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Mark of Cain

The has glass shattered in thousand pieces,
Colors bleed from this bleak world,
For the blissful wellspring his soul hungers,
That he found in those twin emerald seas. 99 more words


Walking with a Ghost

Tranquility was so hard to come by these days.

She just wanted to rest and lie down – envelop herself within a blanket of idyllic peace. 870 more words


Welcome to our “Anything goes!” world. Meet the man who became a woman & now wants to be a dragon.

Self-mutilation is just plain sad. But don’t tell people what they’re doing is wrong. That would be wrong!

Men who think they are women. Women who think they are men. 44 more words


Week 11, Cut by Patricia McCormick

Week 11, Cut by Patricia McCormick

McCormick, P. (2000). Cut. Asheville, NC: Front Street.


At first, it seems as though Callie is a normal teenager with a normal set of parents and a normal younger brother. 783 more words

Self Mutilation? 

Is getting a tattoo or piercing a form of self harm? I have always argued no. But many therapists I have seen over the years have always maintained this as a form of self harm. 380 more words

Week 11 - Cut, by Patricia McCormick

McCormick, P. (2000). Cut. New York, NY: PUSH.

When Callie’s life became overwhelming, she turned to cutting to find some kind of release.  Now, after her scarred arms are discovered by a school nurse, Callie is at Sea Pines, a residential treatment facility where she is learning to understand why she cuts herself, and whether she wants to, or even can, get better.   795 more words


Self-Harm: A Pathfinder for Teens

Self-Harm (Cutting)

Everyone feels sad and overwhelmed sometimes. Everyone needs to build patterns to cope with these stressors. Sometimes teens (and adults) can develop poor habits for coping, such as causing harm to their bodies through hitting, cutting, burning. 726 more words