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Shut Up & Listen!

I have been in highly competitive environments all of my adult life. I have been around people who are kind yet ambitious. People who have high confidence and never make others feel less than; and I have been around others who are highly educated and successful, but they don’t talk about what education they have nor boast about how successful they have been. 616 more words


Beautiful You Are

Beautiful You Are

Beautiful You Are.

Believe in yourself and all that you can do.

Believe in your dreams and the vision you have inside of you. 158 more words

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Why you must choose you

It’s selfish to only think of yourself while the world needs a little bit of what you can offer her to be better. Even then, please choose you, before any other thing. 494 more words

A little self-healing

As I have limited time available this morning, I’m just gonna jump in and get started.

While I have written several posts since the last one you’ve seen, for personal reasons I have kept them private. 1,213 more words

It's a package deal.

It’s a package deal.

Self-esteem cannot be underestimated. It affects our behaviors and thoughts. It changes how we feel about and values ourselves. It affects our confidence, and that can affect how we feel successful in our lives and that success is different for everyone. 155 more words


The Best Reason To Smile

We burden ourselves too much with negativity. Self-doubt creeps in before we can start on something we’re passionate about. As a child, I learned that smiling always made the people you interacted with smile, too. 175 more words


Building Trust Within Yourself Again

Building Trust Within Yourself Again

Building trust within yourself again after being bullied is a hard thing to do, because while you are being bullied, you feel lack of self-worth, lack of self-respect, and degraded by the words or actions the bully is saying or doing. 377 more words

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