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The cool dance of independence

All I can do in this heat wave is to do self therapy work and make research about the process of emotional independence. It’s a very difficult and complex process if you have been trained, like me, to be dependent/codependent all your life – to be a good girl (and by ‘good’ I mean no attempts to be independent or going after my own wishes and needs but only pleasing others), to obey, respect others while letting them disrespect me, lack of clear boundaries, low self-esteem and virtual no practice in independence what so ever because I haven’t been rewarded but punished for it. 338 more words


About pity party, love and worlds gone topsy turvy

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for a few days. There are just so many things up in the air right now, so many important processes in motion. 499 more words


The fool

It’s been raining on and off for days now and I’ve been feeling a little low because of the monthly hormones. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am going. 530 more words


Tennis ball & foam roller: Your personal therapists

Much of our neuromuscular pains and ailments involve myofascial adhesions. As our body gets exhausted, strained or dehydrated, our myofascial system contracts and tightens. The fascia membrane resembles a cling wrap that shrinks and adhere to one another when the body is stressed. 171 more words


The heart of a hare

Some weeks ago, I got a visit from my beloved sister Karin Roy (a.k.a., Little sunshine). I had grand plans for her visit, but for the most part the weather effectively kept us from doing much more than getting immensely wet. 1,339 more words


Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman Book Tour Spotlight and Giveaway

Paperback: 276 pages

Publisher: Andarina Publishing (June 26, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0997368810

ISBN-13: 978-0997368819


In this beautifully written, heartfelt, witty, and life-affirming memoir, Stacy Harshman tracks her amazing experiment. 298 more words

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To live is Christ

God, forgive me.
Forgive me for having sinned against you and wonder what other people will think, instead of what you are thinking about it. 136 more words

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