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Psychoism and the Astral (26-3)

III. Explaining the Merging of the Higher Being Body into the Unborn (3 of 3)

When the HBB is fully enlightened and attains its status of true I, this true I , presuming it so desires, is able to merge with the one temporal line (from our human perspective) connecting one universe to it’s prior and its subsequent. 485 more words


Psychoism and the Astral (26-2)

II. Explaining the Continuity of the Higher Being Body

Just as with the feeling of continuity for the physical “me-ness” there is a correspondent feeling of continuity for the aphysical “i-ness.” However, not everyone possesses a very distinct feeling of possessing something more celestial, an “I-ness” for such feeling of continuity requires that the incarnating person has already created the first inklings of his or her HBB on the higher empyreal planes. 417 more words


Psychoismand the Astral (26-1)

The Three Faces of I (1 of 3 parts)

To fully appreciate the metaphysics I am about to share, you will need to return to my poem of November 1, 2014, which was posted a few months back. 737 more words


Courage To Hold It All

And so life became

a series of

small surrenders

to a gentler way

of being

in my heart

and in the world  —

trusting in what appeared… 24 more words


Choose to live in beauty

Creating a beautiful life is about attracting the things to you that will bring joy and fulfillment to you and it originates from your actions of love of true self, love of your life and love and understanding of others. 35 more words

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Psychoism and the Astral (25)

Actually, we have a slight delay in the dietary matters as I need to append two last sections to our Psychoism blogs to be complete. 573 more words


Astral Traveling Made Ridiculously Simple (24)

Method Three: Lucid Dreaming

The third common method is allowing oneself to fall asleep and reawaken during NREM, or dreaming sleep.  This method required the establishment of a dream signal so to remind you to enter into “awakened sleep.” 149 more words