Forgiveness: A gift to our own self and a key to move forward in life

Among the whole range of human emotions, forgiveness is one of the most complicated emotions. It is the most misunderstood aspect of a person’s life. Forgiveness is for our own good and not for the other person we are forgiving! 500 more words


Pursuit of Happiness.

During childhood we all have written quite a few essays on what we want to become when we grow up with all the fancy answers like an astronaut being the favourite of all, second came pilot so we could actually fly alongside superman and third came teacher because after all it’s going to be a teacher marking it. 432 more words


Guest Post: I'm A Published Author, But No One In My Family Cares!

Getting published – it is what separates the published book author, novelist, poet, columnist or magazine article writer from the aspiring weekend blogger. It is also that grand and glorious moment when we leap up from our chairs and scream out for the whole world to hear: “I GOT PUBLISHED!” 893 more words


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Writerly Rant #89

Just brush me off & dust me down

I grew up in a dysfunctional family.  Consequently, most things just bounce off me.  Seriously, you could insult me to the core & I wouldn’t take it personally.   471 more words


Relationship with Yourself

There are different kinds of relationships around us. Some are defined by birth and some relationships we choose to make. But one universal rule applies in all relationships and that is the more you want to tighten the grip of your emotional bond to another person, the more that person is tend to leave. 444 more words


Vanity Fair.

I find it ironic that this week a certain male celebrity decided to unveil his newly found sexuality on the cover of a magazine called… 1,223 more words


Blink, and it’s a new world

When we feel overwhelmed with busyness it is usually because all our activities are bleeding into each other. With thoughts of impermanence, they don’t. We can focus on the here and now. 1,401 more words

New Kadampa Tradition