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Second Koan of the Apocalypse

Q-2: Does God exist or not exist?
A-2: Is an empty teacup still a teacup?


Spiritual Abilities and How To Find Yours

Let’s make this clear from the start – No one is special or if they are, we are all special! Everyone has spiritual abilities. It doesn’t matter if you can currently speak to spirit and see non-physical forms of energy or whether you have no conscious knowledge of energy and spirituality, we all have spiritual abilities. 2,746 more words


The Purpose Journey (15)©

Rav reappeared just outside the Elf Rune Room of the Archives Museum of Nouseum. He was well aware of what happened the first time he appeared suddenly in the same room as dear old Caspar. 1,110 more words


Astrological/Spiritual Testimony

In 2012 as Saturn was beginning its transit through Scorpio, I was attending Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan and dating a man in Baltimore. 665 more words

Four Koans of the Apocalypse

Q-1: Is the inherent Nature of Man altruistic or egotistical?

A-1: Is water solid, liquid, or vapor?


Institute News Flash!

Friends, I will soon prepare an audio tape (MP3 format) containing preliminary instructions for learning the first Freedom Exercise.  This exercise is the basic methodology utilized by our school of esoteric Work and has its own page on the website at… 487 more words


The Purpose Journey (14)©

After a sound and dreamless sleep, the travelers had heard the breakfast bell and were again settled at the kitchen table. As the meal was not as yet served, Andrew asked Rav, “I noticed that since we began this journey, I cannot remember whether of not I have had any dreams.” 940 more words