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Lime Juice

I’d describe it as tickling the outskirts,
but as a child tickling always
incited an outburst.

So what am I supposed to do
when the curse of inept words… 70 more words


Brain Tease

My head’s kind of twisting,
like off-kilter camera angles
and arguments where no one’s listening.

I’m happier grounded;
concrete in synapses trying to escape
their boundaries. 137 more words


Free Spring Abundance Gifts! Free Weekly Reading and Cosmic Guidance

Thank you dear readers! I want to show my appreciation by providing you with a free reading! If you have a question or situation that you want more insight and direction on, write up your question and issue with as much description and specificity as possible and email me at atelierducoeur @ gmail.com. 208 more words

Self Mastery

How to Embrace Change & Keep Going + Elyse's Top 10 Reprogramming & Transformational Tools

I’m grateful to share this guest post by Elyse Hughes of www.SelfLovingFoods.com. A client and friend, Elyse shares her experience with healing psoriasis naturally, foods that nourish our souls and support our bodies and loving ourselves at every point along the journey. 1,217 more words


This Very Stillness

When what is around me becomes so loud and what is inside cries out even louder for relief, I offer my trust in what is here, in this moment, in this life and all of its unfolding – becoming this very stillness that is me.


What Lessons 2013 Brought to Me? part 4

8. Problem must come & go. Live in the moment. When problems come all you have to do is to pray and live everything to God so… 337 more words

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What Lessons 2013 Brought to Me? part2

4) Pay the price –  It’s normal for me to contemplate or do “me time.” Whenever I feel like contemplating, I surely do it. The benefit I get from this is huge, I am becoming more aware of what is happening inside me or in my mind. 195 more words

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