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​Do you look at the vast things you can do and try, do you look at the beautiful experiences, skills and places around the world you could be at. 449 more words

Self Mastery


​In a wealth and fame obsessed world, everyone has their few share of narrow ideologies and to this births the identity or the one, we all call “the hater”. 786 more words

Self Mastery

Learning Higher Truths Through the Natural

Have you ever noticed that when you spend a lot of time in nature that you start becoming more calm, relaxed, and at peace?

This is because when you are constantly surrounded by man made things, your brain goes into overdrive and is trying to make sense and understand all that it is exposed to. 258 more words

Live the reality you wish to see…

  • deeds not words…
  • actions that match your words…
  • values that shape your words…

what you do and what you say matters!


Thing/Space(Nothing) Consciousness

Are you aware of the difference between thing and space consciousness?  Most people in society have primarily all their focus throughout their entire life on… 364 more words

The Purpose Journey (Lesson 9)

In a ‘wink of an eye of newt,’ our travelers found themselves standing in a grassy meadow surrounded by a dense forest of brown trunks and green leaves. 935 more words


Yoga - because it just makes sense!

As your consciousness of life continues to expand, you will start to realize that your body can be used as a portal to see even more deeply into the truth of all there is. 411 more words