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Self-Injury: Do You Know the Facts?

Twelve and half years, at this point, half of my life. That’s how many years self-injury was a focal point in my life.

I remember the first time. 451 more words

Self Harm

Spider has sex, then chews off own genitals

Must be that good! ;)

Species: Herennia multipuncta (South-East Asian coin spider)
Habitat: Tree trunks and walls across tropical South-East Asia

Sex for the male coin spider resembles war more than love.

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The second cut

This one drew more blood, but then it was in a more vascular area


Teen Suicide

The heavy topic of suicide filled my 3 hour class last night. Rather a seasoned counselor or a new up-and-coming counselor, suicide is never an easy topic. 240 more words

Tormented by Hope...

A few days ago, a family friend and pastor to the church my parents went to come to our home and found me. He asked where my mom was and I told him she was in the shower. 336 more words


The Weed

I was never treated delicately like a flower, but rather I have always been tossed about, picked at, pulled at and thrown away like a weed. 264 more words

Casual Sex