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Poor Decisions

So Sunday, John came home from his trip and took me out for Chinese food in the afternoon. I had two mai tais. We came home, I was bored of whatever cop shows he was watching, and I started cleaning the kitchen cabinets I ran out of what little weed I had left. 656 more words

Mr Lucky

When I was in my mid teenage years, possibly around the age of sixteen, I hurt myself. I didn’t fall, there was no accident – I deliberately hurt myself. 257 more words


Advice: When Divorcing Parents Stop Parenting

Dear Bartender and Priestess,

I don’t know if you answer questions from teenagers, but I hope you do. Here’s my problem: My parents are in the middle of getting a divorce. 1,837 more words

Damned Love, Self Inflicted.

She started with her shoulder.

Sharp moon nails broke skin; blood welled, pooled, and overflowed from the tear. Skin ripped as she pulled, a strip rising from the rest of the flesh in a perfectly lovely ribbon, macabre in unwrapped decoration. 481 more words



I’m addicted to this pain

This pain that feels so good

Never wanting to stop

Knowing that I never could

I slice away my skin… 60 more words



I tasted like burnt sugar. But I knew that. It wasn’t the first time someone had told me. I was sweet, young, innocent, with a bitterness, something less pleasant. 486 more words

We need to talk about self-harm

An amazingly powerful video and story were published on the Sydney Morning Herald website about self-harm. Both the video and the story are worth a look, but they do contain images of self-harm scars. 212 more words

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