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Riding Fence Lines: Boundary Management

As a kid, I was often attracted to Westerns. There was something about cowboys riding the fence line that fascinated me.

Sitting solo in the saddle for days on end, slowly, carefully, inspecting the condition of the fence, and observing subtle signs of activity that crossed the line—It took a special ranch hand who could interpret and do something about what others often missed. 1,014 more words


Mutual Toleration

Mutual toleration is a term that I didn’t know existed but it does almost perfectly describe the current political problems.

President Trump hasn’t destroyed the republic.

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We could drink more?


Self Restraint.

There is one pretty obvious observation about myself that both hinders and propels me forward, my strongmindedness. Some people in my life also call it stubbornness but     Po-tay-to po-tah-to, am I right? 297 more words

Exercising Self-Restraint

Again I was tempted when the Current Occupant talked about being a “Stable Genius.” I had found all these pictures of people shoveling horseshit in stables and was about to post them, indicating what type of “Stable Genius” I thought he was. 85 more words


YAMA - Self Restraint.

I have been doing my reading for the yoga teacher training this week and that has involved really reading around and understanding the eight limbs of yoga. 873 more words