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static .

what happens when you’re raised by a lot of static?

you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, you used to see galaxies, now its just two piles of mud, and you’re stuck in the muck. 210 more words


Media Therapy: How Should We "Use" Video Games and Movies?

Have you ever wondered: Why do we watch so many movies or play so many video games?

The popular answers we hear are:


The Hazards of Self-Therapy

Recently a few people have been asking me about my opinion on self-therapy. Self-therapy is when a person decides to attempt to fix their problems on their own without any assistance from a mental health professional (defined as a person who provides therapy as their profession). 1,228 more words


Art Therapy Versus Writing Therapy – Which is More Effective?

By C. Lorraine Hall
September 8, 2017

There is much to be said about both art therapy and writing therapy, and both have their usefulness in helping people who have traumatic issues, stress, and/or anxiety. 909 more words

Art Therapy

Why it’s ok to be clueless at 18, and then again at 28

Ten whole years ago (fuck), my best friend and I were meticulously planning our 18th birthday party.

Location? The local rugby club. Partly because we’re September babies and all our underage mates could get served there, but mostly because that’s as far as our imaginations (and budgets) would stretch. 638 more words

Her Lessons

A lesson on new beginnings 

I haven’t written about my life for well over six months. Well, I tell a lie. I have written. Quite a lot. But I’m not sure the frantic ramblings of this particular mad woman have quite found their public platform. 1,088 more words

Her Lessons

100 art-therapy exercises

Lately I was browsing internet to find some inspiration about art-therapy. Today article will be very short but I am sure you will find very useful information for your self-therapeutic journey through arts. 123 more words