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The last time I had sex was on Friday, October the 27th 2016.  I was home alone and  I invited one of my playmates for a bootycall. 576 more words

7 Arrows - Light Arrow of Self-Pleasure

Who wouldn’t want to pick up the 4th Light Arrow of Self-Pleasure?  Loving self for pleasure’s sake is the concept of Self-Pleasure.  The foundation for this arrow is being self-aware, finding the value within and self-worth within the appreciate yourself, and increasing your self-esteem, knowing that this creates self-acceptance. 58 more words


democrats in drag queen

Well this is not the best subject , but for all the homo zombies, army ant struts,skekywags and putt on that thing its great. So sorry there is no picture of gofers dick.   56 more words

Coke Cola

name calling effects

Hells bells thats like bully bully thats it. Gofer dont care. Dont know about that meet at i hop. But just one picture to go by.   28 more words


Hail to the V: What's Your Pussy Persona?

What is it about the vagina that makes people feel so uncomfortable? Is it because it’s neatly tucked out of sight? (Kind of like the out of sight, out of mind mentally.) Or is it because somewhere along our history, someone decided the Vagina is unworthy of honorable mention. 785 more words


Sneak preview...

After the play, dinner, and the bar we retired to our room and a bottle of champagne.

My night started clamped & tied to a chair (see below) as MrsL alternately edged me then sat back on the bed and actually fingered herself…not to an orgasm…but she did play with herself very intensely! 244 more words

Orgasm Control

The End of Innocence

How and when did I miss you becoming so sexually aware? Damn I want to join you!!!

Those thoughts kept swirling through my mind as I took in the sights and sounds of your body as you lay on the bed gently thrusting your hips in the air before clenching them back down again on the hand that had disappeared under your body as soon as you lay down. 1,280 more words

She Decides