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I need to realize my life isn't a TV Drama series

Ever since I saw that episode of One Tree Hill, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself.. Who would I have standing next to me? … 449 more words

I'm Trying to be the Best Me…

 It is so easy to get caught up in trying to be someone else. There isn’t anything wrong with looking up to someone you admire. Nor is it wrong to look at the successes of others so that you can learn from what they have done; maybe you can do better. 264 more words


Words are like seeds... ~ March 20, 2015

Are you feeling what I AM feeling? I AM so very ready for the energetic shift that, while it has been foretold by many ancient civilizations (Navaho, Hopi, Mayans, Early Taoist Chinese, Vedic Indian culture), still this change needs telling today to our current social structures. 919 more words

let go .... Value ... BE the Magic ..

OKIE It’s time to just stop & breath & LOVE YOU <3  let it go .. people live & act to the to the level of the human drama they participate in …within drama all is different levels of fake .. 246 more words


We aren't.

I’m told that love completes you,
It embellishes the soul.
I was told that love heals you,
I was told it makes you whole.

I felt at peace laying next to you, 151 more words

Manic Waffles and the Bearer of Slackerdom

Pretty sure I’m having a manic episode. Pretty sure that’s my thing right now. Not positive, at least not 100%, but, I mean, when was I ever? 714 more words


Forty Firsts #6: Bridal Expo

Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate as a vendor in a local Prom and Bridal Expo.

Multiple vendors offering goods and services for weddings and other formal events gathered together to meet (mostly) brides. 239 more words