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Paradox of Frameworks

I have a very ambivalent relationship with frameworks- I love them because they help me to think cogently but simultaneously, I hate them because they restrict the free-flow of my thoughts and feelings.Feeling/ Thinking is a fluid process on which structure can be imposed only “post-facto” Undoubtedly, there is some connection between the “chain of thoughts” but the possibilities are so many that no one can predict as to the direction in which this river of thoughts and feelings will flow. 1,498 more words

A Wombat By Any Other Name

I really enjoy your blog and want to try starting my own. The biggest trick is… what do I NAME it!! How did you come up with yours?

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Life Skills


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Platypus the Wombat finds its purpose. 1,057 more words


A Paradox of Infinite Knowledge

For every proposition we know, we can reflect upon it to create a new piece of knowledge. For example, if I know that I exist, I can likewise say that I know that I know I exist. 827 more words


Does the key open itself? Self-reference and paradox

Self-reference is one of the main ingredients in semantic paradoxes. Thus, for instance, the Liar paradox can use the following sentence that ascribes untruth to itself: 373 more words



I who e’re while the happy Garden sung,
By one mans disobedience lost, now sing
Recover’d Paradise to all mankind…

Milton, Paradise Regain’d


Having made some caustic remarks on the great Goethe’s art of gardening and his silly Folly, a little hut of bask beams, I decided to visit again one of my favourite landscape parks, if only because it is so close to my home. 686 more words