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Prayer of the day

Grant, O Lord, that we may begin with holy fasting this campaign of Christian service, so that, as we take up battle against spiritual evils, we may be armed with weapons of self-restraint. 27 more words


What it means to Fast on Ash Wednesday

Disclaimer: There is nothing new here; just an echo of what I have read, heard, and lived as a practicing adult Catholic since 2011.

Today is Ash Wednesday, a day of imposing ashes on our foreheads and a day of fasting. 264 more words

The Daily Post


Fifty years ago, I was the manager of a country grain elevator in a small Saskatchewan town. It was  a very small town, the only businesses were two grain elevators, two service stations, and a small building containing the town’s café, general store and post office. 379 more words

Faith And Life

Helping yourself too much

Hey Jetsons fans. Remember the episode where Elroy gets a movie gig.

Well, if you don’t, here’s how it goes. Elroy gets chosen for a movie part, and papa George is hanging around the set all day trying to help out his son, the director and anybody else who happens to be around. 555 more words

Lyme Disease

You Do Not Get To Control How Someone Feels

The First Amendment seems to be the front-runner for many discussions nowadays. Freedom of press, religion, speech, assembly, and petition are really important, don’t get me wrong. 1,130 more words


Supreme Conqueror

I have tamed the beast,
I have tamed the beast within;
– supreme conqueror.

@StevieStreets | Supreme Conqueror


The Locus of Civilization

The longer civilization exists, the more it hates itself.

Humans shift from heralding the rise of our species from out the depths of barbarism into an equally self destructive mass of devourers, so unhappy from the wealth of their efforts they twist value into something worth blaming for their misery. 961 more words