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I who e’re while the happy Garden sung,
By one mans disobedience lost, now sing
Recover’d Paradise to all mankind…

Milton, Paradise Regain’d


Having made some caustic remarks on the great Goethe’s art of gardening and his silly Folly, a little hut of bask beams, I decided to visit again one of my favourite landscape parks, if only because it is so close to my home. 686 more words


On the Nature of a Blob

1. The Characteristics of a Blob

What is a blob? What makes a blob a blob? One approach tries to pin a set of main characteristics associated with Blobbery. 180 more words


"Big Data" Entity Framework 6

Today I’m going to write about handling much data in Entity Framework. On 3/12/2015 I did my first hackathon (Hack The Future @ Antwerp). We had to process a SQL database with 1 000 000 records. 2,365 more words


Please Excuse My Appearance As I Undergo Renovations

I’m trying to give myself time. Since motherhood began for me, I’ve been trying to swim against the tide like a salmon, creating art for art’s sake… 1,401 more words


Nat In The Studio

Episode Four, in which our hero makes art prints of the monsters her robot fighting team has defeated. For more adventures featuring Nat, look here and here. Thanks for reading!


Science: NOT explaining. Being: NO reason.

Several exploding stars have been found outside the cozy confines of galaxies, where most stars reside. These wayward supernovae are also weird because they exploded billions of years before their predicted detonations. 111 more words


Stephen Colbert Comically Looks at Truth

My last post explored the famous question of Pontius Pilate as he presided over the trial of Jesus, “What is truth?”  In this post I brought emphasis to the profundity of the question and the humility and temerity we need to exercise as we ponder the issue.  115 more words