An awesome infographic about the power of Twitter

Hi, folks! I’ve come across a very useful infographic about Twitter that I thought you might want to check out. I found this little gem at the Traffic Cafe site by successful author and entrepreneur, Jonathan Gunson. 120 more words

Indie Author

Combat in Fantasy

I’ll be speaking on two author panels at StarFest Denver, April 17th-19th. The subject of both is similar – how do we write combat in fantasy and sci-fi? 542 more words


StarFest Denver

I’ll be attending my first StarFest this year in Denver, and I’ll even be participating on some author panels! I’ll know for sure which ones over the next couple days. 7 more words


Hot Dogs On Sticks

Originally published in R.K.V.R.Y Quarterly Literary Journal

sleight of hand

All warfare is based on this:

deception. Tonight, your mask
alcohol and brass and disarray…

467 more words


Aaaaand my book is available on Amazon. Wow.

Check it out here.



Writing the book was only half the battle. Getting people to read it, that’s the challenge.

So far, I’ve made this blog.

I’ve launched a Facebook advertising campaign. 239 more words


The Sarin

Some fantasy authors really enjoy creating systems of magic, and I’m no exception.

When developing the world for my book, Wings of the Sathakos, I wanted to avoid creating any kind of magic that was all-powerful. 198 more words