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after a dip in the ocean - May 27

Venus rising from the sea ?

Nope, weeping birch, that’s me – 

splotchy trunk, ‘neath wispy

squiggles wafted by the breeze – 

and anyway I’ve always known

herself belongs to trees



Forever Boolynn #13

these nights
bad dreams
don't visit me
so often

things change
for the better

a rare
terrible one
about boolynn
will try and
sneak in

it's then
my mind does
the most
magical thing
its one
last great

the dream begins
to turn ugly
and before anything
can occur
i awaken
every time
my brain
simply says
there will be
none of that

i lift myself
from my pillow
shake my head
and smile
in my half sleep
i'm so proud
that even in dreams
i won't allow
any harm
to come to


words & image: b. reeves

May Photo Challenge Day 26 Shadows

When I went to the park the other day I decided to play with some of the photos. This was one of the shadow shots of me.

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