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How Motivational Quotes may be fuelling our fires of Self-Deprication

Until very recently, I used to buy into so called ‘motivational quotes’ like they were gospel. It’s not a hard thing to do- we’re surrounded by the idealised concepts of perseverance, having ambition and striving to reach fixed, long-term goals. 1,401 more words

Health And Fitness

The Holiday Ache

A buzz is in the air. I see, even as they go through their routines, people attending to work or school with a light touch and the gleam of warmth and turkey in their sights. 235 more words

Self Reflection

Perhaps on a rare day

Things fall apart
Perhaps on a rare day
They will fall together

Shadows sift through memories
Find her wandering alone
Lost in a forest of horrors… 513 more words

Spiritual Formation

Mandela Boys Have Become Mandela Men

I know how it feels to lie
When I do, I don’t even bat an eye
I do it to fit what I’ve been made to believe is a good look… 165 more words

My Example Of Anti-Reflective Lenses In Action

Me:  *taking my glasses off*  Maybe it’s me . . . 

L’s Mother:  *smirking, but remaining silent as she waits for it*

Me:  *putting my glasses back on*  6 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

What I've learned in 21 years.

Today is my 21st birthday. Whoop, whoop! I guess I’m officially an adult now, right? It’s wild, isn’t it, this whole getting older thing? Time moves way to fast, I think …. 619 more words