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A Lesson In Fear

Fear will hold you back. Everyone knows this. Some people use it as an excuse to behave dangerously, some people let it control them. I have spent a good amount of my life triumphing over my fear. 896 more words


Returning to Uncomfortable Teritory

Today was exhausting.

At two o’clock I was getting ready to leave my house. There was no time for thoughts as I rushed to find my shoes. 634 more words



I am twenty-one and learning about permanence.

There are things happening in my body that will last forever.

Due to an injury affecting my hip, I have some bone on bone friction. 735 more words


I Have a Thing. Apparently, it is a Chronic Illness

When I was young I sprained my ankle. I went to the doctors. They put me in a splint and gave me some crutches. It’s not a very exciting story I suppose, especially since I don’t even remember how this particular sprain happened. 1,117 more words



Last Friday I went to the Museum of Science in Boston. We got there around 5 PM, which was a blessing in disguise. I had spent the day waiting for my friends to get their shit together so at first, I was upset about the timing. 529 more words


Bad Day

Today is a “BAD” day. Yup, all capitals bad.

There is something distinctly upsetting about finding thoughts in your head that you had gotten rid of. 414 more words


So, I Am Injured.

I grew up being hurt. I was a risk taker and that eventually took its toll, at least once a year. I broke my arms, wrists, ankles, ribs, you name it, I probably broke it. 734 more words