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Setting Myself Free

I’ve done too many years

of being

scrunched up,

hunched over,

less than;

not feeling Worthy,

Good Enough,


Not knowing that


have the right… 857 more words


Let "Status Quo" Be Uncomfortable

Are you afraid to be uncomfortable? Good. I find that when I am uncomfortable living a regular, everyday life, I do something about it.  I can’t sit still. 762 more words


Three Truths To Remember When You Are Feeling Worthless

SOURCE:  Mark Merrill

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

When Henry David Thoreau came to this conclusion, I’m afraid he may have gotten it right. 308 more words


Fighting Myself

He wants to know what is swimming around in my head.  He says I’m being too quiet.  Sit.  Type.  He’ll read.

Maybe this might sound cruel, but it’s honest.   757 more words

What your enlistment (or commission) really means part 2

Happy D-Day+1

Welcome to another glorious day to worship the green weenie my readers, this time i write in uniform. A rare occurrence i know seeing as I’m a dirty reservist. 804 more words


Rome wasn't built in a day

I love this phrase, I am one of those people who makes allot of little long term plans, not the ones we normally tell people, it justifies my thought process in my eyes, not that it requires any one else’s approval of course. 188 more words