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Beautiful Play dough Invitations

“When children use playdough, they explore ideas and try different approaches until they find one that works.”

First…Play dough Benefits & Child Development

Social and emotional development 
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How Does Learning Happen? Foundations For Learning

When we're Triggered: How to Stop Reacting Defensively | #PTSD #PTSDChat #LinkYourLife

Just when I think I’m awake and really have it going on—ready to share my wisdom with others—life takes me to a new level of understanding. 12 more words

Mental Health

Invest in your people and you will be rewarded [By Nadine Jazmati]

Emotional Competence in Business and People Management

Regardless of the size of your team and organisation, the secret of your success to attract and to engage with your internal and external stakeholders remains predominantly a matter of choice in the attitude you decide to adopt. 368 more words

Quick Take

Regulation is not about stifling business, its about protecting ordinary citizens from greedy people

I begin with a story:

There were two men in a certain town. One was rich, and one was poor. The rich man owned a great many sheep and cattle.

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Economics And Politics

Stimming, why I do it, and how it helps me.

I stim. stimming is a repetitive behavior. Stimming helps autistic people in a lot of areas. stimming can help