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Toxic pesticides: will Hawaiians get a better deal than Brits?

As a 2015 post on a related website said, Self-regulation is not effective: reconsider. From the recent horsemeat scandal, to the frequent withdrawals of harmful medicines and the banking collapse, it can be seen that self-regulation of food, pharmaceutical and banking corporates is not working. 683 more words


Character Strength Builders Part 5

Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of joy and adventure! Here we find ourselves at the beginning of another week and the unlimited possibilities and opportunities that are around every corner and every door! 354 more words

Self-Regulation - Guide - Policies and Curriculum

Self-Regulation in Assessment

Self-regulation is one of the six learning skills and work habits included in the curriculum for Ontario. The six learning skills and work habits are responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, and self-regulation. 625 more words

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Self-Regulation - Guide - Strategies

The following strategies can be useful in helping your students to self-regulate during class time, or to teach their self-regulation strategies that they can then also use on their initiative. 1,461 more words

Interview Inquiry


Ever heard of the Headbanz game? The one where you put a card into a band that you wear on your head, and others try to give you clues for you to guess what your card is. 306 more words

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A Change in Focus: From Communication to Self-Harm

Since he was fifteen months old, the main concern we’d had about our son was his speech delay. He was nonverbal for about a year longer than what the professionals say he should have been. 981 more words

The Boy

Passion Project

When students are passionately engaged in their learning the results can be extraordinary. Students are able to feel ownership of their learning and connect with a topic at a deeper level. 563 more words

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