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Everybody Hurts

I cut myself today. It’s been years since I last lifted a razor. I thought I’d stop. I did stop! But it came back today. I tried to stop it but failed. 602 more words


Short Fiction

It all came in a crashing blow. And then everything around me went soft, quiet, unnaturally still—the thoughts crept in one by one. Going back to the beginning…it’s what we humans do. 774 more words

Short Stories

Ambien Truths II

I think I need explain. A little about this concept. If you take a sleeping medication(lunesta,ambient,clonipin(have to spell check that one)), there can be a moment of surreal relaxation, calm, and release emotionally and mentally as your body coaxes you to rest. 593 more words


When it hurts too much

I’m not a cutter, but I have hurt myself.

The first time, I had found out a guy I had just stopped dating went back to his ex and slept with her and for one reason or another, panic ensued. 306 more words

6/2 Micro Flash: Bleeding Demons

Bleeding Demons

Drip. Drip. The razor glides with effortlessness, a tool of the craft. Release floods my entire being as crimson runs down my arm and stains the porcelain tiles below. 114 more words


Is there help out there?

Ok, some background info on me. Ever since I could form solid thoughts in my head I’ve had separation issues, thinking when my parents left on errands they wouldn’t come back because I was such an awful child. 1,396 more words

it involved a knife and a good friend

The past is a patient predator. He is not strong, but he is cunning, persistent, ruthless. He can lie in wait for years, for decades, until you’ve forgotten he was ever there. 365 more words