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Me: Snorlax! Why are you such a lazy piece of **** all the ####### time?!

Snorlax: zzzzzzzzzzz

I’m sure at one point in time or another we’ve all felt like snorlax. 276 more words

Self Mastery

What would you do if you have the permission?

One question is being asked:

“If you have the permission to create, to speak up, to be generous, to fail… what would you do? 156 more words



Solaire of Astora

Have you ever been inside for a long time whether at home 0r at work and start to feel sad or depressed? But when you walk outside your mood instantly changes, well there is a reason for that. 240 more words

Self Mastery


Before I dive head first into this article I want to start by asking you the reader a question. How do you feel when you look at this picture? 167 more words

Self Mastery

Don't talk about it, BE about it.

Take the Leap

Have you ever been in a situation were you dislike something about yourself or your life. Then you turn around and say to yourself “I’m going to start a diet” or whatever the case may be. 1,274 more words

Self Mastery

3 Words for Acceptance

We are sometimes in situations where we are hurt or injured, we are stuck in a traffic going no where, we are mistreated…

What do we do? 116 more words

Self Development


stood stock still.
frozen, compelled in thirteen different courses of action
and another thirty-four possibilities stirring those around.
they compound as she lets her legs take her of their own accord… 207 more words