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The Cross of Self-Pleasure

The classic vernacular of Christian sentiment is that Christians, once full given over to God, are now mandated to live for Christ and his perfect and pleasing will rather than one’s own will, which is deemed in the Bible as sinful and self-condemning. 463 more words

"The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex" Book Review

Why Talk about Masturbation?

Sex ed and I go back a long way. When I embraced sex ed as an actual career choice, one of the things I knew I needed to talk about and advocate for was masturbation, and especially female masturbation. 1,043 more words

Good Stuff

Self Discovery (REPOST)

This was originally posted and written here on October 14th, 2011. I thought about it as I listened to the song at the bottom and decided to add it to the original post and repost it.

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Feeling Myself

laying on my bed, listening to some music…

feeling kind of down today, life just isn’t working out. I am kind of bored at 00h25, feeling sleepy but don’t want to sleep. 329 more words


The Secrets of Self Pleasure ...

It’s all up to me now to keep my whore body happy. I am not making any allowances anymore. I want the Wolf. The man who will give his heart to me and to whom I will offer myself in return. 200 more words

Exploring BDSM

Don’t Masturbate, You’ll Get Hairy Palms

Ever hear this one as a kid? Yeah, me too. Much worse than that though, I remember being around eight years old and flat on my back on the bathroom floor masturbating. 451 more words

Sexuality Education

Dealing with a restless vagina

I think that my vagina is getting restless. Maybe it’s partly the fact that I’m in a long distance relationship right now, but she is getting antsy as fuck. 271 more words