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The Celebrated Bremen Geese of Ten Hills Farm©

Researching who was “the” first to introduce something to North America is a very laborious process, and one for which there is sometimes no definitive answer.  3,318 more words

19th Century Food

Nutrition Through the Years©

Fresh plantain harvested from the author’s yard and flavored with ham

Americans have grown fat and lazy in recent generations, many living off processed food that is high in calories while providing little nutrition.  689 more words

19th Century Food


Plucking poultry is a slow job for me compared to the efficiency of farm folk a century or more ago so today I will share a few thoughts on what many will find a repulsive practice.  665 more words

19th Century Food


“In green-up time our fathers go afield

To plow the stubborn slopes their fathers plowed

Planting in green-up time gives greater yield

They work in sun beneath the wind and cloud. 783 more words

19th Century Food

Merry Christmas and God Bless

No, these guys aren’t coming to dinner, however, one of their duck friends won’t be so lucky.  Having just returned from a trip to Pennsylvania visiting relatives and antique shopping, I chose not to take the time to kill, pluck, and roast a bird, but to make a simple Colonial era meal much as any woman might have made 200 years ago.  191 more words

19th Century Food


The reader may well ask what a dovecot is since this structure is rarely seen today although it served an important purpose in times past.  They were intended to house the dovecot pigeon which when delicately prepared graced many a serving platter.  770 more words

19th Century Food

Between the lines

By far the most exciting thing to happen to me in the middle of a rainy and slightly frustrating week was the publication of my new book. 775 more words

Kitchen Garden