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Boom. $100. One store. One swipe.

Does that header make you freak out a bit? This isn’t true about Kate. She isn’t that bad but there are girls and guys that are pretty scary when it comes to impulse buys. 675 more words


Delayed Gratification

Ideally, remain sexually moral and wed while both remain virgins. The monogamous, self-disciplined, and delayed gratifying practice can create long satisfying marriages. Don’t sell yourself short by living a passive and lenient custom by giving your beautiful and invaluable self away freely or hastily without divine mutual harmonious commitment. 101 more words

You Are Not Your Mistakes

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes” (Warren Buffet). We will not live long enough to make every mishap available, while experiencing myriads of negative consequences is unnecessary. 109 more words

Moderately Speaking

Moderately Speaking

Here’s to responsibility, twice a week.’”
Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Saga

A lack of restraint, self-control, balance, mildness, sobriety and in measure are phrases, terms and words that have been used and thrown against me for as far back as l can recall. 1,191 more words


Don't be "goin' it alone"

One of the ways the world pulls us down the wrong path is by telling us that we have to “stand on our own two feet,” “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps,” and do things “my way.” My way is not God’s way. 340 more words


After reading Lionel Trilling’s excellent essay insisting that Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park oughtn’t to be dismissed as her weakest novel I was inspired to visit the novel again. 884 more words

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