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God is Self-Existent {Attributes of God - Part 3}

All creation owes its existence to God. But… What about God?

“Who made God?”

The answer to that question isn’t so complicated. It’s simply: “No one… God has always been and will always be!” 449 more words

Attributes Of God Study

Lessons Learned from an Old Crusty Guy at the Walmarts

I went to the Walmarts the other day. I had finished my shopping, gone through the check-out line and had a basket full of groceries. I sat down on one of the metal mesh benches they have at the entry to the Walmarts. 1,384 more words

Daily Life

The solution is within you...

Recently I read an article which had a line in it that really stuck with me – “The solution is within you.” I wish I could remember exactly where I read it and who wrote the article so I could share it with you… I vaguely remember a friend sharing it on social media but cannot seem to locate it. 1,522 more words

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Janet's Soapbox-Littlecrow Trading Post

Janet Honey you have the floor  *Steps away slowly :) *




Indians are also known as Native Americans & First Americans in the United States.

1,537 more words

around the garden in May

some of you may remember my post about garlic. I’d collected seed three years ago and every year since have been growing garlic from that seed, it started tiny, got a little bigger and this year I actually have some useable sizes, I graded them into large, medium and small, 515 more words


Of Bees & Apple Blossoms

Bees amaze me. The amount of work they do is incredible. I keep some chilli plants in my sun room. I recently read that when keeping fruiting plants indoors where there are no bees you need to cross-pollinate the flowers yourself by gently sticking the tip of your finger into each flower in turn. 128 more words

Put the Kettle on ... Part 2

The easiest jam you’ll ever make. And probably the fastest.

Had to share the smart part of the process. It’s so colourful. In yesterday’s post… 187 more words

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