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First Sentences, Paragraphs, and Chapters - May Round Robin

Topic: Has so much emphasis been placed by other writers advice, publishers, reviewers, etc. on authors to have a spectacular opening page/1st chapter that the rest of the story sometimes gets left behind? 613 more words


Welcome! This is the official page of my first book, InstaStory. Which, come to think of it, hasn’t had a lot of ‘Insta’ in its creation. 57 more words

The Broken Pocket Watch - Chapter Six

Catch up on The Broken Pocket Watch HERE

A small building, between a clothes shop, and an unmarked building. Hidden away, by the more impressive towers next to it. 1,517 more words

Writer's Log: Stardate 95001.79

It’s been two weeks since my last post!  I took my own advice and have been spending about four to six hours (if not more) a day writing, regardless of whether or not it’s “good” or how many pages (if any) were written.   542 more words


Let’s have some fun and choosing which books to self-publish/send out on submission next…

Here’s a synopsis of five different manuscripts I’m currently working on. I’d like to get your 

215 more words

Write smarter, not harder! And make it a habit

Hallelujah, it’s raining Club members! And I am positively thrilled.

It’s a cleansing rain—a cloudburst on a sunny spring day that leaves the grass greener and the air crisper. 189 more words


Going it Mostly Alone: the Publishing Path of *A Perfect Blindness*

Committed—Self-publishing Part 5: Development edit—The rewrite

By the time I started to attack the text itself, I’d generated very many pages of notes and a copious number of ideas on note pads, in emails to myself, in Evernote and Scrivener. 519 more words

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