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Love the One You Is...

Some time ago I read a fantastic book called, “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. It’s one of those books that just gets you and you’re just not sure why. 1,070 more words


A Break in the Clouds

I think I defined a moment of my self worth Saturday night. On my way home from trivia, I called and left a message for my college crush. 176 more words

A Beauty beyond Illusions

An enchantress she is, an innocent child stuck in adult world; trying to fit in among a pretentious society of ungrateful misfits. A society that values appearance more than true beauty. 350 more words

Why Do I not Value Me?

I think the lost of value in myself comes from the clear differences between me and my family. My sister is much like my parents. They all are content sitting quietly and reading. 216 more words

Never Be Ashamed Of Yourself

Never Be Ashamed Of Yourself

Never be ashamed of yourself because you are being bullied.

Never be ashamed of yourself for feeling lack of self or lack of love. 159 more words

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Make All Women the Norm

International Women’s Day. So far I’ve seen various articles on it. Most are men talking about how the day should be celebrated, or ‘fun’ little articles on how roses are being handed out to random women in a particular city. 523 more words

You Are Special, You Are Wise

You Are Special, You Are Wise

You are special, and you are wise.

You just don’t know it,

Because you just can’t see it within your eyes. 144 more words

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