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Process: Erase Her Portrait

Instead of drawing shapes to fill, I chiseled away color with an eraser.  It kind of looks like dirt on my face.  There is some dimension there.   189 more words

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 Spring is on its way but before it arrives we have to go through that weird transitional stage where wearing our winter wardrobe doesn’t seem fresh enough and is slightly too warm yet you’re not quite ready to get your bikini out. 277 more words


Why paint a self-portrait?

Artists paint their own self-portrait for a variety of reasons and at different stages in their life’s. For me the self-portrait that stands above all others is Goya’s  ‘Self-portrait at an easel’ 1790, although that date is still in debate. 60 more words

Finding the thread

Something has happened internally. I have found a thread of a part of myself that was missing. I’m holding on very tightly to this little filament that has wafted my way for fear I might lose it and then have to try and find it again. 208 more words