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Self-sufficiency: Solving problems with your brain rather than your wallet

I was invited to a lunchtime presentation about twelve months ago by IBISWorld that, while reasonably technical, I believe has a lot of relevance for any aspiring early retiree. 979 more words

Personal Finance

Self Sufficiency and Well Being

This article makes some nice points on the positive sides to self-sufficiency. Many that I don’t focus on much. My mind tends to spend more time on the “freedom” aspect of self sufficiency. 50 more words

Self Sufficiency

The Cradle of Life

There comes a point in your life, an epiphany if you will, that life is too short to waste eight hours of your day (the best eight hours of your day), doing something that is less than satisfactory.   318 more words

Homestead Living


One of the projects we worked on last week was our compost bays. Last year we had a pile in the back of our garden that was an untamed mess. 266 more words

Urban Farm

Perth Urban Farming off to a fine start...

About 20 days ago I decided to finally launch what I have called the Perth Urban Farming Project and it is off to a good start despite me spending 14 of those 20 days on holiday with friends in another state with limited internet access. 307 more words


Homestead Goals 2015

Purpose is what gives life a meaning.
~C. H. Parkhurst

A Productive Home

I have always been a goal-oriented person. Even in elementary school, I would set goals for myself, and put them into writing. 540 more words

Simple Living

A Self-Sufficient Thanksgiving

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when almost everything on the table is something you grew and canned for yourself.

I felt immense satisfaction knowing exactly how my turkey lived, was fed only organic feed and organic vegetables and fruits that I’d grown myself, and died in a humane manner at my husband’s hand. 251 more words