The Untold Stories Of Neverland: Pan

RATING: ****

REVIEW: This was so close to receiving five stars from me. The story of Peter Pan is not a new one but this is a new way to tell it. 46 more words

The Rise of the Phoenix


REVIEW: A book with so much potential. As a self published author I have no problem showing support to my fellow SP AUTHORS so I did not hesitate to purchase this book. 176 more words

2016 (So Far) In Review

I can’t believe it’s June 1st, and I’m still as disorganized as ever! But it’s never too late to start being organized, right, so I’m going to start (again) right now. 1,616 more words


Authors-Don't Quit your Day Dream...

I posted this many moons ago, but I thought it was worth repeating…

I am a writer.  I have met a lot of writers.  Most of us are very hard on ourselves.  678 more words

Pantheon - CH1

Here’s the first chapter from my new novel, Pantheon, available on Amazon here.

Lars flung the torch into the pyre. The oils lit quickly and the flames grew. 1,805 more words


And Ye Shall Receive.

Amazon has officially added my newest book, Pantheon, to their online bookstore.

Check it out: Pantheon