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I often think about what art means to me, or why I have such a passion for it. I don’t know whether I’m not typically a passionate person, or I just have very few loves. 79 more words


art as a form of therapy and self exploration into the troubled mind

(Featured Image: Amy Robinson Photography © 

From my A2 Photography Final Exam: Night)


The Etching In Question

Video Installation

Audio:  Male monologue questioning ones sanity

Moods –

  • Hysteria
  • Rage
  • Panic
  • Hatred
  • Abusive tendencies
  • Frustration
  • Cursing
  • Slight haunting nature
  • Sinister; hysterical laughter
  • Build up from whispering/murmuring/moaning and shouting/crying.
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When I found out my first workshop in the much looked forward to Foundation Diploma would be Textiles, I was quite disappointed. In all honesty, it was the workshop I was not at all interested in, nor optimistic for. 778 more words



In grade school, we memorized poems. Memorization was hard for me (it still is), but I did my best to remember the assigned passages at least long enough to recite them out loud, palms sweating, if called on. 367 more words


Blog Away Your Problems

I come across them all the time. In fact, sometimes it seems like everyone is blogging one way or another about themselves and their lives. The question I used always to ask was why? 713 more words


Before you become your own therapist: what you should know.

Trying to heal yourself from a Cluster B disorder like BPD or NPD is daunting to say the least. Obviously I’d prefer a professional therapist but without insurance or the means to afford a good insight/reparenting therapist who specializes in treating people with Cluster B disorders, I’m pretty much on my own. 1,497 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder