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WIP Wednesday - No Mods

After last week and the hat a day pace, I’m ready for some completely mindless knitting.  Hello Hitchhiker!!

A self striping sock yarn means I’m not even doing any modifications!   37 more words


It's Not Like I'm Obsessed!

I think I’m knitting the second sock so much faster than I knit the first sock. It is just so pleasant to knit and is zooming by so quickly. 231 more words

Today on My Needles

If you have been paying attention to my Twitter and my Instagram feeds, then you will already know that I have received my Signature Needle DPNs. 151 more words

Self-Striping Magic

Self-striping yarn amazes me. Actually, the dyers who create self-striping yarn amaze me. How do they do that? How do they figure out how much yarn to dye in each color, and, more importantly, how do they actually dye it? 211 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

Watermelon Socks

When I saw Havirland’s “Sour Watermelon Sharks” self-striping yarn in her Etsy shop, I pretty much dumped it in my cart and checked out immediately. 168 more words


What's on the Needles Now?

For the past couple of weeks, I have had a few projects in the works that were sort of black holes of knitting efforts.  I knit and knit and knit and knit, and there didn’t seem to be any less yarn, and I was still nowhere close to done.   272 more words


Some Easy Knitting

To be completely honest with everyone, I am a little sad that I am having trouble casting on my cabled vest. Between being slightly intimidated by a larger project (even though socks and vests have roughly the same amount of stitches) and not being able to control the tension of my cable cast on, things did not go well with it yesterday. 374 more words