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Long-term manipulation is extremely difficult

In the short run, it’s easy.

It’s easy to fool someone or lie to them or give them what they think they want. It’s easy to write a great block of copy, to sell on credit, to grab the attention of the mob. 52 more words


Buying the thing your project truly needs

In our commercial culture, it’s easy to buy just about anything—except the things you really need.

Like a decision. (And the confidence to execute on it.) 31 more words


Vivid Dreaming- Controlling our Dream

Last night I had the most vivid dream of my life. As I was tossing and turning in the middle of my sleep, something strange happened. 879 more words

Seeking Stillness


Things have settled down health-wise to a manageable level since my last post. I have cut down on a lot of things I used to do around the house and either get someone else to do it or do it in a way that puts the least amount of stress on my left arm and that has helped. 411 more words



It might not be because you can’t find the right answer.

It’s almost certainly because you’re asking the wrong question.

The more aggressively you redefine the problem, the more likely it is you’re going to solve it. 43 more words


Where do I hide my soul?

With each passing day, the rebel in me only seem to grow stronger. I have been trying to tame her..my rebellious soul!

Easily said than done. 635 more words

#1 in a small market...

is way more interesting, more fruitful and more fun than being number three in a larger market.

When you’re the market leader, you set the agenda, you attract the leading customers and you are the one who gets targeted, picked on and singled out. 84 more words