Thank You :)

It’s such a simple gesture but it puts a huge smile on my face whenever there is someone who would tweet me or message me or even post it anywhere in their social media accounts how they got my book and how much they liked it. 65 more words

Nowhere To Go

Is This the End?

It’s been months since I’ve really written. Not just months. Years, if I’m going to be really honest with myself. Oh, I’ve written sporadically here and there. 847 more words


My journey so far as an Indie Author

My last post about the Five attributes an Indie Author needs really struck a note with readers, so I thought I’d start exploring other aspects of what it means to be a self-published author. 796 more words

Writing Process

Photography Challenge Finding an Understated Structure

Struggling with the unseemly requires an extra serving of common sense.  Putting the Grammarly app up on your desktop browser with the intention of evaluating your own writing is an example.   578 more words


Five attributes an Indie Author needs

Traditional Vs Indie—for many it’s a difficult choice. There are pros and cons of both, and even though I adore self-publishing, I know it isn’t for everyone. 768 more words

Indie Author

Processing Anger and Choosing Between Two Mysterious Vials

I’ve got some general life updates to share for the month of August:

  • I wrote (and self-published!) a book,
  • I sent Chris a nice email,
  • 3,258 more words

Vita Et Morte: available in the Philippines 🇵🇭👀 SOON

Hello friends from the Philippines! 😄👋🏻

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m currently in talks with a local publisher there for my book to be available within the Philippines. 66 more words

Nowhere To Go