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Clouded Hell

This week has been a ride on the crazy train. The clouds have swirled and the tears have fallen with them. The silver lining has been understanding some of my atypical students and their behavior. 105 more words

My search

So far this is what I discovered.

I find that we do not fully understand our emotions. Our emotions like intellectual thought must be understood better before a correct perception of the truth can emerge. 838 more words


Journey to self discovery

There’s always room for improvement. Some days I feel I have a great deal to improve upon and it’s overwhelming. Other days I feel that I am working on those improvements and that gives me a bit of peace. 371 more words


Self-work is difficult

I mean you get to what is going on in your life. Your guardians are there, helping you, guiding you. And what happens, you get ripped apart to help build you back up. 180 more words


Kiss My Aspirations

There is something – I don’t know if it’s generational, personal, or just unavoidable – that makes online quizzes impossibly tempting. I’d spend more time trying to deny it but Buzzfeed has latched too thoroughly onto the concept for me to really keep up the ruse any longer. 818 more words


Shifting wind

And just like that

The wind has changed

Blowing away the old dead ashes of yesterday
Sands shift
Beneath our feet
The Plutonic grit of yesterday’s irritation…
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