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Hierarchical Model of Agent Intelligence

Agents are primarily composed of two embedded sub-agents that work in tandem: the manager agent, who’s responsible for decision-making and reinforcement, and the employee agent, who is in compliance with the manager, performing various tasks when they are delegated, and reporting back to the manager with information that is processed and stored, so that the system as a team may learn and evolve through experience. 678 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Self-Organizing Predictions

For an implementation of the algorithm, see Prediction Template Learning on Github.

Prediction Agents

How can we possibly know anything about the future if it hasn’t happened yet? 1,278 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Who writes the #Writer?

If you’re a fan of the fantastic and the (almost) magical, then you’ll know that it’s getting harder and harder to get through a single day without being almost paralysed by the veritable flood of big announcements being unleashed upon the world. 2,255 more words


Want to be more productive... Why you should set limits on Multitasking

Multitasking has increasingly become a way of life for many of us, as we attempt to juggle multiple things at the same time, be it in our careers or personal lives. 622 more words

Holakracja w Polskiej organizacji - część 1

Dokładnie miesiąc temu rozpoczęliśmy pierwszą w Polsce transformację w oparciu o Holakrację!

Dość ekscytujący krok dla naszej rodzimej sceny biznesowej :) Jest wciąż bardzo wcześnie, zdecydowanie za wcześnie aby mówić o jakichkolwiek znaczących rezultatach. 987 more words

Third meeting - wrap up

Earlier this week we had our third #achnee meetup, kindly hosted by Europace. The meetup ran as an experiment: It was scheduled as a half day meetup. 884 more words


The Order in Chaos

According to me, Complexity theory (which is based on Chaos theory) has more to offer towards making things easier for managers and the principles of this theory could be applied to build companies that are self-managing. 430 more words