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Me Before You

Hey guys, I’m posting this blog post on Thursday like I said I would and hopefully from here on out I can keep to a regular schedule and post once a week. 683 more words

Acupressure for relieving stress

I am a huge fan of acupuncture. I find that it really helps me, it relaxes me and it is extremely healing. Now to be completely honest, the first time I tried acupuncture, I had an awful experience (I won’t bother going into details), and I didn’t go back for a few years. 571 more words

Pain in the neck? It could be coming from your jaw!

Temporomandibular Joint (in short TMJ!)


We all suffer from neck pain from time to time. 530 more words


Relaxation techniques...Facial pressure point massage

This is a very relaxing facial pressure point massage you can do whenever you want to let go of tension and calm your body. Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine believe that when stimulating specific points on our bodies, we can promote physical and mental healing and wellbeing. 430 more words

Relaxation techniques...continued

One thing I do every single day is I give myself a mini scalp massage at least once a day. Even if all I have is 1 minute, I make it a minute well spent and enjoyed. 465 more words

Self massage to relieve neck & shoulder tension.

Check out this short video, its rough & ready, however gives you a few ways to help relieve tension in your face, neck & shoulders! Please excuse the music blaring in the background! 17 more words


The Benefits of Ayurveda Self-Massage “Abhyanga”

Ayurvedic massage was developed thousands of years ago in India and is still a common practice today. It is believed that the body and soul are connected and need to be healed in a connective way. 649 more words