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Medication Change

Too tired to say much. It was a crappy, awful day. I went to the bathroom to SI 4 times, continuing to re-open a cut. 210 more words
Mental Illness

Happy Tears

Today started out great! I woke up on my own and did all my ADLs (Activities of Daily Living – showering, eating, brushing teeth, dressing)! Incredibly, I felt like going out. 408 more words



Sometimes, I wish Hailey’s dad was in the picture. Sometimes I wish he was around. That he paid child support, took her every other weekend. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t doing this alone-hell, I never wanted to do this alone. 1,281 more words


The Trifecta

I restricted, self-injured, and binge/purged at work. Just like yesterday, there were no real triggers. I was conscious of it today and I didn’t try to stop it. 227 more words

Mental Illness


As wounds bleed

A cleansing crimson


Marking to blot

Out the razor’s slip

Of the tongue

Drawing its elements

Heals the untimely attempt

For even the body isn’t… 30 more words


Lost Girl

I’m at a loss today. Idk what is wrong with me. There were no upsetting events, but lots of bad behaviors. I can no longer count on one hand, the number of times I’ve self-injured at work. 221 more words

Mental Illness

Who Is "L", Anyway

Good question.

I don’t know much about L, and the little I do know is from D or the internet – neither of which should be considered objective or reliable sources of information.  523 more words