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Bloodletting (Revisited)

I am doing what I do best

Living inside my head


in the early hours

listening to music

that breaks my heart

over and… 183 more words


Every Day Is Exactly the Same

I never thought that would reach to a place to do it but she picked me up and drove me straight there. Do it! Do it! 273 more words

Self Harm, Revelation, and Acceptance

          This is not my work. I don’t know who to credit this to but Its damn Beautiful. I don’t feel the need to take pics of mine before clean up. 506 more words

Mental Illness


Please welcome first-time contributor Nadia, a twenty six-year-old woman from Portland, Oregon, who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and self-harm since she was fourteen, and an eating disorder since she was twenty. 209 more words


Why people cut and how to help. My quotes in Healthline

Cutting, a form of self-harm stems from a conscious or unconscious desire to hurt one’s physical, emotional and psychic self. What starts as experimentation or desire to rid oneself of a feeling, can become a journey of self-degradation, hopelessness, and obliteration. 122 more words

Anything else

One little change

One small cell

One chemical release

Just a slight difference

From the one before

And all of a sudden

Instead of smiling… 68 more words