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Self -Therapy as a Replacement for Professional Therapy

Self-therapy comes in a variety of forms:

Affirmations. Books aligned on the Self-Help section of Barnes & Nobles. A set of yoga classes bought from Groupon. 885 more words


Emotional vs. physical starving

Today article won´t be about art therapy but it is related to therapy in general especially self-detecting. Very often if we are not able to cope with emotions we try to cope by eating. 474 more words


What Masquerade mask revels about you (2. part)

Here comes second part about Masquerade masks. Read this article only if you have done your mask already or you are not interested in the meaning of completed mask. 562 more words



I cut
I slice
In a blur
I cry
With this knife
As I bleed
And relive
The Passion of the Christ… 28 more words


What's Up, Doc: Jace Visits a Therapist

“So…” the doctor smiled at me over rectangular glasses. “What brings you in today?”

Her first unofficial question.

I shifted in my seat slightly — the couch I was sitting on, a yellowed leather, was comfy, but sank down too much when you sat down onto it. 5,333 more words

What masquerade mask revels about you? (part 1.)

Today I would like to show you one of the techniques what you can use for your own self-therapy. We will be making masks and the way you make it can reveal a lots from your subconscious what can help you more understand yourself. 356 more words


Dr. Albert Schweitzer was right 

Men simply don’t think.

To hell with your selfish insensitive ass! You never think about your actions or other people. I thought we had a connection, too many similarities, this had to be something more. 149 more words