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Our Minds Change Our Bodies. Our Bodies Change Our Minds by Jane Fuller

“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – Buddha

I was invited to hear social psychologist Professor Amy Cuddy…

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Creating Your Own Reality

What a joke! Once again gambling giants and TV executives are trying to tell the public that they will police content on commercial TV.
I believe that it was in the ‘60s Commercial TV was regulated and allowed limited advertising in breaks in programmes. 93 more words


Connecting to the Right Friends by Dr. Jacinta M. Mpalyenkana

As a teenager, connecting to the right friends was one of my biggest challenges.

I grew up with my mom in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, and my mom was very strict about how we chose friends since most of our neighbor’s teenagers had become pregnant, escaped from their homes and/or got involved in other inappropriate activities. 639 more words


“Party like it’s payday!” urges Diageo Australia (before your welfare cheque runs out?)

It looks like Diageo Australia is at it again.

No, this time they’re not advertising Bundy Rum to a 3 year old.

Instead, they’re urging Western Australians to “ 766 more words

Emotional Detectives

Adults who work with children are generally perceived to be warm, nurturing, and tend to usually be great with children. They spend countless hours outside the classroom working, and their summers taking professional development classes that are required of their school districts. 369 more words


An Argument for Responsible Regulation Using… Burrito Delivery Drones

Despite my hardened optimism, and boundless faith in humanity, I believe there are times when we need to put measures in place to protect ourselves from ourselves. 614 more words