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Self Tanning Face Mask?!

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Yes.. You read that right. A self tanning face mask has finally been brought to us beauty lovers.

While I have not been a self tanning lover for long, in the last few months I have jumped on the bandwagon and have become quickly hooked. 669 more words


IPSY Glam Bag Review: June 2017

        It’s that time of the month…you know…when you get your…IPSY GLAM BAG!!!! Woot woot!!! That shiny magenta bubble wrap packaging sends me over the moon with excitement – it’s like a childhood memory but with a totally posh twist thanks to the colour and shininess of it. 1,045 more words


7 Best Under-$20 Drugstore Self-Tanners That Won’t Streak

Just in case your dermatologist, mom, or like, anyone with basic UV-ray knowledge hasn’t lectured you enough, we’re about to be real honest with you: Even after you’ve found… 290 more words


WTF: People are Using Coca-Cola as Tanning Oil

In other WTF-is-the-world-coming-to news, people are now putting their skin through an even more fun hell this summer: slathering it in Coke (yes, Coca-Cola Coke) in the name of tanning. 310 more words


Kicks Self-Tanning Lotion Product Review

Summer is officially here (even the weather is amazing today) and who doesn’t want to look tanned in summer? This summer I’ve dediced to focus more on self tanning than lying in the sun getting sunburned! 242 more words


Can You Self-Tan Using Coca-Cola?

Ah, summer. A time when the sun comes out, pools are open and the self-tanning hacks are even more ridiculous. What’s the newest tanning craze this summer? 219 more words


Self Tanning routine

I have never been one to go to tanning salons it wasn’t until I was living in Ireland and putting on tan before a night out that it became a thing. 788 more words