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Dead by Heart - Poem

Go deep inside your mind

And let it be empty

Find your own answers

Your goal is set

You know what needs to be done… 54 more words


Civility and Restraint on Social Media

After bearing the burden for a month, I am getting this thought off my chest now.

Anyone else thinks we are becoming more hostile towards each other due to this increasing culture of chats, watsapp and texts, which is limiting (or rather putting an end to) face-to-face conversations unless absolutely necessary? 618 more words


How to Face Temptations? 

Believe me. No one is exempted. Even Jesus was tempted.

Whenever and wherever, temptations come anytime in any forms.

If you want to stay free from an affair and keep the purity of your marriage covenant, you can have a nonjudgmental and proactive approach in dealing with temptations. 441 more words

Personal Discipline

Remember, you are dust. And that's okay

Welcome to Lent! Today begins our annual 40 day visit to the strange land called “Self Restraint.” Say goodbye to chocolates, sweets, coffee, alcohol, sex, TV, cursing or whatever earthly indulgence you’ve decided to set aside until Easter. 292 more words


Uneasy Civilization

In 1929 Sigmund Freud wrote his famous and truly remarkable book Civilization and Its Discontents. The latter term, in German, is “Unbehagen,” which means, literally, “uneasiness.” In any event, Freud pointed out that civilization is bought at a price. 722 more words

Hugh's Blogs

Editing: realization 9

Editing is something that I did constantly when I used to be an editor-in-chief of an online food publication, especially when I was working my way up the ranks. 424 more words


Before you "Hit the send button"

One of my New Year wishes is to live with less regret. One small step for all of us is to practice self-restraint. Seldom are our first words our best…and thanks to social media, a whole nation is “shooting from the hip.” Thinking about what we say and how it affects others is an act of character and kindness. 49 more words

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