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A Sunny Day in Spring

Publication announcement: 

A Sunny Day in Spring‘ is an experimental flash fiction of mine that has just been published over at Bogman’s Cannon. Go and check it out if that sounds like something you might enjoy.

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Are your relationships stuck in a repeat-loop???

She stopped and wondered… when, what, how, had made her so prone to be a pathetic idiot?!

Now, she could make sense of it all- finally. 1,357 more words


Love To Die For 26 of 27 KIDNAPPED!

Ah Mee, kidnapped by professional cherry-pickers, was carried across country for days in an oxcart. She could have escaped. In the strange friendship that grew between captor and captive as they traveled by day, and deceived by her obvious pleasure in their sexual fun when they played by night, the kidnappers neglected bonds and blindfold. 620 more words

Adult Fiction

Is There Anything More Beautiful...

I was awake. Blinded by the slivers of sunlight that escaped the bedroom blinds. It wasn’t the sun that woke me though.


Is there anything more beautiful than a woman aroused? 1,223 more words

Flash Fiction


Despite the negative connotations associated with masturbation, being either too sinful or too desperate for any self-respecting gal (or guy), anonymous surveys have shown that most of us masturbate, with or without guilt, and with varying frequency. 177 more words


The Art Of Self-Pleasuring Yourself – There’s A Class For That!


Pleasure is something to be experienced at any age, but it may surprise you that self-pleasure also endures. Jacque Reid, talks to Pam Costa… 448 more words