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They sit, back perfectly straight, calling themselves to attention.
Their arms, from tense shoulders to hovering palms, are locked into position.

The fingers will be pistons. 57 more words


Snow Rhymes were a Matter of Time.

I needed this, it’s true.

First of flurries falling, try to be blue

Each flake, a million chances

I sit, watch their unique little dances… 154 more words


Day 2: That Elusive Sleep and the Unwelcome Anxiety

About Sleep

I have been an insomniac since I can remember.

My mom calls me a night dweller. I don’t mind it. There is something comforting about nighttime. 739 more words


DAY 1: 31 Days of Reflection

I started this blog in October believing that I would have copious amounts of time to devote to delving into my inner most thoughts and sharing lots of writing. 391 more words


We've all Been There.

The countdown resets after pressing “publish.”

Lighter being, reviving feeling

Can I make this last, I wish

At what point will it diminish?

This freedom from thinking… 54 more words


Poem 7

I can’t forgive for what you took away

I do not believe in ‘forgiveness’

It doesn’t help with ‘moving on’

It doesn’t give back what was taken… 105 more words


Stuck In the Dark Place Today

((TRIGGER WARNING – Depression, suicidal thoughts, talk of self-harm & suicide))

We all need a Mulligan for this last year, but I especially need one for today. 806 more words