No Self-Limiting Allowed

I had a spill on my bike last Saturday. The seat post stem freakishly sheared off while I was riding, which in itself wasn’t so bad. 354 more words

Congratulations to Me

Congratulations to Me

What a downpour
What a relief
that I’m not
in my car
stalled out on the flooded highway
Nor walking on the sidewalk… 73 more words


After exhausting every means you can think of to satisfy a loved one without any success, then explore all possible ways to successfully satisfy yourself, after all, you need to be alive to put things right.

Life & Strategy

8 Rules towards Success

  1. Never trust some one who talks to you against someone at their back because the one who can talk behind someone else can talk behind you as well…
  2. 149 more words


waking up with a smile, not only a shiny smile that can light the whole room but a smile that can clearly shows a clear satisfaction deep there inside. 361 more words


Three Ways to Curry Your Enthusiasm ...March 5, 2015

 Jonathots Daily Blog


Enthusiasm is an emotional oxymoron.

To one person’s ear it sounds like a “rah-rah” attitude with very little substance to back up the initial burst of confidence. 401 more words

The Rule Of Three


Patience is a virtue

*At a restaurant seated. A waiter approaches and I place my order. I’d like to be made for the best tasty chicken in the world. 263 more words