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Smoother Sailing

An English officer is conducting an exam interview with a candidate for the Royal Navy.

Examiner: “Suppose you’re the captain of a tall ship and the wind is blowing you towards the rocks. 434 more words

July 2015: How Happy Relationships Help With Goal Achievement

When I refer to balance, I don’t mean that every area of life is equally balanced. That is not realistic. If we are pursuing a specific goal, it is a given that there will be an increased emphasis on the particular area that is the goal, which naturally leaves a decrease in focus on one or more other areas. 628 more words


Seven Ways to Assist A Struggling Learner (Without Increasing Your Workload)

Thanks to Richard Whitehead for sharing these simple strategies. Please feel free to share.


Seven Ways To Assist A Struggling Learner (Without Increasing Your Workload)

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Dyslexia Resources

Thank Goodness for Chocolate??!

Back in my early days of learning Somatic Experiencing, I was also just starting to help my own nervous system. During that time, I actually became more over-sensitive to sounds, light and crowds. 753 more words


5 tops tips to create safety and resilience in the body: working with the social engagement system

Creating safety and resilience in the body

by developing a healthy social engagement system

with 5 top tips to practice

My heart pounded, sweat dripped into my already sticky palms, my face felt on fire. 799 more words

The Gift of a Good Start

When browsing through TED talks related to child development and parenting, one may not expect to find a speech given by Colin Powell, but here it is.   278 more words

Child Rearing

Provoking The World

One of the trends from Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Globalization makes the world more uniform; stand up for yourself in such a world is difficult because big organizations are in power. 420 more words