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/Fly low behind me, take me on your wing/

Dislocated Thoughts

#365PROJECT #DAY39: My Addiction. . .

Manusia, punya adiksi kepada hal yang berbeda-beda. Adiksi kepada benda, ataupun manusia.

Ini adalah tiga benda yang menjadi sumber adiksiku yang hampir tidak mungkin tidak tersentuh, setiap hari selama beberapa waktu belakangan ini.

Jadi, apa adiksimu?


Joseph Kanski / elmediat: Post Medieval Kirlian : Self Portrait

It happened a long time ago – or did it ?
Consider this what if, towards the end of the Medieval Period there was a shift from Illuminated Manuscripts to the use of Kirlian Photography. 107 more words


Deedra Baker - Denton, Texas

Briefly describe the work you do. 

I have always been interested in femininity and identity. Those themes have now started to branch out into female lineage and the family archive through the interconnection of three generations of women in my immediate family. 881 more words