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The noise in our head (and artificial intelligence)

One common insightful definition of AI: Artificial Intelligence is everything a computer can’t do yet. As soon as it can, we call it obvious.

And so, self-driving cars and devices that can beat us at chess don’t really think, they’re just doing something by rote (really really fast). 127 more words



Sometimes we dont know the difference between ego and anger. Most of the times we might get into real anger, which are assumed as ego. Real anger originates when we get really hurt. 208 more words

Human Mind

"Please free me" - Mukti

This week at the satsang I attended I heard a story that was again something that evoked the writing spirit within me.

Why did our sages and saints relate stories to make us understand the concepts? 682 more words

Spiritual Musings

         Tonight I catch you again, sitting  by the window and standing plainly into night’s cold, and I wish to ask you, “Are you still thinking of him?” So instead, I try to remember how difficult it is to forget someone. 233 more words



जीवन की आपाधापी में
रात की उदासी में

मैंने खुद को देखा
:ज़िन्दगी के कुशल
अभिनेता को देखा |

निगान्हों की गेहराई में डूबा
तो पता लगा
भीतर हर पल
ज्वालामुखी की लपटें लिए
मैं खौल रहा हूँ
ठन्डे बर्फ की मानिंद
शांत हूँ बिलकुल |

अब फ़र्क़ नही पड़ता
जान गया हूँ मैं
-जलना या पिघलना
दोनों का अंत एक ही है
:समाप्त होना !

अब तो आँखों में आंसू भी
आकर पूछते हैं
बोलो –
गले में ही सूख जाऊं
या पलकों पर ढलक जाऊँ ?

– कृतांत

Hindi Poems

8 Types of Toxic People to Keep out of your Life!


I think this applies to everyone. Toxic people tend to be covertly or overtly narcissistic – and to some extent tend to display some level of abuse. 31 more words

Desire to change others!!

We spend our entire lifetime trying to change other people who affect us directly or indirectly and at times even those who are in no way related to us. 945 more words

Spiritual Musings