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Third meeting - wrap up

Earlier this week we had our third #achnee meetup, kindly hosted by Europace. The meetup ran as an experiment: It was scheduled as a half day meetup. 884 more words


The Order in Chaos

According to me, Complexity theory (which is based on Chaos theory) has more to offer towards making things easier for managers and the principles of this theory could be applied to build companies that are self-managing. 430 more words

Yanis Varoufakis comes to King's College London

Yanis Varoufakis made his way to Britain recently as part of his tours of the continent, aiming to mobilise support for DiEM25 and its Progressive Agenda for Europe. 494 more words

European Politics

Self-management? self-organisation?

Nicely said by Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers,  “Self-organisation is not a startling new feature of the world. It is the way the world has created itself for billions of years. 9 more words


Why not now?

So, it’s evening, I’m washed again and sitting in front of the screen again.

What am I waste my life for? – was the question which made me turn the laptop on and start typing. 380 more words

Right to Remain group launches in Sheffield

It started with just a handful of locals, as these things often do. Like many international volunteers, Fran, who has been organising supply runs to Calais over the past year with her Unite Community branch, is turning her attention to the home front: Fortress Britain, where so many people risk and endure so much to reach in what Theresa May proudly calls her ‘hostile environment’. 997 more words


Behind the scenes at our company meeting

A few weeks ago we had a company meeting, where the whole :m team got together to discuss various issues and share ideas. There are 36 of us now, so there was no way we could spend the whole day squashed in our little office. 481 more words

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