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Yoga in the Classroom (Morning Meeting)

Too often students are required to sit for long periods of time at school. This can occur due to a variety of circumstances: lack of outside time, lack of physical education resources, testing, the curriculum, the district, etc. 537 more words


From Chaos to Calm - Part 1: Creating a Container

In my last post, I talked about how increased regulation in my nervous system was a key factor in some really big changes for me. I mentioned that it helped me stop relying on sugar, but it also was part of reducing fatigue, anxiety and depression. 320 more words


Rainy Day

These days
I beg for a rainy day
So I can stay inside
And not feel obligated
To please anyone
But virtual people.
The worse they can do… 15 more words


Kick off a self-regulated month

Hi guys,

After more than a thousand km of travelling on one of my most exciting road trip, I have finally relocated in Melbourne. Now Adelaide was something close to my heart, but far in distance. 315 more words

In English

Best Collaboration Ever, Part 3

Yes, magic. 

While we figured out how to get Aunt Sally ‘dressed’ (threaded), we busied ourselves with other necessary work.

Remember the sheets I mentioned earlier?   1,015 more words

Fanta ad falls flat before the Advertising Standards Board

Coca-Cola has been forced to remove advertisements for Fanta after the Advertising Standards Board found that the promotions breached the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative, a voluntary code on responsible food marketing to children. 525 more words


Play and the Brain

Did you know that play is basic for survival and that play has a biological function just like sleeping and dreaming?  So says Dr. Stuart Brown, director of the National Institute of Play in a TED Talk he presented in 2008.   695 more words

TED Talk Tuesday