Happy – feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
Happiness – feeling of being happy

These are few of the grammatical explanations or meanings of the above stated word. 1,049 more words


Why I Write

Why do I write? Well, for starters, it’s crucial for my job. I can’t imagine being an ELA (English/Language Arts) teacher and not being a writer any more than I can imagine being an ELA teacher and not being a reader. 1,523 more words

Everyday Life

Opportunities For Stay-At-Home Moms – 3 Legitimate Ways For Stay-At-Home Moms To Make Money

Times are tough! The economy seems to be getting better but at a very slow pace. It’s getting to the point of both dad and mom having to work! 471 more words

Dealing with our demons

Of the three steps to overcoming our delusions taught in the mind-training teachings of Buddhism, the first is recognizing or identifying them. And that means not just intellectually but in our own minds. 800 more words

New Kadampa Tradition

Revelation 3:1-6 -- If we are caught unprepared

The city of Sardis was supposed to be a near impenetrable city. But twice it fell. Why? Because their watchmen were asleep on the job. 612 more words

New Testament

3 Budgeting Tips That Work – How To Budget Like A Pro

You can do a lot more with your finances if you learn how to properly budget and save. You could go from sitting at the house watching television during your paid time off of work to taking a nice vacation with the spouse. 529 more words


When thoughts overflow you and you lack the resources to pen them down is when you face mental abuse at its worst. Not that anyone has stopped you from writing, but that you have stopped yourself. 388 more words