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You Only Get to See Shoes

My very own self portrait. I present you the shoes that I wear until they are worn out. I was also playing around the tree’s shadow to make the idea that was walking along this narrow shadow like it was some kind of plank.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 

5 things I like:

  • Cats (I fucking love cats)
  • Crochet
  • Tattoos
  • Writing ambient space music
  • Anything Japan related

no fighter

another broken nose
and continue to tell myself
i’m no fighter

lost count of cuts
stress fractures
clean breaks

wired to fight
i don’t know why… 39 more words


Flesh and Bones

I have had time to sit with my dreams and my fears and I am empty. Nothing but flesh and bones. If my mind wanders into dangerous territory I pick up my sketchbook and draw. 12 more words


Meeeeh, I needed a new portrait of me. I mean, Why not? hehe

done in photoshop