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Method: Talking to J. - part 2

As I promised, here is a transcript from a talk with J, that is about 6 weeks old. It will appear quite random and scattered. There are quite some stretches of silence in between as well, where the dialog is still going on but only in my mind. 489 more words



Mi chiamo Becca, ho 21 anni e soffro di depressione.
Non sono mai andata da uno psicologo né credo mai ci andrò. Ho un’insensata paura che mi frena e che mi lascia anche dubbiosa sullo studiare Psicologia o meno all’Università. 179 more words


Self-therapy Guidelines (1)

Well, the previous post I published some quotes from the book ‘Undoing Depression’ which expounds the theory that depressives have subconsciously wiped out memories of events that make them feel guilty, but are unable to wipe out the guilt, resulting in an accumulation of an immense store of guilt and the depressive’s experience of seemingly inexplicable bouts of negative feelings. 208 more words


Your Fear of Upsetting Others by Saying No Might be Overblown and Here's Why.

Are you like me? Do you tie yourself into so many knots over upsetting people that a group of Boy Scouts could not unravel you? Well, fear (k)not. 544 more words


{Birth} Mother's Day

Mother’s Day.

I kinda feel like it’s just a holiday made up my Hallmark to sell cards and make more money…

Now that I have a daughter who was adopted, the… 272 more words



‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.’

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Personal Journal

How NOT to Handle a Break-Up

A little over four years ago, I went through an absolutely terrible break-up. To be quite honest, it left me kind of scarred when it comes to the possibility of a new relationship today… 1,019 more words