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Not Your Typical S.K. in L.A.

From the Streets of Pusan (now Busan) to Living in the Midwest (now Los Angeles)

This has all the tragic workings of an after school special, but there is no other way to state the beginning of my life.  2,236 more words

Self Reflection


We’re barely a month into 2018 and so far a lot of “change” has happened within my life. After literally two weeks of non-stop anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve decided to re-shift my focus back towards building a practice and looking at incorporating  393 more words


Mobile Reflections 4: Unreleased

These words were the mirror. My pen my reflection. Paper is the frame. There must be a time where you look at yourself as a third party looking in. 126 more words


The Girl Behind The Counter

I work in retail and my dream is to own my own business on day, but days like yesterday make me question the career path I feel I’m destined to be on. 1,000 more words

Buy experiences, Don't buy objects

Since I was freshman in university, I’ve always adhered to a quote unconsciously. That quote is

The more experiences you have, the richer you are…

582 more words
Self Reflection

Change is Malleable

The layers of a forest tell a story. Throughout years, decades and centuries, the layers of the forest shift, change and become new. While some things die, others flourish from their demise. 322 more words

The Catch-22 of the Self-Help Industry

I have been a part of the self-help industry in some form or another for years. Self-improvement is one of my keenest goals, not to pat myself on the back, but to increase my effectiveness in connecting with those around me and feeling as if I make a difference in other’s lives. 952 more words