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3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse [Recipe]

When trying to live self-sufficiently it is important to make good use of ingredients and not let anything go to waste. I make a jar of mayonnaise about once a fortnight. 684 more words

Easy Peasy Water Conservation

I have been reading a lot about the wide spread drought lately.  Oklahoma has been hit hard as have many other states, most notably, California.  Experts are predicting that California will be out of water in 12-24 months unless something is done.  267 more words


Wilder Child

Laura Ingalls Wilder really messed with my head.

Growing up, her stories were endlessly fascinating to me. Descriptions of things like headcheese would send my mind racing. 855 more words


Why save seeds?

If you feel like it watch the above short film, beautifully shot and explained, which gives a bit of background behind my forthcoming waffle.

What is the point in saving your own seeds when you can buy them? 1,022 more words

The agreement of Anxiety and Over-Confidence – Self Sufficiency

It’s quite easy to quickly judge that the far opposite of anxiety is a good. That is, it is squirmy easy to say “Don’t be anxious”, but if you are not anxious you are What? 1,026 more words


First Goals

One of my first goals for this Spring on my “becoming self sufficient” list was to make a rain barrel.  I planned on building one myself, not knowing how mainstream these things were.   99 more words


Grow some food!

On this beautiful spring day I want to encourage everyone to try their hand at gardening. Whether you have a huge piece of rural land, a suburban yard, or a tiny porch in the city, you can grow some food. 623 more words