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Attention, Rahul of the Great British Baking Show! You are Perfect to Play my Superhero, the Cleric of the Allies!

Hi! Don’t feel weird…I’ve written posts to everyone from Hiro Mashima to Uday Chopra. I’m a little crazy. And I write about a Hindi superhero called the Cleric. 402 more words

Self Publishing


I arrived back yesterday from travelling for the past few weeks and although I don’t have anything new ready to post on the blog, I do have some exciting news. 131 more words


The Boy in the Gloves (Chapter Two, part one)

(In instalments, you may prefer to go back and start at the beginning)=

The Boy in the Gloves

I wish I had had a couple of days to take it all in. 2,036 more words


Disagreeable but necessary?

How many instances of praise does it take to balance out one negative criticism?

I am aware of a notion called a ‘criticism ratio’, which seems primarily to have been explored in reference to the workplace. 581 more words


Why self-publish?

If you ever wondered…

There’s a good summary on ALLi today (the Alliance of Independent Authors) which offers an explanation of some or all of the reasons authors choose self-publishing nowadays, either as their sole route to publication, or as an additional option to working with a publisher (as I do).

Self Publishing

Nailing it, a little.

I am nailing Nanowrimo like a boss. Actually, no I’m not. I’m pantsing it like I always do and freaking out the entire time but I am getting my words into some kind of semi-coherent form. 709 more words


The Current Line Up and an Excerpt #teasertuesday

So here’s my current line-up for A Different Kind of Love series for the year so far.

Thank goodness, I finally remembered Campbell and Caitlin who got accidentally set aside when I was writing Mariah and Logan’s story and I was about to start writing Forrest and Summer’s (16k words so far). 620 more words

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