A Journey To Seek Satisfaction

by Mehar-un-nisa

Altaf Hussain, 60, quitted everything in order to become a Lawyer.  To him, it was not merely a passion but a sheer source to satisfy his soul. 731 more words

The Chariot

By now the Fool has become an adult who wields a strong personality and a mastery over himself. Especially because of his last encounter with the… 128 more words

The Looking Glass

The Politics Of Dancing #41: Procrastination: the evil of the century?!?

Procrastination is the word applying to a more or less common tendency which is ours of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus postponing reputedly scheduled things to a later time, and more frequently the extreme limit, when not to never at the end. 499 more words


Ready, set, run!!!!!!!

This past weekend I completed by 7th 1/2 marathon and it may be my last. It was cold, rainy and miserable. By the end of the race there was literally not a dry spot on my body. 475 more words


No Self-Limiting Allowed

I had a spill on my bike last Saturday. The seat post stem freakishly sheared off while I was riding, which in itself wasn’t so bad. 354 more words

Congratulations to Me

Congratulations to Me

What a downpour
What a relief
that I’m not
in my car
stalled out on the flooded highway
Nor walking on the sidewalk… 73 more words


After exhausting every means you can think of to satisfy a loved one without any success, then explore all possible ways to successfully satisfy yourself, after all, you need to be alive to put things right.

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