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What is Self-Regulation?

We try to shy away from jargon, but when it comes to self-regulation we think that other terms you might hear to describe your child’s behavior are too limiting. 496 more words

The Zones of Regulation

You’ve probably heard it at home by now, that in Kindergarten we’re all about the Zones.

Those zones would be the “Zones of Regulation” from her excellent book, … 903 more words


Self regulation

Hi everyone

I thought some of you may be interested in this review on self regulation. There is good information about what components of any type of program have most evidence of benefit at different ages and stages, as well as what may be missing from some programs. 102 more words



The 2016/2017 school year has begun. Each day, as our students enter the classroom, they find their name rock and let me know how they are feeling by placing it in one of the coloured buckets.   69 more words

Change your thinking.....

Change your mood….change your behavior…..change your thinking.

Mood/emotions, behavior, and thinking are so interconnected that changing one changes the others.  I am always searching for more articles and websites explaining ways that might help with coping with PTSD.  383 more words


What's Going on Inside My Toddler's Brain

Some Brain Development Facts for Parents of Toddlers

Many of the parents I work with wonder “what is happening inside my child’s brain?” Especially when we see behaviors that we simply do not understand – “why are they doing that?” “what were they thinking?” “how do I get them to do what we need to do right now?” After years of studying child development, human development, psychology, social work, and neuroscience, I have come to realize that understanding what happens inside our child’s brain can in fact help us to better understand their behavior and understand their mind. 682 more words