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April First

We hope our loyal readers enjoyed our special post chock full of lies on the occasion of April the first.


Disclaimer: please read assembly instructions carefully. Actual lies not included.

Blatant Lies

Joy and misery II

I wrote poems and love messages,
Not the one to take on higher challenges.
Most of them had somewhat rhymed,
Although, this one might not be really primed. 115 more words


The Dark Pantomime

The intelligible universe is embedded in suchness, which is in its essence profoundly unintelligible. Suchness is not something that the analytic mind can ever hope to make sense of.  1,691 more words

Short Articles

The Ghost is back

Apprehensions sink in the dark cloudy layers

like the kohl of my waterline, the kohl of my heart

I am a clown or that saint of the temple, for people misjudge me… 59 more words


Who’s Counting: Being Meta and Taylor Swift’s “So It Goes…”

In which Taylor Swift not-so-slyly weaves self-reference throughout her latest album.

To my dear reader,

“So It Goes…” is, by no means, the best song on Taylor Swift’s latest album… 463 more words


Ouroboros-like Logic

It is particularly apparent in art and design that cultural evolution and its associated historical development and metamorphosis consists of a fundamentally incomplete logical system of complex, open and creative self-reference. 81 more words