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How Small Changes In Your Daily Routine Can Aid In The Road To Recovery

The road to recovery from any type of mental illness is not easy by any means, however small changes in ones lifestyle can aid in making this transition process more stable and peaceful. 408 more words


Writing Prompt 3

Who understands you the most?

How is he/she different from everyone else that knows you?

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Twitter Drama

I’m writing this post at the suggestion of a fellow Stigma Fighter, Rachel Thompson.

This is a conversation from Twitter on Sunday:


Mr. Negative: Why are humans so against suicide. 603 more words


Cowrito ergo Sum

Aku menulis bukan supaya orang lain memahami cara pikirku.

Aku menulis untuk melepaskan beberapa pikiran yang datang dan pergi, beberapa di antaranya indah (bagiku) dan terlalu sayang untuk dilewatkan.

352 more words
My Random Thoughts

Writing Prompt 2

What do you think is the most embarrassing thing about yourself? If you woke up without it, how would that affect your life? Or would it not? 27 more words

Operation No Shame

Film Corner with Colin

Why do we love the movies? Is it because they entertain us? Do they kill time? Are they stimulants to an otherwise mundane life?

Do they give us comfort? 629 more words


Writing Prompt 1

Every Tuesday we will post a writing prompt for you to mull over. This prompt is for you to think about, talk about, and hopefully write about. 76 more words

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