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Going Back

I’ve just completed a rather relaxing weekend. I taught my beautiful students, I finished all my university work, and had a painful, yet wholesome massage. And it’s kind of surreal that I will have to go back to the hard slog of 8:30am to 6pm tomorrow. 568 more words


I Think I'm Going To Slap You

Have you even been so amazed at the complete ignorance of humanity, that you actually physically want to slap someone. So today, we are in class and my teacher asked the pupil participating in this exercise, “Who was Rosa Parks?” Well this girl stood there in full blown in dismay and confusion. 308 more words


Birthday Girl

So today I 20. The big “two oh.” And what a joke it truly is. Every single birthday I wake up to the same inelegant feeling that I have every morning. 260 more words


The Dedication of the Provo City Center Temple, the First Day of Spring, and the Re-Dedication of Me.

Spring is my favorite season. You can see and smell rebirth and renewal. Fresh starts are my favorite part of the cycle of life. Of planting sprouting, growing, leafing, blooming, flowering, expanding, bringing forth fruit, becoming, maturing, glowing, ripening, harvesting, falling, dropping, storing, gathering, wilting, losing, decaying, dying, fertilizing, to plant again—sprouting is my favorite. 644 more words



We live in the era of now. We have the world at our fingertips. We experience things a constant reality. However, every couple million moments we have those moments that seem to make every other moment insignificant. 447 more words


I really wish I hadn't done...

Regret Cycle
I wish I didn’t do that, Why did I do that?, What was I thinking?? Regret is looking back over your life and wishing you had done something , said something or changed something about whatever it is that you did, and you know you can’t go back and re-do it. 1,681 more words