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Take a deep breath and let things go

Have you ever been thinking too much that you can not even be able to put those thoughts into words? It is just like you are drowning into the deep water where there is no way out at all. 973 more words

Self Stories

Hello, whoever you are

You can call me E or E. ;)

Let me introduce myself like a good kid.

I am from Indonesia and a fresh-grad, currently have a job as Branch Office Manager. 163 more words


Weekly Wisdom - Brene Brown, Brave, and Trust

I am issuing myself a personal challenge. Every week, I would like to share a bit of wisdom that I come across and how I’ve seen that wisdom enacted in my own life, or how I’d like to incorporate it going forward. 2,501 more words

Self Stories

It's me again!

I don’t know where to start as this is just a very random blog, just an attempt of trying to understand my true self.

If I have to genuinely be honest with myself, I gotta admit that I always blow hot and cold about things. 1,650 more words

Self Stories

Body Talk

Hey little fat roll
Yes, you
the one that rides just below my waist
and just above my hips.
Hi there.

I’m always trying to make you disappear, 295 more words


A little weird me

Hurrayyyy!! My very first blog!!!

Remember I used to be a writer back then when I was still in secondary and high school lol, I used to write a lot (maybe too much) that I got scolded by teachers for being neglected during classes. 537 more words

Self Stories

Mosquito Bites - Spike Warning, Abuse Narrative

What do I remember about my transition into womanhood?

In many ways, I feel like I am still in transition. The vast majority of the time, I feel like a child – sexless, small, confused, looking to role models for guidance and support and validation.   1,145 more words

Self Stories