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When to charge by the hour

Most professionals ought to charge by the project, because it’s a project the customer wants, not an hour.

Surgery, for example. I don’t want it to last a long time, I just want it to work. 110 more words


Software is testing

Writing the first draft of a computer program is easy. It’s the testing that separates the professional from a mere hack. Test and then, of course, make it better. 88 more words


Which brand are you belong to?

There is nothing wrong to be a brand conscious person. I am also crazy like others for brands of my phone, computer, shoes, clothes, car and other stuffs like that. 875 more words


How should one surrender to God?

Answer by Niraj Bidawatka

We should pray to God, “Oh my Lord, I have been trying to be happy independently of you. But I have not attained even an iota of happiness. 449 more words

Bhakti Yoga - Devotional Service

Who is us?

When you build a tribe or a movement, you’re asking people to join you.

To become, “one of us.”

That means, though, you need to be really clear who ‘us’ is. 19 more words


The crowd, your work, and choice

The crowd prefers sweets.

The crowd gets on its feet when your band plays the big hit, and sits down for the new songs.

The crowd will pay far more for a steak dinner than a vegetable one, regardless of cost or effort or value. 123 more words