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Welcome to Toadmilk.

Dear Readers,

Bienvenue to this baby blog. This is an experiment. After years of half starts and failed attempts, I am dedicating this blog to be a place where I can work through new ideas, practice my writing and make sense of the insanity that is going on around me. 361 more words


A Reminder of Our Two Sides

Puppy Rescued in Egypt

My dear friends, theologians and philosophers have argued for centuries as to whether mankind is inherently a mixture of egoism, greed, and violence unfit for the Higher Worlds, or a mixture of egoism and altruism, which prevailing depending upon the situation at hand. 165 more words


House of Eternity -- A New Upanishad-25

20th Teaching – The Magic Kissing Box

The family preparing for another lesson down by the river in a shady meadow. Everyone is sitting around Mother who begins to tell an ancient story. 827 more words


House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–24

19th Teaching (I) – The Sequence of the Emanations

Father and Mother took Krishna and Radha to the river so they could fish and play. After a few hours, the two children returned to their parents quite tired and sat upon the grass. 1,185 more words


Genius mandates Authenticity


Important for Universities to use authentic measures of Excellence:  Lessons from Singapore –



Focus on You!

Wisdom Wednesday

Focus on You!

With this Full Moon building into Aries, I’m feeling really tired due to the innate urgency within and the emotionally charged happenings of the world around me. 544 more words