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EsoBites: Understanding the Esoteric 108-year Cycle (5)

EsoBites: Understanding the Esoteric 108-year Cycle (5)

20 June 2017

Dear Fratres and Sorors,

Today, I am going to continue my explanation of the R+C cycles of activity and silence. 1,119 more words



“One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.”


The famous proverb ipsa scientia potestasest meaning knowledge itself is power was famously stated by Sir Francis Bacon.

1,256 more words
Self Mastery

Resistance is Futile!

Acceptance (likely many of the virtues) is simple to understand but often times very difficult to apply. I know I make it more complicated than it has to be. 255 more words


Not Getting What You Want

Sometimes, not getting what you want feels like a hard blow. It’s so damn easy to build up expectations and nearly impossible not to feel slighted when things don’t work out. 871 more words



embracing I


transforming holes into wholeness.

where did    you      ever       find
a piece of the          whole
(a (small) wholeness)
less than, 52 more words


Get Your Grey On! Thinkers Wanted.

I was snorkeling about 50 yards off the coast of an uninhabited island next to Busuanga island, in the south west chain of the Philippines called Palowan. 335 more words


Minimalism: an accidental love story

My journey with minimalism started by accident, three years ago. I moved to a new apartment during a busy, tumultuous time and didn’t make unpacking a priority – I simply would take out what I needed from each box as it was required. 817 more words