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This is what CHANGE looks like

This is what it looks like when you are in the progress of to changing and building a new life for yourself after years of struggling with PTSD and depressions: making research about how anxiety works so I can deal with it, making research about self esteem, mindfulness, making self-therapy notes about what I need to change – attitudes, strategies, plans, motivation, a practical plan to reach my goals and the strategies that will lead me to future success, keeping a journal just for things that I am grateful for and things that are good about me to boost my self esteem, dissecting my fears so I can get rid of them to be able to reach my dreams and desires, redefining what my art means to me and how I want to use my creativity from now on. 14 more words


I'm Angry - And I'll Tell You Why

After reading Marisa’s post on Mad Girl’s Lament, and relating to it so intensely, I made my own list of things that make me mad/angry when it comes to my mental health. 1,724 more words


Self-Treatment for Back Pain!

Mobilize the spine with an incredible tool available on Amazon, the Maxi-Backsie. Under $25 and well worth every penny. Provides a gentle stretch to the spine while providing a deep massage to the stabilizing muscles that surround the spine. 126 more words

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Preventing Bipolar Relapse - Necessary Adjustments to Daily Life with Bipolar Disorder

So, I have this book called Preventing Bipolar Relapse.

There are tons of tips and tricks in the book and ideas and suggestions of things to do in your daily routine that can help ‘prevent bipolar relapse’. 932 more words


Do I Duck and Dodge? Or Do I Face Him Again?

Ok, so I’m doing some volunteer work at a community club. I’ve met several of the people who work there. But there is one person who stands out like a sore thumb. 606 more words


En Route

There is no experience like that of a wonderful book. Books allow their readers to travel to places that may never be physically possible to travel to. 100 more words