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Panic Attacks

First off, I want to apologize for this post being rather short. I am currently dealing with a family matter that is preventing me from being in the correct headspace to really do too much writing right now. 342 more words


To self: fight your demons.

I think perhaps the eternal holy war of good and evil is fought entirely in one’s mind. You (me) have a fair number of vices that trump your virtues too often. 402 more words

A Balancing Act

Initial Thoughts:

A contrast of bad and good moments and the transformation and growth of mental illness from childhood to puberty and so on. Delicate memories v a dark passenger. 210 more words


Building an invisible house

I’m taking big steps in my self therapy – which I will refer to as ‘self-empowerment’ from now on. I am on a different journey now than during the years I lived with the PTSD where the cruel symptoms ruled my every day life. 536 more words


Train Thoughts

Tried mindclinic online therapy. Started yesterday. First class was analysing the thought, behaviour, physical relationship.

So… Here’s a couple of mine
– I think people will judge me and see me negatively when I speak up so I don’t speak up much in meetings and official settings which makes me look like a pleb. 131 more words

Dark Clouds

About a different kind of starvation

I think it’s strange that when we talk about starvation, it’s always about the physical connection to food. But we rarely talk about how that nagging sensation of hunger, desperation and frustration can be felt in other places than in our tummies. 413 more words


On Hitting Hour Kids

I grew up with the occasion bruises and pinch marks. Didn’t feel like child abuse. Still can’t call it that.

I probably get the occasional slaps on the thighs. 322 more words

Self Therapy