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A little bit of insight

Some imaginaries take a long time struggling behind the computer. Much trial and error. This YouTube (made 2 years ago) provides you with some insight in the process a B&W selfie undergoes in its growth to a colourful (weird?) self portrait. 45 more words


Self Portrait Day 3


On this day, I wanted to speed myself up a bit because I thought it was taking me too long to progress. I’m afraid my clay is going to get too dry. 74 more words

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Day 2


After unwrapping this piece, I knew a lot of work needed to be done. The past couple of weeks spent working on short and long poses was a great warm up for jumping back into this piece. 77 more words

Self Portrait

2016 Blogger's Quilt Festival - "Get to Know Me" mini quilt

It’s been a slower than usual for quilt finishes this year but I have one I’m proud of and would like to share here. But first, welcome to my blog! 222 more words

Lightly, ardently. 

Lightly, ardently… That’s my love for thee. I won’t swear from the mountain tops. Or cross the seas. In silent fervor I devote to thee. Love whispers and screams the soul complete. 65 more words

Fueled By Coffee

This was a self portrait I took last spring for my photography class. It’s pretty self explanatory. I am practically obsessed with coffee! That’s why for my following assignment, our final project, I chose to photograph different kinds of coffee in different mugs and different places. 49 more words


The Birthday

Max Ernst was intrigued when he first saw Dorothea Tanning’s enigmatic self-portrait, which he suggested should be called The Birthday; she agreed that it was an apt choice. 77 more words