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Anything else

One little change

One small cell

One chemical release

Just a slight difference

From the one before

And all of a sudden

Instead of smiling… 68 more words

Online Concern Over Taboo Japanese Comic-Inspired Chinese 'Human Embroidery' Fashion Trend

Many media say that they feel it has been popularized in China by a character in a Japanese comic, Tokyo Ghoul.

Kerry Allen reports: Chinese media are asking parents to be vigilant about a new, online trend: stitching patterns into your skin. 311 more words



Photo by contributor Patrycja Marciniak, a 24-year-old graphic designer, artist, and photographer from Poland who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and dermatillomania, the urge to scratch and pick at one’s skin. 124 more words


Origin: Stories on Creativity #3 Jennifer Embers


Jennifer Embers has a B.A. in Creative Writing and is currently working towards an M.A. in English.

She is also a freelance ghostwriter via Upwork and Fiverr, specializig in memoir. 28 more words

Screaming inside

Worms eating her alive
Ripping tissues to tears
Raping of esteem replace w/fears

Spiraling down…no one around
Floundering, to tread that water
Falter & too many gasps turn gurgle… 89 more words

Fix The Leak


Each drip that’s to drop
Red splattered; nonstop

Quick slices to split the top
Don’t go too deep; NO! STOP!

Inside seethes the pain… 35 more words

My Experience With Self Harm Part 2 

I needed to buy long sleeved shirts in May. I needed to buy long sleeved shirts in May because spring is still too chilly for me to wear short sleeves. 801 more words

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