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N.R. Allen

Carl Howe Hansen's novel Destiny in the Mindful Reader

In today’s New Hampshire Sunday News, I review a self-published book and explain why I don’t review more.

Potential and flaws found in ‘Destiny’ 179 more words

SpaSpa Book Awards: Best Drabble Award

Hey! It looks like I won the Best Drabble Award with my story, “Google Search History”. This is awesome and so unexpected. :) This is actually a very old drabble that I wrote for Friday Fictioneers. 120 more words


Time and Again by Deborah Heal [History Mystery Series: Book 1] - Write Brain Activity (2011)

Time and Again is the first book in Deborah Heal’s History Mystery series.┬áThe basic premise of the book is a teen and her college age summer tutor can experience the lives and thoughts of people from the past via a computer program called Beautiful House. 441 more words

Book Review

Local Author Book Review #4: The New Fire by Ada Robinson

The New Fire by Ada Robinson is a historical novel about a history that never happened set in a place that does not exist. But it reads as though rooted in a real place and time. 405 more words


Local Author Book Review #3: PsyBot by Nowick Gray

The Plot: Computer programmer Joe Norton juggles a series of awkward relationships with women while working for a tech company that’s facing a merger. As if this isn’t bad enough, he experiences strange and disturbing hallucinations and nightmares, in some of which he is offered a rifle for an unknown purpose. 639 more words


Local Author Book Review #2: The White Limousine by John R. Paterson

Time travel. Second chances. A lost love and a new love. These are the compelling elements of The White Limousine, a science fiction romance by Victoria author John Paterson. 344 more words