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What are We Teaching Our Children?

I recently spoke with a school administrator who offered one more example of how parents today are choosing to lead their children. I’ve heard this example twice in the last month—and it’s illustrative of far too many parents. 751 more words


Here and Now vs. There and Then

Many of us are waiting. For things to change, for our location to change (immigration), for a better job offer, for a better degree, for another chance, for something to happen. 270 more words


Vision: Purpose, Values & Goals - #100Words

‘Vision has become one of the most overused – and least understood – words in the language.’ – Built To Last

Yet living (an individual or corporate) life without a clearly defined vision is like driving in fog to an undecided location. 72 more words


Emotional Investment Portfolio

Diversification is the safety net in the uncertain world of business. Be it product portfolios of FMCG giants, industries tapped by conglomerates or investment portfolios of fund managers, diversification is the golden rule. 492 more words


Do you really have to save the world?

In movies we see heroes, and super heroes. They save the world, galaxies, even the universe at times. In sports and advertisements we see sport icons and super models breaking records, reaching new heights of achievements and luxury and glamour. 410 more words


5 Destructive EMOTIONS To Get Rid Of!

Some emotions can block your growth and success.

Let’s start by saying this. There are no emotions that you should feel guilty about. We’re all human beings with a variety of life experiences, and we have a variety of reactions to the things that happen in our lives. 687 more words

Building The Future Today

Managing yourself

By Paulina Putilin, EBA15B

Self-management is crucial in today’s working life and business environment in order to be successful. With more and more constantly on our plates, we need to choose what to focus on in order to make ourselves stand out from the crowd more than our competitors. 291 more words

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