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Trauma, the Brain, and Why the Positive Impact We Can Have on Kids Is so Important!

~ by Allyson Scanlon, Family & Youth Advocacy Specialist, Clarina Howard Nichols Center

Existing within all of us, no matter our age, are instinctual protective modes that kick in when our bodies and minds perceive us to be in some type of danger. 780 more words

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A Brief Note...

A little reflection…

…My good moments have been made with myself, and with a special someone. I am so grateful to have had the chance to take time out of everyday… to step back and reflect on the day I have had and think, “Yes, today was good”.

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September start up...

The start of a school year often brings a flood of emotions, both positive and negative, to students, staff and parents alike. Some anticipate getting into their favourite classes and visiting with friends while others deal with the seemingly never-ending homework and the struggles to manage daily. 334 more words

Personality Pedagogy Newsletter Volume 10, Number 1, September 2015

Hello and welcome to the eighty-sixth Personality Pedagogy newsletter highlighting what’s new at http://personalitypedagogy.arcadia.edu. For more about the links below and approximately 3,221 other interesting links related to personality psychology, please visit: … 1,298 more words


Lost in the Information Jungle

Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen

Unfortunately, there are many myths in the teaching and learning space that are as ill-founded as they are stubborn. In the context of the so-called iPad schools, one of these myths is that learners can identify their own learning needs and regulate their own learning processes. 1,260 more words

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Self-Regulation and the Mind-Up Curriculum

Part of our teaching about self-regulation has been to help the children to understand the connection between what is happening in their brain, and the choices they make as a result of their emotions and how they are feeling.   901 more words


The Learning Commons and Self-Regulation

I have been reading Stuart Shankers amazing book entitled Calm, Alert, and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation.

As I am reading Stuart Shankers amazing book, I am starting to think of the Learning Commons with an added lens of how to help students also self-regulate.  614 more words

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