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In the grand tradition of self-reference, I realized one could write pages which summarized other pages. Your corpus was your work, and this new article would serve as a curation of selected content. 118 more words


Tectonic Articulation

Bearing in mind the three dimensions of architecture task -organization, articulation, signification- and in an effort to create an structural autopoietic system that will offer new opportunities for architectural articulation, the study explores articulation of structural morphologies -through principles of stigmergic collaboration and structural coupling- that will allow the articulation between a variety of spaces by transitions through structural tectonic static morphing. 116 more words

My Project's

That's very meta

Self-reference can occur in anything. I wanted to write post about it, so I opened my site and started writing. I had to think about what I’d put into it and how I’d make it smart. 580 more words

Why It’s Good To Be Wrong

Nothing obstructs access to the truth like a belief in absolute truthfulness.

By David Deutsch Illustrations by Gérard DuBois January 15, 2015

Re-Post from Nautilus… 3,299 more words

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