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People, Need & Homes: Self-Building and the Housing Crisis

The mechanisms of neo-liberal capitalism keep vast swathes of the population forever on the back foot, obliging us to compete for the opportunity to feed, clothe and house ourselves, whether it be through the increasingly precarious jobs market or the ever-shrinking welfare system. 1,729 more words


John D. McEwan's article on anarchism and cybernetics

In the 1960s and 70s there was some small excitement among certain anarchists around the connections between anarchism and cybernetic theories of organisation. Cybernetics, originating in the work of Norbert Wiener but most interestingly developed by a series of British cyberneticians including Ross Ashby, Grey Walter, Gordon Pask and, perhaps most interestingly from an organisational perspective, Stafford Beer. 363 more words


Black Swan, Dragon King, Greek Tragedy – Lessons from a “Diplomatic Debate”

In his Ted Talk Dragon King beats Black Swan in June 2013 Didier Sornette contrasted his ideas of market predictability to Nassim Taleb’s concept of a… 1,959 more words

Financial Crises



Jencks, C., Silver, N., 2013. Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation, expanded and updated ed edition. ed. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Adhocism explores the practical and conceptual possibilities of improvisation in various social, political, economic, and professional contexts. 1,038 more words


Drones - it isn't the Reapers and Predators you should worry about

We’re well used now to drones being used to attack terrorist targets in the Middle East. Call of Duty players will also be familiar with using drones to take out enemies. 845 more words