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How much do you matter in this world?

How much do you tie your self-worth to the job that you do, or to how much money you have in the bank?

Do you hear your inner voice bashing you? 446 more words


Something Good in Day 16: Indulgence

Day 16 was the last day before I embarked on my healthier eating regime, which basically consists of cutting out cakes and chocolate (all the good stuff) for a couple of weeks and eating more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. 207 more words


Ladies: Stop Calling Yourselves Bad Bitches

I totally get it. Every few years I get older, someone comes up with a new way to try and reclaim negative terms used to separate the “good” from the “not so good.” We take the words used to demean us and try to reshape them into something empowering, snatch the ugly off of it and polish it up and place it on the shelf in victory. 509 more words

Random But Real


Now I rarely get nervous at interviews, I have been to many sorts of interviews, individual, group, panel.

None of these make a difference to nerves for me, but I can understand why it does for people. 180 more words


Boost of the day #30: Air of mystery

I’ve mentioned before that attention seeking is often a big sign of low self-esteem.

Emma Watson is such a wonderful role model for young women – she is successful, classy and intelligent. 98 more words


Do You! Maybe the World Would be a Better Placeā€¦

I am always put off when I see or hear of others trying to dictate how another person should live. You know what I mean, don’t you? 405 more words


QUOTES: "The Rainbow Troops" by Andrea Hirata

And it turns out, if the heart is not envious of one with knowledge, then it can be illuminated by the rays of enlightenment. Like stupidity, intelligence is contagious. 433 more words