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I watched BRIGHT (Spoiler Free)

‘Bright’ is available on Australian NETFLIX currently.

In my late teens or early twenties, I would have LOVED this movie.

Orcs, elves and fairies (the latter are better described as imps or sprites), are mixing it up with humans and evolving alongside them, and so there are cultural issues and self-imposed segregation. 551 more words

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My Co-Writer(s) and Me

“How do you write a book with another person?”

I am often asked this question. Readers (who aren’t writers) tend to just accept it – perhaps they don’t care to think about the process, just the end result. 858 more words

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Inspired By Dodgy Publishers: Or... How To Not Charge A Writer For Writing

Wow, it’s dusty in here.

A quick summary of my time spent away; I’ve written a couple more books towards the Wanderer of Worlds fantasy series. 835 more words

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