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When speed is of the essence...

“You see things, and you say, “Why?”.

But I dream things that never were, and I say, “Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw


I recently reread Stephen King’s memoir… 276 more words


Self-triggered clones of NDTVs and TOIs

In past when we used to meet people, we used to talk about each other’s well-being, family life, nature etc. But these days general discussions on a few topics are based on what media has fed into the mouths. 137 more words


A writer wanna be

Setelah membaca cukup banyak buku baik hard copy, ebooks dan audiobooks, saya merasa mulai naik kelas mau menulis buku.

Untuk mendukung usaha saya menulis buku, saya baru saja membeli 3 buku tentang how to write, how to become a writer dan how to publish. 115 more words

Hypoglycaemia - Are you feeling dizzy?

Hypoglycaemia is the condition where there is low blood sugar in your body (less than 70 mg/dL). 

Dizziness, feeling shaky, confusion, extreme hunger, headaches, persistent sweating, fast heart beat, weakness and anxiety – are common symptoms of low blood sugar. 108 more words


Hard Not Harsh

I was privileged to watch a college basketball practice recently.  The team is close to the beginning of their season and their practice was ragged.  It happens.  374 more words


Partner or not.... "Diseases the problem"

Hello  everyone,

my post  today is regarding us with rheumatic diseases but even regarding all the people with  rheumatic diseases, they can be women or men doesn’t matter. 189 more words

Self Management

Ridin' solo

It’s weird having the responsibility of completely managing myself in a work environment. In all the job roles I’ve had so far I’ve almost been micro-managed in every little thing that I’ve been paid to do. 214 more words