*At a restaurant seated. A waiter approaches and I place my order. I’d like to be made for the best tasty chicken in the world. Another customer walks in and in asks for tea and within a few seconds the tea is ready and I start asking myself “why are they taking so long to prepare my order? 233 more words

Pro Abortion is Really Pro Self

If you enjoy this post, please read through the five listed below in yellow. They continue the thread. And Please pass this on to those you love. 764 more words

Living Our Faith

Statistics and Such

I’m not necessarily OCD about things like SEO, or how many hits I get in a day. Given my mentality and the assorted mental issues that my shrink tells me I suffer from, alongside my own semi-pro assessments of myself, I can’t afford to be. 330 more words

Working Conditions

Stranger (A Winter's Night, Upper East Side)





What sisters do

In the soft

Hectic light

Of the bar’s edge

Coats draped

Constant movement

Drafty door

Shoulders shrugged

Eyes darted… 121 more words


The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups

Somebody put out a loaf of soft, fresh banana bread in the kitchen, which goes perfectly with the Nespresso to get my taste buds tingling.  It’s still there when I go back for a second cup, so I have a tiny bit more. 262 more words