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how to make logs

There u go to fix from being stopped up eat lots of fruit, then eat a hot dog with some pepper.  That works.  Yes the drawing is the bathroom, with bull mess in the pot. 18 more words

Twlight Zone

How To Have An Orgasm (Solo)

Odd as it may seem to some of us, there are many people in the world who haven’t had an orgasm, but who would like one. 1,312 more words

Richard Bacula

life 101

Some one coned brilliant to streak for a silver dollar. Then calls the campus cops to rat  on them.  Certain things started happening after that . 84 more words


How to remove back pain ?

  1. Go get some mothers milk and drink some – But yo going to have to find  Dannyies lover . They used to work as a dancer at strip clubs in Big D.
  2. 63 more words
Twlight Zone


Hello out there in security gurr land. Its good to be a sucker to do unskilled labor . But they flock to that place on hill croft to get a card. 50 more words


A First Time Tryst Chapter 2

Fiction.  Enjoy. Read Chapter 1 to get caught up

A gentle salty breeze caused Adam to stir.  Through bleary eyes he noticed the windows were open, the curtains furling in the breeze.  1,632 more words

Her Orgasms

2 in 1

Sex is just a biological function that occur in nature, but for humans, sex has become a form of self-expression and the biggest aspect of one’s identity. 292 more words

The Last Judgment (4/4-4/11)