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Hey there,Just a little heads up! My posts are deep and personal from my lens of experience. I hope the reader can just read with an open mind. 94 more words



I am that close – that close – from going to war. A bloody, dirty war that would not end well for myself or the entity I’d be fighting. 117 more words


Friends, happiness & karma

I am so lucky to have a bunch of (carefully selected) great friends. They are all amazing people and I love them. Unfortunately, some of them cannot accept the way I’ve been treated by a certain someone and they can’t help but look for proofs that he was/is a maniac and relay the informations to me. 465 more words


Chronic: Excuse Maker

Muriel had a headache. Once again she had gotten herself into a bind by procrastinating, only this time it was affecting her children. Mom, you said we could go today. 225 more words

Self Help

Security Blankets, on Learning Mine

My work allows me to keep to myself most days.  I can work undisturbed for hours in the lab, nodding along to my music all the while.   223 more words

Writing To Right It Out

To the very end

When they sit there and lie to your face.
Even though there is nothing to gain because it’s already been agreed that this is IT, that the end has been well and truly reached.
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The first breath of closure

This has been one of the heaviest times of my life and I have been forced to get totally naked in front of myself, other people and in front of life itself. 314 more words