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Teaching Self Regulation

If a child’s behavior is the visible part of the iceberg, self regulation is the 90 percent that is below the surface. On a basic level, it includes emotional literacy, calibration (responding in proportion), and self control, both with respect to inhibiting impulses and directing attention. 637 more words

Parenting Toolkit

Lemonade Hurricane

I personally have ADHD, so does my brother and my father. One of the hardest things before I was medicated was bringing focus and silence into my world. 121 more words


Getting Started by Steely Springham

Goal is set!

You boldly decide to start something new!

You heart beats intensely, your breath quickens and you are reeling in the excitement.

It is such a great idea that generates endless possibilities in your mind that you are overtaken at the prospect. 935 more words

Creating Your Own Reality

Beyond marshmallows - resisting Mr. Clown Box!

The first time I recall hearing about the “marshmallow test” was on an episode of “This American Life”, in 2012 (“Back to School”),  featuring… 1,567 more words


I Believe in You

“I Believe in You!” This is the mantra of my daughter. To my chagrin in secondary school, she joined the Cheer Squad at Charles Best Secondary School. 657 more words

Nurturing Relationships

Ahn's Anger

Anger is one of the hardest emotions for children to learn to control. ‘Ahn’s Anger’ is a wonderful resource to use with the younger years to encourage them to sit with their anger. 356 more words


Allowing Children to Feel, Self-regulation and Hearing What They Have to Say.

I have already had a little bit of a blow out regarding this topic, but let’s face it, it is a topic we need to talk about. 633 more words