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The best productivity tool on the market is affordable for all

This article is a follow-up on a more thorough analysis about the ultimate self-organisation system.

As you already know, the ultimate self-organisation system doesn’t exist, and any quest to search for it is doomed by definition. 544 more words


Of notepad and actions log

Yesterday, I decided that I would change the way I was managing my workload at work. I was using wunderlist until now, an app designed to manage to-do lists a bit in the GTD mode. 548 more words


Experiences of Self Organised Learning...

I’ve written before about Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs), and the opening of SOLE Central at Newcastle University. I have problems with the research, as I do with all the research that I read, but overall I think it’s an interesting concept. 967 more words


The ultimate self-organisation system

I certainly wasted five years of my life. At least two or three, but most likely around five years.

Why ?

Because five years ago I started one of the most adventurous quest of a lifetime : I started my search for the Holly Graal of white collar workers, i.e the… 1,876 more words


the secret life of chaos

If you have been keeping a close eye on current events over the last few years or so, you may have noticed that there is a growing mistrust in science, even though science backs itself up with strong empirical evidence. 1,118 more words


People, Need & Homes: Self-Building and the Housing Crisis

The mechanisms of neo-liberal capitalism keep vast swathes of the population forever on the back foot, obliging us to compete for the opportunity to feed, clothe and house ourselves, whether it be through the increasingly precarious jobs market or the ever-shrinking welfare system. 1,729 more words