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Learn Neuro-muscular Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy) for Self-Care Massage

“Movement is the fundamental characteristic of life.” (1)  I’ll say it again for emphasis, “Movement is the fundamental characteristic of life.”  We’re not simply talking about walking, or running, or   climbing mountains… movement is breathing, cell reproduction, bloodflow, digestion, as well as muscular contraction and relaxation. 893 more words

Learn Massage Therapy

Pain in the neck? It could be coming from your jaw!

Temporomandibular Joint (in short TMJ!)


We all suffer from neck pain from time to time. 530 more words


Product Review: The Pro-Tec Orb Massage Ball

How did we make running so complicated? With different shoes, tools and gadgets, we’ve taken a very simple sport and turned it into a sometimes confusing (albeit more convenient) past time. 251 more words


5 Tips for using a Beastie Ball & Rumble Roller by Marvin Burton

Do you use, own or have access to one of these products?
If you do. Here are some simple steps to remember when you are practicing: 120 more words

Beastie Ball

Self care with self massage

I’m not a person into a lot of maintenance. I don’t enjoy trips to the hairdresser and I get the occasional beauty treatment only on holidays in tropical paradises.   784 more words


Mother of Pearl

After my first Friday post about self-massage, I tried to follow the routine using the Pearl Massage Bar instead of oils to get the full effect, and if you are ever looking for a product to treat yourself with from time to time, I would highly recommend going for a Massage Bar, and particularly Pearl. 309 more words


Abhyanga – The ayurvedic oil massage

It’s January and everyone’s talking about their dry skin. My clients are soaking up extra massage oil. They report using plenty of lotion, but sometimes, their skin still needs help. 410 more words