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How To Help A Self-Destructive Teenager

Amy: (We’re re-posting a couple of our Oldies But Goodies. This is one.)

Not too long ago I worked with an attractive family that demonstrated some of what Dave talked about in his… 1,059 more words


The Suicidalist Who Whittles a Little: Bob's Good at Carving. . .His Face.

So, here we are again.

It’s the weekly conclusion of our revisiting of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. We’ve driven into walls, jumped out of trees, fallen down stairs, gorged ourselves to death, and more. 1,241 more words


Why is my bird plucking? Non-Medical Causes of Feather Plucking

Feather plucking in birds can be a confusing situation. Sometimes birds pluck themselves, sometimes they pluck other members of the flock; the cause can be a medical issue or the cause can be a behavioral problem. 479 more words



I am not depressed; I tell myself that I am merely going through a phase in my life. One thing I knew for certain is the fact that I am not normal, in every sense of the word. 967 more words

What's the Buzz

The day had turned out to be really nice. It was late March, or early April, I don’t remember. Who cares about calendars when the sun warms your belly so pleasantly? 443 more words

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