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Super Stretch Yoga

Move, play and breathe as Super Stretch introduces you to his friends and their yoga poses. Super Stretch is your guide who takes you on your journey. 103 more words


The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation (www.zonesofregulation.com) is a framework for thinking as well as a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their behaviors, including the management of their emotions and level of alertness. 121 more words


Learning How to Self-Regulate

More than ever, I am seeing and feeling a need for understanding and improving self-regulation among myself and, in turn, my students. When I think about how I react in certain situations or to specific triggers, I often find that my emotions get the better of me.   451 more words


The Big Science Fair

I went to the big science fair tonight at my school. I had a lot of fun. Danny is going to post my latest video on youtube. 571 more words

Down Syndrome

It's All About Attitude- Changing Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

How ’bout those Panthers? Our Social Thinking® groups are so excited about the Carolina Panthers going to Superbowl 50! Cam Newton, the quarterback for the Panthers, took center stage this week as we talked about the importance of having a positive attitude. 446 more words

Self regulation for would-be terrorists

Found on the net:

It’s the honour code.

If only Airport Security could work that way —

If you are dangerous, 

You must not board


Kids and Stress: Are Kids More "Stressed" Today -- and If So Why?

Every weekday morning, students across the nation arrive at school and file into their classrooms. Most students are ready and prepared to learn, but increasing numbers are reportedly anxious, “stressed-out” and hyperkinetic. 1,038 more words

Student Discipline