From the beginning of human transformation the Mother Nature has worked well on us and still working on us that we have transformed as intelligent to find what already exist in the nature.

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Your failures don't define you..YOU do...

After every failed attempt at doing something, I used to feel like an idiot being served as a joke to the world. It took me long to understand that all the disappointments and struggles of my life, which are more often labelled as failures, do not define me..rather they help me grow. 137 more words

Why I Took The Risk of Loosing a Good Paying Job

I can say that I was already successful. I had a very good paying job, stepped up to a leadership role at a very young age, 6 digits bank savings, multiple travels across the country and so much more. 387 more words


Quote for Today - C.P. Thwing

Quote for Today

Spiritual Decay

“One cause of spiritual death is self-satisfaction. A traveler lost on the prairie, with the snow falling fast and thick, with his blood coursing slowly, feels that sense of ease which the opium-eater knows. 265 more words

Fear Of The Lord

What Influences me?

Yes, I would rather say what influences me instead of saying who influences me. From the time I get up in the morning till the time I step out of the house I make sure I have completed my tasks which I decided I would do everyday. 849 more words


My Eighth Quote

What ever profession you are in just question yourself that,

Are you self satisfied or not?

If answer to it is “Yes”,

Then you will do wonders going forward for sure and it doesn’t matter whether it is small/big task you will feel like you are in heaven. 84 more words