What Influences me?

Yes, I would rather say what influences me instead of saying who influences me. From the time I get up in the morning till the time I step out of the house I make sure I have completed my tasks which I decided I would do everyday. 849 more words


My Eighth Quote

What ever profession you are in just question yourself that,

Are you self satisfied or not?

If answer to it is “Yes”,

Then you will do wonders going forward for sure and it doesn’t matter whether it is small/big task you will feel like you are in heaven. 84 more words



His eyes give her the sparkling feelings of sapphire. Yes sapphire, the only appropriate term which can satisfy her desire with fire. The depth of his crystal blue clumsy eyeballs with the magic touch of divine color frequencies satisfy her. 958 more words


Do Not Hurt Your Inner God Because of Your Transient Feeling

While I’m talking with someone or see people in town, I see their Inner Gods. When I meet someone with an offensive attitude, for example, I talk to him as if I were talking with his Inner God. 404 more words

Inner God

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• 28 Days of Healthy Focus! 38 more words

Sending Yourself A Postcard: 22/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

While I was in Denmark, one of the girls I met told me that every time she goes somewhere new, she sends herself a postcard. I admit that I laughed at the idea at first, I thought it was just a cheesy way of giving yourself mail. 336 more words

Can you remind me what music I like? (Thanks.)