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Today is the day!

Good morning everyone!

Today, as I promised, is the launch of my new website/blog/business.

You can find it right here!

I won’t tell you anything else… you just need to go and visit for yourself. 84 more words


Seeing through it all

…Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over
When I’ve looked right through to see you naked but oblivious
And you don’t see me…

526 more words
Perspective Change

sawdust words

when did i start using sawdust words

to soften the sharpness of my opinions

or my truths?



i think

idk but

i know exactly what i’m saying. 140 more words


someone believes in you

do you ever get that wonderful soaring spinning feeling

when someone who you respect gives you a genuine compliment

and it makes you

stand a little taller… 61 more words


ringing in my ears

the ringing has been here since february

at first it bothered me

consumed my waking moments, distracted me in class

i’m not sure if it went away or i just stopped noticing… 49 more words



sometimes while my i’m thinking about something innocent (like dinner tonight or the music on the radio) my brain spins toward a Spike

it snares me, pulls me in until my whole life orbits around the Spike… 274 more words

Mental Illness

The Drowning

I lay there motionless, burning under the heat of the sun.

As my head hung in apathetic despair, I could do nothing but stare.

There, it frantically flung its’ legs to and fro, desperate to reach safety. 169 more words