What I’ve Learnt About Self-Publishing – Writing is not for the faint-hearted

Being a writer is a profession that leaves you wide open to critics from all walks of life and backgrounds. You may think you’ve written the best thing ever but be assured that someone somewhere will think its terrible and will most likely relish the chance of putting the boot in. 547 more words


Blog Challenge Argumentative

What seems free may have strings attached.

I wrote the first version of this post within the last year.  As part of a semi-weekly exercise in curating the blog posts I’ve written which I continue to think could have some potential (!), I have returned to this post with an interest in making it more accurate. 577 more words


Byte the Book panel: How are indie publishers shaking up the industry?

Wow, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks!

First, I am so thrilled to have given my very first lecture ever, to the lovely Creative Writing & Publishing MA students at City University. 156 more words


Indie Writer Blues (#2?)

Have I done a post on indie writer blues? I’m not sure if I have, and I don’t really feel like surfing through all my old posts. 498 more words

Writer's Woes

What I’ve learnt about self-publishing – It’s a collaborative effort

Writing is a lonely profession. It’s a fact. Sure you can talk to people for ideas, but when it comes down to it, it’s just you and the thoughts spilling out of your head. 694 more words


Whether Sincere or Can We Challenge Ourselves

I wrote this post two years ago and decided today to curate it for the present.  Admittedly, it went unnoticed when I published it in November of 2016. 566 more words



The Moments I’m Missing is part one of the Moments trilogy and is my first novel for adults.  (Which basically just means there’s some language and adult themes, nothing graphic at all, but not suitable for children or teenagers.)  Get it… 102 more words