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Silent Linguistics

via Daily Prompt: Silent

There is a language,
unknown to me,
that I’ve began to learn quite well.
It speaks in volumes,
but from my lips, never fell. 25 more words


YOGA: In the time of Christmas do your Tibetans.

In the time of Christmas, I remind myself  simple  but powerful workout of the Five Tibetans Rites. Everybody is so busy, no time to workout but it will take you only 10 minute to do it. 308 more words


Being "yourself" may be your biggest obstacle

You hear it all the time… be yourself, be authentic, share your stories, be raw and real, “just show up…”

And yes, I’ve absolutely said that myself because that was something I needed to do for myself, but that was just scratching the surface.  579 more words

Self Confidence

The Split

Before I start, I must point out that I’m aware of the selfish nature of these articles. I am participating in the self authoring program by Mr Jordan Peterson that requires the recollections of my past in order to be effective. 660 more words




How the world came to be,
is not a question meant for me?

if you must, ask a light-bearing angel,
or perhaps, a demon lurking by a well. 106 more words


Scary Monsters

I’ve noticed a lot of fear popping up in the Spiritual community.  There seems to be a fear of predator energy, a “someone out to get you” theme going around.  1,728 more words


The Art of Effective Parenting

The citizens of the next generations will be molded by three factors: parenting, education and media. When these three fail to develop the values and character of children and youth, then we cannot expect our world to improve in terms of peace and harmony. 621 more words