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Local Library Book and Seed Haul

Earlier this week I signed up to our local library. I have to say that after having kids, I have recovered a love for public libraries. 728 more words


Wool Dryer Balls

This week in our Product Spotlight, I am going to discuss our wool dryer balls. These are very popular! They are made with the wool from our sheep, the wool is sent out to be made into these very tight tennis ball size dryer balls. 621 more words


Treadle Sewing Machine

Some how my electric sewing machine got bumped during our move and ultimately isn’t working. The repair shop said it the part was more expensive than the machine, so they basically refused to fix it. 97 more words


Yoga for all

This quick 6 minute flow is ideal for everyone that needs a little stretch in between life’s hectic scheduling. Hope you enjoy the natural flow and if you love our videos Subscribe to our youtube channel or become an *Exclusive member of the Yoga Hippies community at  27 more words

Self Sufficiency.

It happens for a reason..or does it?

Anybody out there buy that old “happens for a reason”? Take today. I get up feeling like crap…dizzy, light headed, like I want to cry..again, like everyday. 467 more words

Zucchini-ful Muffins

Our zucchini harvest last summer was insane and Fabien is in part to thank (blame??) for it!  422 more words

Farm Life

Glad this week is over

Actually the last 2 weeks have been something to leave behind. Since the snow storm I have been pretty much sicker than a dog. Shortness of breath, never ending  sinus drainage, nauseous 24/7, and exhausted like nothing I can remember in the recent history. 402 more words