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The Drowning

I lay there motionless, burning under the heat of the sun.

As my head hung in apathetic despair, I could do nothing but stare.

There, it frantically flung its’ legs to and fro, desperate to reach safety. 169 more words

acquired taste

you grow accustomed to loneliness
the same way you do to wholemeal bread over white,
to sleeping with the lights on,
to the lipstick marks that rim his shirt collars, all… 125 more words


February in a Single Post...(Long Over Due!)

February was a rough month in New York City. For many, it was one of the coldest winters in a long time, which meant a couple of things: People were staying inside, people weren’t going out to eat and most importantly, I wasn’t going to restaurants to review them. 536 more words


Whose Class Is It Anyway?

After quite some time away from blogging, I’d like to make my first post of the new year purely reflective (and one I actually began drafting back in October). 1,501 more words



2014 was really kind to me. It was an interesting year because finally after going through 12 years of the same routine of 4 semesters per school year with 2 week-long and 2 month-long holidays slotted in between(of which all of them normally end with me rushing to complete the oxymoron that is ‘holiday assignments’), the boring ass routine was finally broken (temporarily at least) and I got to usher in the start of a wonderful 8-month holiday (I’m playing cheat a little since my holiday started with the end of A levels in November 2013) of which I was able to completely take charge. 541 more words

First quote of 2015

“You already are what you want to become”

Heard a buddhist nun saying this on TV today. Worth keeping in mind for all of you (including myself) with New Year’s resolutions.

Brittle Shells

Withering away,

like an old piece of paper.

Brittle and light.

Everything is burning

like an old stack of hay.

Dried and lifeless

nothing seems to remain… 20 more words