Do Good Deeds Whether You Do It for Self-Satisfaction

” I did what I thought was good for a man, but I found that he thought of nothing of it. On the contrary, he took advantage of me and used me. 611 more words


Another brick in the wall

Why is it that you search for your own beauty in the eyes of others and why is it that you feel it’s your responsibility to please people? 671 more words

Confronting The Other Woman (G-uno)

Anger is powerful emotion it can turn even the most gentle individual into someone who you do not recognize. Confronting the other woman who happens to be the secretary in your husbands office is without a doubt something that would fall into that category. 423 more words


What are some of your hopes and dreams?

Or have such thoughts become a thing of the past?

When we experience disappointment after raising our hopes about something important to us, it can be hard to hang on to our vision and trust our ability to achieve. 137 more words

My 'A' Game

Be Proud

I think pride is one of the most complex emotions that we humans experience. In the English language, we categorize way too many distinct feelings under the umbrella of pride. 272 more words



The restaurant manager who speaks with poise and grace to the patron complaining loudly about the wait service. The levelheaded friend you call in your greatest times of need. 1,089 more words

Making Judgments: Hurtful or Helpful?

For the past few months, I’ve been practicing non-judgment. It’s alarming to witness just how easily judgment slips into our thoughts and conversations… What someone eats, why they didn’t call, who they spend their time with, why someone is wrong and we are right, why someone writes the blog they do, among many other things. 377 more words

My 'A' Game