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Grandiose title.

It is more like “be selfish for others” in short

What’s your idea on being altruistic? Being a humanitarian. Being a saint. Being the selfless person that everyone admires.

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Wednesday Wisdom - Love Yourself

I’m just gonna leave this right here….

Truly important to love yourself, flaws and all. It might not come easily, but work at it, tirelessly.

Wednesday Wisdom

Haters Gonna Hate!

The first time I heard the term “Haters gonna hate” I laughed out loud.  I had to think about what the phrase really meant.  You know what I mean? 666 more words


You're doing just fine.

Shello my little land friends!

Recently, I had some work experience, and let me just say, it was one of the weirdest work experience in my life. 883 more words


The Measure of a Man...

This is a story about your life. You know, the one you are living right now. It’s about where you’re at today. It’s about your successes and your failures. 1,014 more words


In the Greatest of Retrospect

In the greatest of hindsight, I fail at being a person I like.

It’s true, I frequently turn to a largely critical assessment of me when I don’t even put others to nearly so hard a scrutiny.   613 more words

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