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Today, I am interrupting the IRC Series for a story I recently came across. I share it with you for it demonstrates a man whose attunement with the Divine Heart of the Noble Organ is very well developed. 1,319 more words



Greetings, today’s IRC discourse is on mental illness which chronically affects 20% of our population and likely most everyone for short periods of time.  I define mental illness as any biological condition or nervous system malfunction which manifests in a significantly decreased level of life function and abnormal distress. 12 more words


To release greatness, you must chain fear. When you chain fear you release boldness.

Fear chains you to one place that makes moving forward impossible and going back to the starting point, very simple. 242 more words

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Choose to empower yourself rather than succumb to defeat

Sometimes we are put in “what may appear to us as harsh” situations for us to recognize our true gifts and talents. Choose the best steps to empower yourself from this situation and it will open up new possibilities and experiences in your life which would serve you well on your journey ahead. 21 more words

Self Mastery

The Authentic Self

​What does it mean to be authentic? Authenticity with one’s self is being genuine, being literally self-authored, endorsed, being congruent- living up to one’s word. There is an exact correspondence among what is, what should be and what can be… 612 more words

Self Mastery

Listen to your heart

“Your Mother or Your Country: Choose?” Jean Paul Sartre illustrates this with a story about a young who came to him for advice as he was at an impasse. 1,065 more words

Self Mastery

EsoBites: The Necessity of the Physical Realm

Awhile back, I believe, I asked a question as to “Why is there a physical realm, if our centers of awareness and experiences are actually realized in the astral realm via the sensitive body, astral body, or kesdjan bodies composed of atonic, or live energies?   544 more words