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Is 1 Minute of Meditation Enough?

Is 1 minute of meditation enough to make a difference?

Meditation has been proven to help regulate blood pressure, decrease stress, and to increase awareness. Studies largely suggest that we need anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes to derive the many benefits of meditation. 1,123 more words


Let's get started

Hello, my name is Andy, and I’ve decided to make a blog simply because I need a way to express my concerns and thoughts on personal and public issues. 229 more words


A lesson on January goals

‘New Year New Me’ has seen a bit of backlash. And I have to say I kind of agree. Not only does it imply there’s something wrong with last year’s you (you don’t need to be that harsh on yourself) it also overlooks the very important fact that you can start over any time. 649 more words

Her Lessons


With great power comes great responsibility…
Use your resources well.

Thought Provoking Quotes

In order to make a change in where you end up…
you have to make a change in how you get there.

Thought Provoking Quotes


Trust logic and reason over emotion every time…

Self Therapy

Games We Need: Superflight

Superflight is a simple game founded on one simple premise: strategic and exploratory flight.

In Superflight, you are a little blocky person quietly gliding on air currents around blocky formations. 633 more words