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A First Time Tryst Chapter 2

Fiction.  Enjoy. Read Chapter 1 to get caught up

A gentle salty breeze caused Adam to stir.  Through bleary eyes he noticed the windows were open, the curtains furling in the breeze.  1,632 more words

Her Orgasms

2 in 1

Sex is just a biological function that occur in nature, but for humans, sex has become a form of self-expression and the biggest aspect of one’s identity. 292 more words

The Last Judgment (4/4-4/11)

A Guide to Fixing All of Your Problems

Learning to Free Yourself From Life’s Negativity

By: Lucia Elmi

Let’s face it, life isn’t so easy.  Some days, you get caught up in the daily magic of living that time flies by so fast you don’t even have a moment to stop and think. 743 more words


cross my hind foot

Hey have u been drinking lots of moon shine ? Crytoman  followed your directions . Just look at google earth.  There is a road , no fences . 70 more words


Feminine Fulfillment: Blessings of Contentment in Gratitude

In this Goddess Transmission I share the beauty of feminine contentment through deep appreciation, feminine meekness also known as gratitude.. playing with this energy through sensuality, yoni and womb devotion for fulfillment and sensuality and gratitude magik. 36 more words


Sensual Eats In Goddess Appreciation Ritual

Dear Womb Goddess,

I send you blessings of feminine gratitude and sensual eats.. it is far more greater to eat filled in appreciation and yoni vibration honey goodness.. 376 more words


Shamelessness in Cervical Freedom

Dear Womb Goddess…

There’s is a beautiful lesson from the depth of my cervix that frees me of shame…Great Mother Goddess of the sea..Yemaya blessed my morning cervixen session..as I swam deep in her clearing waters my cervix spoke in orgasmic waves…I am shameless. 154 more words