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Have a nice day

It was a warm spring day on campus. The sky was clear and the sun was bright, perhaps a little too bright on the eyes with every beam of light reflecting off the pale yellow grounds and light granite buildings, yet all the same much welcomed after a long and cloudy winter. 2,086 more words


Perfect Moment

Today I’m peaceful, and it’s beautiful, to not have my mind filled with negative thoughts just peace. Do you know what it feels like to be peaceful? 199 more words

3AM Thoughts: Kindness

I don’t know why I start getting deep at 3AM, but it’s seriously a thing.

For some reason I was thinking of some childhood memories. I’ve always had an awful memory to be honest. 1,060 more words


No I Don't Want To See Your Boobs

I Truly Don’t Want Those

It’s 10:56 in the morning right now, and I just happen to be listening to one of my favorite songs of all time (All I Do x Stevie Wonder). 1,162 more words



Being new at this I may lack the research and facts needed to back some claims. I consider this a mean to expressing the views of the upcoming workforce, a scottish/pakistani national and a Muslim. 394 more words


The Power of Makeup

A lot of people see makeup as purely an expression of vanity, and sometimes it is. But I think makeup can be a lot more than that. 422 more words


3AM Thoughts: Is Happiness a Choice?

I used to watch ShayCarl on YouTube, and something he would often say was “happiness is a choice.” He even had a painting of a bunch of sad, blue faces, with one yellow, happy face among them. 745 more words