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Poemetry: Sacred Scars

Most scars cannot be seen, veiled but a while,

but those gracing your skin grace me with a smile

 Thankful I am for those sacred scars, 96 more words


Poemetry: Thankful Scars

Most scars cannot be seen,

lurking beneath the skin,

but those of an olive sheen

are the kind that make me grin.

 Thankful I am for those holy welts, 101 more words


The Substitution Method (Don't Hyperventilate--It's Not Algebra)

We are all guilty of it at one point or another: playing triggering music on loop to, well, purposefully trigger us in our eating disorder (insert “self-harm”; insert “substance”). 449 more words

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Thailand's Vegetarian Festival

  • Phuket Vegetarian Festival (Oct 12 – Oct 22) celebrates the beginning of Taoist Lent, when devout Chinese abstain from eating all meat and other vices. The festival takes place on the first 9 days of the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.
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Self-Injury, Self-harm, Cutting & Other Such Info

I realize it is Saturday and that I forgot to do my Friday Feature on educating you all. I apologize for it being late. I have decided to get the info from Mental Health America at: … 1,286 more words

Depression and Self-harm: The Day I Stopped Counting

I discovered this youtuber whose videos focus on depression, anxiety and self-harm, and now I suddenly have the urge to discuss a topic that has always bothered me whenever it would get passed around as a joke or something that isn’t taken seriously. 758 more words

Poor Decisions

So Sunday, John came home from his trip and took me out for Chinese food in the afternoon. I had two mai tais. We came home, I was bored of whatever cop shows he was watching, and I started cleaning the kitchen cabinets I ran out of what little weed I had left. 656 more words