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Skin & Bone



A jigsaw of genes


We take it all in our strife.

Human beings

Imaginary and as alien

As the moons and the worlds above. 120 more words


Hidden Treasures


On a lonely island

Surrounded by lifeboats

But nobody cared I was drowning.

Stories appeared

Written in the sand

Whispers repeated through the centuries… 89 more words


White Mist

Blurred locations

That fly by

One by one

Never settling

A consistent constancy

Other than the white mist

A delicate haze

That cloaks the country… 82 more words


Something's Wrong

I am in a place where mental illness doesn’t exist.

It’s a utopia where one can be in control of their emotions and mind at all times.   690 more words

Self Reflective

30 Days of Positiveness

Lately, I have been having a lot of negative thoughts. I felt useless and helpless. I felt restless and tired at the same time. I did not know what to do. 61 more words


So... What now?

I started this blog with the intention to write every single day, To pour my heart out to you, my anonymous audience. There was no need to fear your criticism nor your reaction to my writing I could simply share my stories and thoughts in any way I chose but, I do fear your criticism I fear the reaction of anyone reading the stories I want so desperately to release from the confines of my mind and yet, my words fall short. 442 more words


A Lesson In Fear

Fear will hold you back. Everyone knows this. Some people use it as an excuse to behave dangerously, some people let it control them. I have spent a good amount of my life triumphing over my fear. 896 more words