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Cradle of Life

There comes a point in your life, an epiphany if you will, that life is too short to waste eight hours of your day (the best eight hours of your day), doing something that is less than satisfactory.   318 more words

Homestead Living

Lessons from our ancestors

I’m watching the BBC series Tales from the Green Valley, which follows a group of historians as they recreate life on a British farm in the 17th century.  372 more words

Self Sufficiency

How To Commit Nutritional Anarchy! Resistance Through Food Self-Sufficiency

By Daisy Luther, Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

Once upon a time, if we felt we needed to, we could go to the pharmacy or department store, select a bottle of vitamins, and feel pretty confident about the actual contents of the bottles. 867 more words


A Shift Has Taken Place

Spring is in the air, and together with beautiful Daffodils it brings new beginnings and new life. After a very long break from this blog, I am happy to announce N.A.E. 154 more words

New Age Earthlings

Starting the Garden - Till or No Till?


The wind whipped my hair wildly about. Sounds were quickly carried away. Despite the constant blowing wind, the day was warm, the sun penetrating, the sky a bright, clear blue . 567 more words

Simple Living

Weekend Book Review: Homegrown and Handmade A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living

This was a fun book to read! At first I was skeptical and wondered if I had made a mistake purchasing this book. The first chapters didn’t offer much specific information and seemed superficial. 594 more words

Simple Living