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5 Ways to Put Away Food for the Winter

It’s mid-July and the garden at the Williams Street Farmhouse is overflowing with vegetables and berries.  Although it feels like summer has just begun, this is the time we normally start putting things away for the winter.   597 more words

Farewell, Flower Gardens: Part One

To all those flower lovers out there, I warn you, turn away. This is not a post for those who dream of well cultivated, picturesque flower gardens where flowers always bloom and vases sit upon the window sill, full of the latest cuttings. 554 more words


An Abundance of Organic Blueberries

A heartfelt thank you goes out to my friend and fellow foodie, Elaine Herbert of Yelton Manor Guest House www.yeltonmanor.com/ for ordering me 30 lbs. of organic blueberries this season. 236 more words


One Home, One Garden

“The Government had a plan like this, but it failed,”  Ntombenhle tells me. “One Home, One Garden won’t fail in Mpophomeni,” she adds determinedly.  It certainly won’t if Ntombenhle has anything to do with it! 1,057 more words


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community and permaculture should go hand in hand every little helps

Chicken Coop Plans and Chickens

Hey Everyone!

So I have decided on the coop I’m going to build. One of my readers mentioned using pallets, for some reason….that had not crossed my mind. 874 more words


Tomato ketchup from courgettes, yeah right!

I didn’t mention in my last post that we (Gosia) cooked up the first batch of tomato ketchup. Her mum stumbled across the recipe about three years ago and sales of tomato sauce have taken a serious hit in the village ever since, some shops see no reason to stock it all! 322 more words

Self Sufficiency

Goat keeping

We’ve seen my sheep on this blog but I have also been a goat keeper. In those heady days of the 1980s when self-sufficiency was all the rage, we kept goats to provide us with milk. 287 more words

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