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13% success rate

My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting. I went on a cruise (yay!) and also had a really solid therapy session this week, which made me a little introspective. 1,111 more words


Stop Hating and Start Loving Yourself

Stop Hating and Start Loving Yourself

Stop hating and start loving yourself.

You deserve all the love in the world.

You deserve to be loved no matter… 258 more words

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My Thinking Corner - Value

The value that you place on yourself is the value others will place on you.

If you believe that you are not enough and fail to accept yourself, it shouldn’t surprise you when others view you the same way. 105 more words


Give Yourself Alone Time

I’ve been known to go on a vacation or two – but within the confinement of my own home. No fancy resort or splendid cruise. Just literally separating myself from the world of virtual reality, and cleansing myself from other unworldly behaviors including people. 527 more words

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Insecurity and Introspection

People often ask me, “Hey TML, how do you cope with the crippling anxiety and self-doubt that comes with no one reading your work?”  Well, the answer is simple: 625 more words

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Whom do I owe an explanation?

When I choose to lengthen my beard, do I owe anyone an explanation? If I do, to whom? When I walk off from small people with their small talks blooming from their tiny ugly life, do I owe anyone an explanation? 384 more words