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observe what is actually taking place in our daily life, inwardly and outwardly

It is important to understand from the very beginning that I am not formulating any philosophy or any theological structure of ideas or theological concepts. It seems to me that all ideologies are utterly idiotic. 193 more words


Transmigration from Godhood to Doghood after Death

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

They will never be God, but we see so many persons, who by the influence of the illusory energy, they think, “I am God. 404 more words


Do Pandabunnies Dream?

Even if you don’t know what a pandabunny is, your brain thinks it does. Your brain is awesome that way!

Tell me about pandabunnies. Are they panda bears with bunny ears? 242 more words


Affectionate Indifference

On the path, I asked him: “Sir, you meet so many people, some are serious but others have twisted lives and thoughts. I have watched you and see you always have energy to deal with people regardless of what they want from you. 62 more words


Life Crafting Series. 3- Forgiveness

K. Barratt

Let me start by clarifying that, unlike some beliefs, I don’t think that forgiveness means to waive your right to human justice, nor to deny that your suffered a wrong and when it happened, it hurt. 756 more words

Karem Barratt

Eight Life Lessons from David Attenborough

K. Barratt

I start this reflection with a confession: I like TV. I like TV a lot. I am actually a great defender of TV and all it can offer to open people’s minds, hearts and life views. 1,483 more words

Karem Barratt


To balance

Strength with Flexibility 

Work with Rest

Passion with Patience

Uniqueness with Unity 

Purpose with Peace

Unconditional Love with Self Respect

Self Expression with an Open Mind  31 more words