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Sowing the seeds...

Well, gathering them if you really want to get pedantic… It’s been a glorious week back in the garden. Filthy hands, knees, face – a growing collection of scrapes and bruises to be nurtured and the most perfect of weather for harvesting…My mental health can but profitĀ ! 798 more words

Glorious Grub

Decorating the Yard for Halloween

We took a few minutesĀ this week to make our pole barn driveway a bit more welcoming for friends and family. We put out our painted scarecrow to give our yard a bid of seasonal piazza. 71 more words

Small House Homestead

Monday Knitting

I woke up Monday morning around 7, and started the coffee. I watched a little news until MrB woke up about 8. He ate oatmeal and I had cheesy grits. 385 more words


What to grow in cold/cooler areas:

Cold hardy/frost tolerant vegetables for cold seasons anywhere Deep South:
NOTE: Some of these only like to be grown in the frost, others will just tolerate it. 618 more words


How it all started - No.1:

We wanted to be self-sufficient and had a 1/4 acre. People said it could not be done, I disagreed! I have never been one to tolerate “you can’t do that”. 485 more words


5 Things to Consider Before Recycling Your Household Water

In order to make our little venture economically viable, we have to try to be sustainable with our resources. At some time in the future we will be looking at solar and wind power. 639 more words


Saturday Review

I woke up at about 5:15 Saturday morning, and began my day with coffee. MrB left for work not long after I woke up. He took left over stir fry with him for his lunch. 553 more words