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15 Times Celebrities Were Trolled for Going Overboard on the Self-Tanner

Now that summer is approaching, people everywhere are reaching into the back of their beauty collections and pulling out their self-tanners. There’s nothing better than looking glistening and goddess-like as the temperatures heat up (there’s a reason that… 134 more words


Lucy Hale Trolls Herself on Instagram for Overdoing It with the Self-Tanner

Lucy Hale has experimented with many beauty looks. Whether she’s dyeing her hair from red to blonde or face-palming over her crazy-thin eyebrows from the mid ’00s, the 28-year-old actress is always open and honest about the many beauty looks she test-drives—regardless if they’re hits or misses. 223 more words


Self-Tanning 101

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that ONE in every THREE cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer, and according to Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics  ONE  639 more words


The Difference between Men and Women’s Self-Tanning Approach

Tanning is an activity that a lot of individuals enjoy. From sunbathing to being inside a tanning bed, as well as using some tanning cream; trying to obtain the bronze shade has actually changed a great deal. 354 more words


Is there a difference between an "airbrush tan" and a "spray tan"?

Airbrush tan, spray tan; tomAYto, tomAHto… right?  Not exactly. Not all tans are the same! Let’s explore a few different types of tanning…

Spray Tan Booths… 656 more words

Sun's Still Out

I am one lucky girl to have found my Skin Therapist from Essence Of L Medi Spa. I swear I’m turning into Benjamin Button from seeing Leah! 700 more words


A New Kind of Tanning Product

Gone are the days when sun-seekers need to spend countless hours in the scorching sunlight or in tanning beds to achieve the coveted golden glow. Nowadays, even those with type I skin can acquire a darker skin tone by the use of self-tanners. 520 more words