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Rooms 12 and 13

Straight black hair with uneven self-cut bangs

large red-rimmed glasses too big for your face,

red lipstick a shade lighter, painted high on your lip… 147 more words


Poem: Iphigenia at Tauris

Girl with a purple birthmark
each person has the right to consider
herself pitiful

the eye looking at itself
is without authority

the spiritual meaning of the rain: 461 more words


Poem: Anti-Oedipus

Young woman with a light
purple birthmark covering
the right side of her face
edges blending
with her orange freckles

the words hidden in… 1,339 more words


Triple S

                   It’s been a rough couple of months for me. I’ve felt myself slowly begin to lose hope in things, ever since my little sister Kelsey passed away. 3,140 more words


Old Wounds

I recently had an otherwise innocuous experience dig up some very old and relatively unrelated trauma. Considering the disconnect and the disproportionate emotional surge, I considered this a warning sign and an indication that I should probably finally go and address the issue. 1,309 more words

Real Life

Self-Mutilation; Cutting

Self-Mutilation, also known as soft cutting, is one of the most common forms of self mutilation carried out on the body and it is used with razors, or other sharp implements. 559 more words

FICTION: Various Kisses by James O. Heath


‘I would have called his friends, but . . .’

‘He doesn’t have any’ was almost the response, but instead, Robert kept quiet.

He didn’t want to admit that his son had made no friends at college, and, after all, that was the very reason his wife had not finished the sentence. 4,610 more words