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Can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that I’ve been alone for 5 days, went to work every day, maintained my weight, and didn’t restrict or cut? 30 more words

Mental Illness

Am I Becoming a Public Speaker

As some of you may recall, I recently talked at a couple schools about writing. It started out innocently enough, just volunteering at my daughter’s school as part of their readathon and helping out a friend teaching Technical Writing for the first year. 1,315 more words


Day 1

My day was a mixed bag. I talked myself into teaching reading too. Oops! Other staff were very helpful. I’ve noticed some behavioral issues and academic problems. 591 more words



  • I began self-harming when I was eleven years old. Although, according to my Dad, I always had a temper where I would end up punching myself or hitting myself.
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Mental Health

Fake Mistresses and Masters A Dangerous World for The BDSM Slave

The Internet has made it for people to connect easier with other like minded people. In the world of BDSM it has been both a blessing and a curse for Mistress, masters and Slaves. 309 more words


Failing Mistress Dana Anna Dexster and The return To cutting Myself

A few years ago my fiancee let me have a Facebook Account. She then claimed that we were a pair of Submissive looking for a Mistress. 497 more words