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Sarah - Feature Shoot

I’m so excited to share with you our first Feature Shoot blog post!  The gallery on our website showcases a few photos from each shoot but these Feature Shoot posts will delve a little deeper, not only featuring unseen portraits but also a Q&A with the beautiful women photographed.  448 more words
Authentic You

Power of A Smile

Power of A Smile

This may not be your day. You want to huddle in a corner, hide from the world, and cry.

Being a victim of bullying is hard. 266 more words

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No Feather Boa's Allowed

At the end of 2016 I had one of life’s great light bulb moments.  The sort where you’ll always remember where you were.  (For the record – Riding Road, Hawthorne; 9am; dappled sunlight on my face.)  I’d been photographing newborns for close to 5 years when I was struck by a thought…what about women?  508 more words
Authentic You

Thought for the Day: June 14, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Life is a precious thing. All lives….yours, mine, everyone. When we believe this to be true our sense of our own value increases, as do our feelings of self worth, confidence and even peace. 137 more words

Thought For The Day

Dear All Women, Regardless Your Messy Self, You Still Are So Much Worth

For you who silently cry in the bathroom every night, try to hide your tears, just because he says that you are not good in your dress or any other clothes you pick to wear. 795 more words


Our true worth

A video that was played on Friday night during the session with 1 Peter community has stuck with me over the weekend. Titled “The Wild Goose”, it is part of a series with this particular segment talking specifically about our true worth. 526 more words