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DIY Foot Massage with Marbles and Sponge

It’s taken me a while to get this DIY project to the final stage, because I had to keep buying more marbles. The zip-lock bags are re-purposed, as well as the sponge. 47 more words

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Neck Pain

Are you a pain in the neck?

 What causes neck pain and how can we get rid of it? Let’s look at the neck and what it does. 1,290 more words

Self Massage

Top Three Tips for Runners

Today was the day of the Boston Marathon 2015! Awesome job to all the runners!

I’ve had many runners visit me this April. It seemed like the temps went above 50 and all of the sudden, I met lots of runners seeking help! 383 more words

Are You Aligned?

Does posture really matter?

Well, yes it does. If your body is not aligned correctly some muscles that should be lengthening are really contracting and shortening. 757 more words


Massage for Injuries

 Can you massage an injury?

Yes! You can!

Many times in the past, massage was not recommended for a damaged tendons, ligaments, soft tissue or muscle. 994 more words



Quick Tip:

My right rhomboid was very sore all throughout the day yesterday. I found it interesting that when I used massage, it was a knot on my left side that was actually the problem. 202 more words


That Fetal Position

The fetal position is when your body resembles that of an infant in the womb.

The knees fold into the chest,  head curls down toward the abdomen and the arms cover the head or back of the neck.  1,516 more words