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How what we know holds us back

It might just be that what we know is holding us back. This doesn’t sound right, does it? The conventional wisdom is that the more you know the better off you are. 418 more words

My Thoughts

Love Is The Easiest, Hardest Thing

Well, true to my introverted nature, I had a few months of pondering life before I could write about it again.

Let me fill you in: 805 more words


Crude Judgement

Lately my husband has been apologizing; to anyone but me, about his behavior. Like saying it’s okay to kill Christians, etc. He’s nicer to the kids……. 154 more words


Morning Mercies in the Word

I am increasingly appreciative of the Word. It has a way of speaking by the Holy Spirit that nothing else can do. I don’t know about you but there are a lot of other voices in my head – and the Word of God is able to transcend them and speak with clarity words of correction – words of hope – words of beauty and glory that I would not otherwise hear. 214 more words


The Cross Speaks

Dean Koontz: “Everyone talks about justice, but there can be no justice where there is no truth, and these are times when truth is seldom recognized and often despised.” 1,807 more words


Spiritually Blind & Bewildered

Can you see Me now?

I get the message.

Sometimes I am blind to God’s presence and purpose in my life.

LORD, open our eyes. 96 more words


Browsing the Huffington Post

Right after I look at these photographic portraits which prove that you can be horrifically disfigured and beautiful, I’m going to watch a video of someone beating someone else to death with a hammer. 21 more words

Gratuitous Violence