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7 myths about the advantages of starting school at 4 years old

Children in the UK start school in the September of the year in which they turn 5. Most children, except those with a very early September birthdate, will be just 4 years old. 1,450 more words

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The Delayed After Effect or the Importance of Sensory Integration and Self Regulation

My son is like a bottle of champagne. As he goes through his day, anyone looking at him would think he’s just a little boy just like all the other little boys at school. 894 more words


Top 5 benefits of accreditation

Lady Renee-Marie Young, Landlord Development and Accreditation Officer at the National Landlords Association (NLA), discusses the benefits of accreditation and why it would be sensible for any landlord to be accredited. 825 more words


Meltdown or Tantrum? Its Important to Understand the Difference

Is it just a tantrum or is it a meltdown?  This is probably one of the most popular searches or hits for my blog. When it comes to Autism, self regulation and figuring out the triggers are major challenges for the whole family.   181 more words


Let Child Development and Not Child Care Guide What We Offer Young Children

Childhood is amazing, so much miraculous growth and development over the first few years of a child’s life. It’s so important that we give children what they need for a happy, healthy childhood. 1,917 more words

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Fostering Self Regulation and Emotional Control

“Fostering self-regulation and emotional control” have become as much a part of instruction as reading and writing.  Kids that are not able to understand and manage their emotions are not able to learn and frequently make it difficult for others to learn.  256 more words

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