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The Silent Battle

I remember a few years ago my Husband and I were sitting down to lunch at a restaurant we frequented, to all others it would look like a normal scene; two people sitting down to eat, talking quietly amongst each other. 220 more words


What Humans Aren’t

I’ve been a human being for over a half a century now and in that time, you learn some fundamental things.  One of the things I have learnt, for which I can find no compelling counter arguments, is something that human beings are not.  2,426 more words

Meditation ~ Intuitive Self Reading

This exercise is about Self reading, or how to connect to your Higher Self and have information for your path.  The ability to obtain information and guidance may be used to explore our own personality issues, find decisions that are in line with Divine and much more. 296 more words


Be Who You Want to Be

Emotions are guidelines and support systems. It is a call to action

~ Anthony Robbins ~

Have you ever done anything which was not to change the way you felt?? 292 more words

Personal Development

Know WHY you act as you do - so you can do it better.

“Out of private victories, public victories come. Stephen R Covey

Both the 7 Habits and The Three Resolutions promote the concept of ‘progression of competence’, whereby while seeing that we develop along a continuum from a low level of execution of each (Habit or Resolution) to wards excellence, we accept the simultaneous presence of the traits of each (Habit or Resolution) at different levels of execution regardless of the individual’s acknowledgement or recognition of any of them. 335 more words

Character And Competence

There Will Be A Day

There will be a day probably in the not too distant future in which we as a race will be forced to realize that our pride does not matter and that our flags do not unite us they divide us . 273 more words


what's going right?

Why do we focus mainly on the negative? Do we ever get excited and say, “Wow, my computer is working great today!” or  “someone let me get in front of them when I was driving”, or “work was nice today?” Not usually, we seem to ignore all the wonderful tiny life details, but when something goes wrong, watch out, cuz we just can’t seem to stop talking about it. 66 more words