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Silence is for the Champions

Hey Champion ! It’s good to have you here. I guess you are thinking about the title if not exactly then please do. Try to understand why I have called that “silence is for Champions” like you. 518 more words

In the beginning

It was July 1991, or thereabouts, that I found my way to a Sahaja Yoga meeting in a prefabricated building at the back of a school in Stourbridge, West Midlands. 664 more words



“You are with me or against me.”

“Being against me is the same as being against us.”

“If I determine that you are against us, you deserve all the problems that you brought on yourself by your actions. 177 more words


Ramana Maharshi: the essence of realisation

Killing the ego is the only thing to accomplish.

Realisation is already there. No attempt is needed to attain realisation. For it is nothing external, nothing new. 107 more words


Show your work

It’s tempting to sit in the corner and then, voila, to amaze us all with your perfect answer.

But of course, that’s not what ever works. 152 more words


For The "To Be" Champions of The Jungle!

Hi to the big dreamer (The Champion) ¬†yeah that’s you I trust you are going well if not then it will get ok because its in history that has taught us that every big dreamer has always faced hundreds times more problems than an average individual because they deal with things which involves a lot of risks and brave decisions to be taken so if it’s hard time for you then trust me you are going damn right. 591 more words

The state of our Wakefulness 

We experience life at many levels according to our state of awareness. Interchangeable, gross to subtle, not in any particular order.
There’s the action level, which is the most obvious and common way to look at it. 309 more words