Possible New Project

I’ve been talking with Jie a lot lately, and a very long time yesterday, and she brought up the idea of a collaborative writing project that was multi-media and web based, then compiled, edited, and made into a book (ebook and/or printed) version. 524 more words

NEW RELEASE: Born to Magic by David Wind

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the release of Born to Magic by David Wind; I’ve had the pleasure to beta read this gem of sci-fi/fantasy and found it absolutely magical. 1,239 more words

Indie Author

New Book!

I finally got my book up on the Kindle store. Em is currently doing the conversion work for the smashwords release. I’ll do another post for that just to increase the exposure. 589 more words

If That's What It Takes,

then I’m fairly confident I will never be a commercial success.

So What Would It Take to Get You to Buy My Books?  

A recent trip to the bookstore had me browsing titles in my favorite genres and I noted how all the covers began to blend together. 1,050 more words

My Writing Process

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The following explains why I don't plan to publish another book anytime soon.

LA Believes in Loving Life

I have been away from this site for over a year trying to venture out into the world of writing, reading and sharing information with others. 731 more words

My Corfiot granny and a bunch of strange tourists

Back in the 80s, life for me as a young girl visiting Corfu, used to be simply heaven. Often, I’d spend as long as three whole months there with my grandparents. 1,294 more words

Indie Author

Advertise with Amazon: a Step-by-step Tutorial

I was reading Chris McMullen’s excellent (as usual) post on Amazon’s new advertising service, and thought I’d give it a go. My monthly advertising budget is $100, but I hadn’t spent anything in January. 952 more words


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A handy & highly informative article that offers step-by-step instructions in order to advertize your books on Amazon most effectively! Thank you, Nicholas Rossis!