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Somehow I'm Still Breathing

Things have gone downhill quite a bit for me since my last post.
I don’t want to go into details, but the changes have left me with more free time than I had before. 219 more words



I know what’s wrong.I know what I’m missing.Home.The one place that I feel I belong. Because I’ve been feeling out of place and  nowhere I go feels truly home to me for whatever reason. 16 more words



i was sitting in a slightly bigger office than last tuesday, and the first thing i tell my therapist “more space, i like it. did you know i’ve decided to allow more space in my heart, soul and mind ?” she looked puzzled since i hardly say things like that off the bat, but then she smiled and asked me one simple and important question, 575 more words



I am wanting to cry and then not wanting to cry and then shred some things and then the shredder stops (who knows why) and then I need to take a shower and then I need to get rid of some clutter and then…and then…I wonder why I feel so useless and unable to think straight and then…and then… 10 more words

Self Therapy

3 Key Rules for Dating Success

I went on my first date with a stranger in a while last night having recently ended a lovely relationship because i’m no longer in the country of said lovely person. 887 more words


Ramblings - september 3rd 2016

Inside every cynic is a failed idealist, it is said. I find some measure of truth to that.

Growing up as a kid, it’s hard not to fall in love and awe with the many wonders of the world. 517 more words


9:20 pm: killing heavy expectations

I’m working on my self therapy tonight, trying to map out how to kill the expectations that are holding me back, all while listening to… 7 more words