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Winter projects

In the spring, I’ll be doing the usual preparation work before écovallée opens, and I have to finish the road to the car park some time before then. 261 more words


I stumbled on these photos as I was going through my archives. For some reason they amuse me – I can think of twenty good captions for each of them. 92 more words

Subdivision Survival Goals for the winter

* Each of one these goals will be developed into a full blog post in the near future, I just wanted to share a few of the important things that we are working towards here in the subdivision… 491 more words

Backyard Rabbits

Clearing the Poly tunnel out for Winter

We ran a very low key growing plan in the poly this year – choosing to weed membrane most of the beds as an anti weed strategy. 188 more words

Self Sufficiency

10 Reasons You're Told To Avoid Unmonetized Work.

Many people are unhappy to do unmonetized work. And that’s fine. It’s your choice to only do work you’re paid for and to pay others to do your unpaid work. 895 more words


Onions -still going on about them....

So I’ve gone from trying to work out if I could grow enough Onions each week to support myself to realising that our climate does not support all year growing. 236 more words

Self Sufficiency