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Does government suspending Costco’s fish import license make us safer?

Full disclosure: I am a Costco fan, and I particularly like buying wild-caught fish there because it is always fresh and a good value. A brief news article in the Financial Post (FP) recently caught my eye: “Food safety watchdog suspends Costco Canada’s fish import licence.” According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Costco is not consistent in following food safety controls set by the regulator—a horror of horrors—and therefore Costco’s import license was suspended at the end of February. 668 more words




Providing psychosocial support to syrian women and children refugees in Istanbul

Project description

After difficult situations people need to find stabilization, both mentally and phisically. 411 more words


Dangerous trains, aging rails, what could possibly go wrong?

A CSX freight train ran off the rails last month in rural Mount Carbon, W.Va. One after another, exploding rail cars sent hellish fireballs hundreds of feet into the clear winter sky.

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Early Years Toolkit - Supporting Childrens' Development

Research is out to show that if a parent reads to their child then this can have a dramatic and life long impact. If you imagine that around five months of development can be achieved through specific and identified parent interventions. 405 more words


Educators are constantly told that they should not stereotype students. In most ways, I agree. However, I think there are some behavioral stereotypes that are pretty on-the-money. 272 more words

Justice Douglas' Shotgun

One of the first commissioners of the SEC was William O. Douglas.  Douglas was a proponent of self-regulation, which is a central feature of the financial industry to this day.  256 more words

You have been using imagery your entire life but you did not even realize it!

By Nurwina Anuar

Have you ever lost your car key? To find them, you might have thought back to the last place and time you held them in your hands, mentally retracing your steps.   880 more words