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Oh yeah...*this* place

We are five weeks into Little Man’s school year. I’m afraid to type this out loud, but it’s been quiet. Eerily quiet. I realized I’m not walking around with my phone in my hand, jumping every single time it rings or pings with an email.   355 more words


the unfair game

Objects used and their properties:

  • List of questions for facilitator
  • Squares with the numbers 1-20 written on them
  • Tape to hang up paper squares on wall…
  • 40 more words

Attachment Theory

It has been known for many decades now just how important attachment is for the building of a healthy stress regulation system. Children who have secure attachments will be more emotionally resilient, be more able to make positive relationships, more able to develop empathy and more able to recover from life’s challenges and difficulties. 201 more words

Emotional Development

Time Out For Self-Regulation, Not Punishment

In the heat of the moment, when those “terrible two’s” begin to take hold of your child for the first time, it can be really hard to recognize what is actually happening versus what it “feels” like is happening. 835 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Interoception and the Body Chart Checklist

I read an article written by an OT named Kelly Mahler in OT Advance (Interoception: The Eight Sensory System, June 2016, Vol. 32 No. 6) about a newly recognized 8th sense of the body that could be responsible for our capability to handle the sensations of the inner world of our bodies. 656 more words

Occupational Therapy

Mindfulness and poop - yes, that's the title

Warning – the following blog post contains strong language. Reader discretion is advised. These thoughts are my own and do not represent anyone or anything at all. 630 more words

Toddler Attachment

As a reminder, whenever I am talking about “attachment” I am not talking about “attachment parenting” or bonding with your child. I am talking about the unspoken and mostly unconscious relationship that builds between child and their caregivers that will influence the rest of their relationships for the rest of their lives. 542 more words