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Confession 18: I did it anyway

you may have some patronizing shit to tell me about what it is that I felt and what it is that I did, but if you listen to anything I say, please have the mercy to drill this into your brain: 400 more words

Why I Cut...

Attempted this before, but because I was afraid of the feelings of pain, I didn’t, CUT hard enough, and, there was, NO blood shed in my old bedroom, NOT physically, at least… 307 more words

Properties Of Life

POP PSYCHOLOGY ALERT! Army Considering Recruits With History Of Self-Mutilation, Bipolar Disorder, And Depression

As an instructor for the HIDTA program I have trained numerous members of the Army’s Military Intelligence Corps. Over the years I have seen the disturbing trend of outside influence of the Army brass by Carl Rogers pop-psychology cabal. 915 more words


The Beginning

Well here it goes! My very first blog post, for the first time in who knows how long.

A little back story: I turned 28 on August 15th of this year. 532 more words


Choosing Recovery

Right now, I am fighting within myself. I’m battling the symptoms of my mental health diagnosis. I’m arguing with myself and the voices I hear that nobody else hears. 406 more words

A Major F*ck Up (Contains Graphic Images)



It’s two o’clock in the morning on Monday, October 16th of 2017. This particular blog post is not going to be a pretty one. 481 more words


Have you ever seen shrimp swim? They look happy as fuck. With their dozen or so little feet moving at a happily fast pace in that happy little tank on the kitchen island, zipping around and eating goldfish shit or whatever it is they eat. 427 more words