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Evolution of brain for self-control (The social brain Hypothesis)

The social brain hypothesis was proposed by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who argues that human intelligence did not evolve primarily as a means to solve ecological problems, but rather as a means of surviving and reproducing in large and complex social groups.  317 more words


Start of the School Year and Perspectives

I took my kids to work this week to set up the therapy room. The building was abuzz with excitement, teachers arranging (and then re-arranging) furniture, bookbins, and chairs, whilst chatting animatedly to each other. 796 more words

Horses for the Heart

by Matt Renaud, Youth Advocate at AWARE

Since the beginning of this summer, I have been co-facilitating an equine assisted learning program for some of the kids I work with at AWARE.  501 more words

Healthy Relationships

PCYI Executive Director Graham Clyne Talks: Introducing Self-Reg to Schools & Communities - What Are We Learning?

PCYI’s Executive Director Graham Clyne recently did a short video for Peersite, to outline four points from his keynote presentation at last month’s Self-Regulation Summer Symposium: expertise, fidelity, best practice and being receptive to critics of self-reg. 47 more words

German beeper study on everday temptations

Everyday temptations: an experience sampling study of desire, conflict and self-control.

How often and how strongly do people experience desires, to what extent do their desires conflict with other goals, and how often and successfully do people exercise self-control to resist their desires? 555 more words


Dutch study: "Taking stock of Self-Control: A Meta Analysis..."

Taking Stock of Self-Control: A Meta-Analysis of How Trait Self-Control Relates to a Wide Range of Behaviors

Given assertions of the theoretical, empirical, and practical importance of self-control, this… 229 more words


Week 3: Pre-contest diet without a contest

Can Mental, Emotional and Physical Transformation Be Reduced to a Number on a Scale?

It’s the end of week three, and I am still going strong on my pre-contest diet without a contest. 234 more words