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Day 49/365: Value

The word for today is value—specifically self-value. I attended an online group Q&A session for a project I’m about to launch. As part of it, it was suggested that as part of your launch you need to give your potential customers something of value. 236 more words


I can’t sleep. I have been trying for 3 hours now, but I can’t. My heart hurts. Before my hiatus (got mad at the internet company), i was on a self discovery for self worth, unconditional love, and self value. 194 more words

The Place of inner knowing

Put yourself in the place of inner knowing that good things are coming to you, Do not try to specify or limit the ways through which they come, By being much more general, and therefore much less resistant, you’re much more willing to allow them to happen.

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She's Sexy and She Knows It

This started out as a thought I wanted to share paired with a picture but then I realized I had more to say about it than just a caption on an Instagram picture…so here we go. 1,432 more words

When People Mock You

It always is a bitter feeling when people look down on you. It can be so bad that you would get to the point where you start to question your self value. 833 more words

Self Value

The Black Man Don't Need To Degrade The Black Woman When A Lot Of Them Already Doing A Great Job At Degrading Themselves.

The Black man don’t need to degrade the Black woman when a lot of them already doing a great job at degrading themselves for money, fame, love, relationship etc. 104 more words

Black Women