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Newsletter 625 - Life, Careers, and Sun in September

Mary Pipher is a clinical psychologist, best known for her writings. I have profited from many of her books, especially The Middle of Everywhere that chronicles her work with immigrants adjusting to life in America, and… 378 more words


Fifth graders on the road to practicing PYP core elements!

Last Friday, at RE Good Elementary, students had a chance to review the elements of the PYP! The fifth grade students were divided into four groups and then rotated through four classrooms to practice using key concepts, transdisciplinary skills, attitudes and learner profile. 58 more words

Unit Of Inquiry

Talking past each other: Secret conversations, hidden realities

Take a look at what is written about pain and people living with pain. Look at it with a critical eye. What do you see? 1,159 more words

Chronic Pain

Why manage anger..??

Anger is the enemy of sound mental health. It destroys the calmness of who possess it. It works on a principle very similar to one of the elementary laws we study in Physics, i.e. 140 more words


Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn.... Earn!

Being a self-motivated, independent contractor is much like playing duck-duck-goose, for several reasons.  One, repeating what you do over and over and over will eventually get you the goose… or in our case, paid!! 378 more words


Thought - Action - Behaviour - Accomplishment

“Success” and “Failure” are the terms defined by your surroundings and circumstances for a certain status we got to achieve or not. But “Accomplishment” is what we learn all through your life. 238 more words