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Creation and It's Energies (7)

Before proceeding any further with our explanation of energy, it is useful to give some examples of the kinds of forces appearing within the spectrum of physical energies. 667 more words


Peaks and Valleys

A wonderful thought to ponder by Don Baird (visit Baird at http://www.kungfukarate.com )

“So, what’s the difference between growth and our typical idea of perfection? ~ 341 more words


Creation and Its Energies (6)


In coming to a true understanding of what energy is, one must realize that no single definitive definition suffices. Energy is a universal term intimately related to other cosmic parameters such as vibration, force, mass, uncertainty, irreversibility and dimension. 424 more words


Creation and Its Energies (5)

Chapter 1 Footnotes

or example, the Greek Stoics (circa 200 BC) observed that the planets and stars of the heavens seemed to travel in recurrent paths around the earth.(4) This observation lead them to postulate that this occurred because time, itself was cyclic. 618 more words


Creation and Its Energies (4)

To adequately accomplish our goal of understanding the full Cosmic Manifestation of Energies, it will be necessary to explore both ancient and modern concepts of the visible and invisible manifestations of energy. 470 more words


Silent Spaces

A little bit mysteriously,

silent spaces

became healing thoughts

and faded back

into silence.

And the pieces I had tried

to heal

took on a different meaning

as they faded

into me.


Creation and Its Energies (3)

I would like each of you to focus your voluntary attention and listen fully to this beautiful exposition of the history of Cosmic Creation taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (translation by Normandi Ellis, AWAKENING OSIRIS, Phanes Press, Grand Rapids, MI, 1988). 440 more words