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Let Me Live; To Bleed

Bleeding your heart’s pain
Dripping down from your veins
Lacerations from a blade to blame

Screaming silently alone
Piercing sorrow, deeper home
Trying to reach the marrow; bone… 76 more words


Self destruction is a poem

Written across my skin

Sometimes destruction is the only way to creation

Why do cutters cut?  What does it accomplish?  It seems like such a foreign concept to someone who has never been such a vestige of a human, that the only way to feel human is with a sharp blade.   663 more words


The zebra girl

Trigger warning: Talks about self-harm and romanticizes and glorifies scars from cutting. It describes scars and cuts in detail. Read the trigger warning page here… 1,155 more words


I'm Failing Them All

My boss always pushes hands on activities, but the only reason we have the kids in groups is so they can handle a group educational setting after transition. 186 more words

Mental Illness

Each Scar Became an Unforgotten Memory...

Each scar you see on her wrist became an unforgotten memory, and that, was how, she’d kept track, of how she’s still alive. She’d been hurt bad when she was a whole lot younger, but it wasn’t until in her teenage years, did she work up the courage, to start, SLASHING herself. 283 more words

Experiences Of Life