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Making Homemade Celery Powder

So the other day I made a video for my youtube channel of how I make my celery powder.  I thought I’d put it up here as well. 39 more words


ELDERBERRIES: Multipurpose fruit©

In 1656 William Coles documented the belief that gathering the leaves of elder on the last day of April and attaching them to one’s doors and windows would, “disappoint the charmes of Witches”.  1,338 more words

19th Century Food

Soap Fit for a Queen©

Soap is a necessary item for our comfort and health yet it rarely receives notice or praise.  When made for a Queen, however, it is quite another matter.  464 more words

Reclaiming Neglected Grape Vines©

We inherited a row of grape vines when we bought our little farm and this year they have rewarded our efforts at reclaiming them with sweet purple grapes.  995 more words

When is a Bean not a Bean?

My uncle was a good country gentleman, a veteran of WWII, and what one might call a gentle giant in that he was generally quiet but when he did speak it was worth listening to.  551 more words

What to do With Loads of Summer Squash©

I have been blessed with an abundance of yellow squash this year and yet I hold my breath for fear insects will destroy my vines and my crop along with it.  821 more words

19th Century Food

Got Tomatoes? Make Preserves©

Photo (public domain) from Wikipedia, melba toast, goat cheese, and tomato preserves

I have 60 tomato plants out this year in three varieties – Big Boy, Better Boy, and Atkinson – so unless the horn worms find them or in spite of regular watering the drought and blistering sun render them incapable of setting fruit I should have enough to preserve.  909 more words

19th Century Food