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We all are playing
Only one role
The role
Of the One

DidiArtist, 26.03.2014

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Go beyond the form this Maha Shivaratri

Followers of Lord Shiva are prepping up around the world for Maha Shivaratri festival tomorrow. On  Hindu calendars, the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalguna is marked for the worship of Lord Shiva. 298 more words


Enough ethics?

Most companies seek to be more profitable.

They seek to increase their Key Performance Indicators. More referrals, more satisfaction, more loyalty. They seek to increase their market share, their dividends, their stock price. 88 more words


The professional pushes back

The architect refuses to design the big, ugly building that merely maximizes short term revenue. She understands that raising the average is part of her job. 116 more words


Faith and Determination

Faith and determination, these two are the essential rungs on the ladder of enlightenment. 72 more words


brotherhood dreaming

I had a dream today during a yoga nap (a hugely realistic dream) that my friend George had come to surprise visit me somewhere ~ he had brought along a friend I wasn’t familiar with, and George was mucking about with a camper ute as though they had come to pick me up and take me for a surprise camping trip because I needed it. 111 more words


But how much does it cost?

I know what the price tag says. But what does it cost?

Does it need dry cleaning? What does it eat? How long does the training take? 104 more words