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Eye-brow tweezing’s an
Excercise in self-restraint—
Pull one too many …


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Staying calm in times of tension or stress requires enormous strength. Many, get troubled and react harshly or hastily in disturbing times. Some also think to themselves that they could have been calm but the situation or the person opposite to them needed a harsh reaction. 205 more words


Blog No. 17 - Self-restraint

Whether or not there is ever going to be a xenocide, it cannot be said. What there can be is an extra dose of self-restraint in those that feel they have a bone – or two – yet to pick. 240 more words


Fenc'd no.7

Tho’ bound by boundaries bound by boundaries
‘Tis the warden found within
That keeps us from our freedom
Release the cage key to the wind


Editing Tip #78 - Ditch the Self-Restraint

As writers there will come a time when you’ve amassed as much knowledge as your brain can (currently) handle regarding composition and editing. You’ll find you just need to focus on what it is you love – … 343 more words

M.J. Moores

Lent with Purpose

I was shuffling through old notes and came across some things I wrote down on Ash Wednesday. They provided a good Lenten Pick-Me-(back)-Up.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the Collect at Mass The “Collect,” (in case you, like me, don’t know what the various parts of the Mass are called), is the prayer that the priest says right at the beginning. 335 more words


Huwebes Kasunod ng Miyerkules ng Abo

UNANG PAGBASA – Deuteronomio 30:15-20

“Nasa inyo ngayon ang kapasyahan. Kayo ang pipili ng buhay at kasaganaan o ng kahirapan at kamatayan. Kapag sinunod ninyo ang kautusan, inibig si Yahweh, at nilakaran ang kanyang mga landas, pagpapalain niya kayo sa lupaing ibibigay niya sa inyo. 354 more words

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