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The Need to Fit in

People have this weird misconception that uniformity must overtake individualism. I haven’t experienced a harmatia so huge as I glance at the people I once thought I could connect with. 206 more words

Never Present

So I’m about to leave high school pretty soon and suddenly every high school movie I’ve ever watched is running through my head and I can’t help but feel unexplainably sad. 552 more words

High School

Breaking Silence

You ever have that feeling that you absolutely had to say something, absolutely had to scream what you feel, voice your opinion, and you’re ready to finally stand up for what you believe in and… 426 more words

High School

Untold stories...

Everyone is fed up of the travelling stories. That story when Philippa took shrooms on a mountain in Vietnam and saw the world afresh. The holiday when Edward accidentally sold his sister for 26 camels and a mango. 602 more words



It always feels like, no matter how much I do, how hard I work, I’m always behind everyone else.  Everyone else is better than me, working harder than me, getting better grades than me, winning more awards than me. 650 more words

High School

adjective 1. suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.


Its a word, an idea, that’s been applied to me in many different ways, and that’s the first thing I want to change about myself.   770 more words

High School

Not Spectacular

I was recently made aware of the fact that, compared to my closest friends, I…kind of suck.  The book/movie The DUFF is a Young Adult work that follows the main character’s realization that she is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (DUFF) of her friend group – the one that lags behind and is just there to make the others look better.   811 more words

High School