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There once was a time when I hated myself. For who I was and for how I looked like.

I will admit, I had a low self-esteem. 276 more words


God's Value and Self Worth

Do you ever wake up and think well here it is, the day everyone finally discovers how much of an impostor you are at playing this thing called life? 892 more words

Close But No Cigar

I like to travel and go to places I have yet to explore. Sometimes I will just get in my car and drive with the intent of getting lost in the hopes of finding something new. 2,527 more words

Self Love


Two years ago my young and restless, live forever mindset was shattered. Just like the windows when we slammed into the concrete barrier. Just like my bones when all the pieces settled. 352 more words

Self Awareness

It's None of My Business!!!

I liked hearing what they said about me.

How I was smart, how I was funny, how I was special and would go far in life. 1,293 more words

Self Worth

It’s Apples to Apples Except When You’re A Pear

My mantra for the new year is I’m not comparing. In fact I said it out loud when Sir Husband and I found a beautiful arrangement of several types of perfectly-made homemade cookies wrapped in a big gold bow on our front porch the other day. 502 more words

Fairy Tale Thoughts