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Bankrupt: What do you do when your Publisher no Longer Exists?

You have two options – find another publisher or self-publish them.

This is what I was faced with recently on two of my six books/anthologies… 466 more words

The Writer & Author

The thrilling conclusion of the Stormblade Saga available tomorrow!

As a writer this has been a pilgrimage of sorts for myself. Setting goals, maintaining a pace, and meeting deadlines is tough when you’re the only one holding yourself accountable. 424 more words


1st blog post of the new year

The very first New Year resolution I made when 2016 ended was to write more, and although I failed that in January, I’ve started making it up for it this month. 188 more words

Book Reviews

Exhibiting at Book Expo

Here is an insightful perspective on whether or not self-published authors should spend their promo money to exhibit at Book Expo – worth a read! 14 more words


A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 5: Indies)

A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 5: Indies)

I already know I’ll be disappointed here and not for the reasons you’d think. Although indie authors come with a whole boat load of problems—from bad editing to horrible dialog (though that can be said for YA as well) to shoddy plotting—the real reason I’m saddened here is that I actually read much more of them last year. 116 more words


Indie Book Challenge

If you’re following my author blog, you’ve already heard about my goal to read more self published books. In fact, I actually wrote a similar post for that site so if you are following me on both, you might have already seen this. 233 more words