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To earn our attention, there needs to be tension

The tension of how it might turn out.

The tension of possibility.

The tension of change.

Telegrams used to charge by the word. Say what you need to say, there you go. 29 more words


It's Nearly That Time Of Year Again - Part Three

Well, we are now into December and the juggernaut that is Christmas is heading towards us in all its vulgarity at a rate of knots. What’s that I hear you say? 447 more words

From The Heart

The flip is elusive

For a generation after people realized that smoking would kill them, many smart, informed people still smoked. Then, many of them stopped.

After discovering that an expensive luxury good is made out of the same materials as a cheaper alternative, many people stick with the expensive one. 236 more words


And what else will you lie about?

When did companies start talking about, “unexpectedly high call volume?”

Are they really so inept at planning that the call volume is unexpected? For months at a time? 83 more words


None of the above

In a world where nuance, uncertainty and shades of grey are ever more common, becoming comfortable with ambiguity is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire. 51 more words


Going the distance

The distance from can to will keeps getting larger.

You can connect, lead, see, speak, create, encourage, challenge and contribute.

Will you?

The confusion kicks in when we become overwhelmed by all the things we can do, but can’t find the time or the courage to actually commit and follow through. 39 more words



Today I’ve returned to doing something I love. And my heart is filled with joy!

Which begs the question, why did I stop doing it? No reason I can think of, except the many unreasonable reasons I’ve used to deprive myself of this joy. 203 more words