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The main networks of your body organise themselves. Redundancy provides the basis to reconfigure pathways temporarily or permanently unavailable. Millions, if not billions of chemical reactions happen in the realm of your body every second, facilitating a similar number of electric impulses. 429 more words

Instruction Manual For Human Bodies

Purposeful Life: goal-oriented organisms and faith in the Creator

A horde of salmonella bacteria invades a mouse’s guts. The rodent’s immune system is on the alert, but something unusual happens. A minority of the invaders throw themselves onto the mouse’s colon bugs, even though their attack is too risky and they die. 1,043 more words


Despite the aim to self-organise, which is normally a rejection of being part of institutions, I am part of one in that I go to university.  

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Written Pieces

Linguistic Development and Constructed Meaning

The following is an explanation of the various forms of information, as well their applications, within this system.


Data is passed through sensors and stored in an input vector, where local contrast is measured over space to extract feature vectors. 464 more words

Machine Learning

Support Labour - Do Not Share the Telegraph or Daily Mail

To win power it will take a collective effort across the country and in every conceivable way. This means retaining discipline of direction and political coherency. 131 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Hierarchical Model of Agent Intelligence

Agents are primarily composed of two embedded sub-agents that work in tandem: the manager agent, who’s responsible for decision-making and reinforcement, and the employee agent, who is in compliance with the manager, performing various tasks when they are delegated, and reporting back to the manager with information that is processed and stored, so that the system as a team may learn and evolve through experience. 678 more words

Machine Learning

Self-Organizing Predictions

For an implementation of the algorithm, see Prediction Template Learning on Github.

Prediction Agents

How can we possibly know anything about the future if it hasn’t happened yet? 1,278 more words

Machine Learning