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Pattern Breaker

Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red …..Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square….

Oh don’t mind me I am just stuck in a couple of patterns. 3,038 more words

Self Love

My Two Fathers Are Better Than One

I had two Fathers.

                No, this was not a situation where both of my fathers were lovers nor was I an adopted child to two men who wanted one of their own. 1,235 more words

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Sex, Jazz and Videotapes

As the next jazz guitarist was about to come on stage, the presenter introduced him by saying that he just came back from New York and the guitarist has worked with many other jazz luminaries throughout his career. 508 more words


It’s My Turn Now, In Spite of My Inner Child

Let me introduce you to my inner child. She’s a people pleaser.

Since I was little I always put other people first – whether it was playing a game on the playground or choosing what movie to see. 576 more words


15 Reasons Why Love Hurts...

  • Love hurts because sometimes it makes us look like a fool…

  • Love hurts because it has caused some of you to overlook and ignore the truth…

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