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Fear is easy, hope is real

Fear shows up unbidden, it almost never goes away if you will it to, and it’s rarely a useful tool for your best work.

Hope, on the other hand, can be conjured. 35 more words


Deconstructing urgent vs. important

A six-year-old who throws a tantrum and refuses to go to school is escalating into the urgent.

Going to school every day is important.

Mollifying an angry customer is urgent, building systems and promises that keep customers from getting angry is important. 366 more words


The client and the customer

This is a choice, a huge one in the life of the freelancer, the entrepreneur or anyone who seeks to engage with the marketplace.

The customer buys (or doesn’t buy) what you make. 121 more words


All my best posts are the posts I haven't written

Sometimes I’ll get a great idea for a post while out walking or showering or generally not in front of a keyboard. Not just great ideas, but fabulous ones. 99 more words


Eventually, snow melts

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t value in shoveling someone’s walk.

Most things will get addressed sooner or later.

What happens if you take the side of sooner? 38 more words


Ramana Maharshi: To remain as you are, without question or doubt, is your natural state

To remain as you are, without question or doubt, is your natural state
Ramana Maharshi

This is still an instruction for the spiritual seeker: ‘to remain as you are’.

146 more words

Without a doubt

Occasionally, people in power come to the conclusion that doubt is a problem.

They conflate confidence with certainty.

Along the way, things worked out for them. 107 more words