Your Only Choice

“My arm is a spider web, my brain is a raging fire and anyone who wants to tell me I’m fine doesn’t know what’s going on in my mind.” That is what I wrote on November 13th, not knowing that just 4 … 8 more words