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Tell the person now

The epitome of; “as you better yourself, you better the world” rest in peace Wayne Dyer.

A letter I wrote a few months back and regrettably never sent to the person who was meant to see it. 230 more words


Law Of Mirroring, Law Of Attraction, And Not Taking Things Personally

I used to believe that the Law of Mirroring governs everything.

When there’s something about someone that I can’t stand, it is because that person is reflecting back to me an aspect of myself that I haven’t fully accepted. 1,199 more words


Mentally Check-In With Yourself

In the pursuit of mental awareness, people think they only have to be aware of their body. If they ground themselves in the present moment, that’s good enough. 598 more words


One of life's greatest gifts

Do you surround yourself with caring people who love you just as you are? Do your friends support you or only come out to play when they need something? 189 more words