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FAQs: writing to self-publish

If you have decided to self-publish, I’ve provided some older podcasts I recorded on how to do it, but since they are older I will answer a few questions here as well: 402 more words


Highlights Part 2

Are you new to my blog? Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you’re looking to get to know me a little bit better, here are some recent highlights from my blog. 60 more words


Introducing Tom McCrory, author of Trust Me It Works

“Outskirts Press, what can I say, but brilliant from the moment I contacted them to the moment my book was published. Nothing was too much trouble. 293 more words

Outskirts Press

Self v. Traditional Publishing: It's Not a Rivalry

I saw this ^^ meme making the rounds on Twitter recently. It was being shared mostly by writers who are querying for traditional publishing deals or are working toward one. 999 more words

Samizdat: I write it myself, edit it myself, censor it myself, publish it myself, distribute it myself, and spend jail time for it myself.

Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky… 113 more words

The Impossible Search for the Perfect Sentance...

Occasionally writing becomes the search for the perfect sentence, this can sometimes become an obsession, and like all obsessions, it has a dark side. That may seem a strange thing to say, but you’ll have to go with me here to understand what I am getting at. 1,164 more words


Public speaking tips for writers (putting a bag over your head is not one of them..)

I am a writer. I am an introverted writer. The thought of public speaking makes my skin prickle and my head swim and yet it is something writers are often expected to do, and to be honest, despite the fear, it is something I am eager to do. 1,048 more words