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Spring on the farm

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently…  I have been incredibly busy and haven’t had any spare time.   Spring time is always so beautiful and exciting with so much new life… 21 more words

Self Sufficiency

We interrupt this tour of Guernsey with an announcement...

A little interlude from my tour around the Garden Isle, as I have a little news I wanted to share…

Our first arrival came along on Friday afternoon. 426 more words

Self Sufficiency

It's a boy!

Oh dear.

One of my girls has turned into a boy.

I’m talking hens: or rather, in this case, cockerels. This spring I had a slightly chaotic little spate of broody hens and just sort of left two of them on a couple of clutches of eggs. 479 more words

Self Sufficiency

In Search of the Shakebag Fowl

Malays Fowls by Jean Bungartz for ‘Geflügel-Album’, 1885

In studying chickens one cannot merely search for the modern name of the chicken to know what early sorts were like as names sometimes came about after a group of fowl were improved upon enough to merit some distinction.  907 more words

Historic Food

More on the Dominique©

Illustrations:  Period illustrations of the Dominique rooster and the markings in a single feather.

While the Dominique chicken is universally recognized as perhaps the oldest breed in America there are few written references using the name “Dominique” that can be found in the usual pre-19th century sources.  865 more words

American Dominiques as I Know Them©

Dominiques were brought to America early on and though they once faced extinction have recovered.  They will be my next acquisition for the poultry yard we call home.   499 more words

Historic Food