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The Lenten Season

Tomorrow begins the Lenten season of 2016. I was raised in the Christian tradition, and I have always felt a sense of reverence toward this time of year. 528 more words


Truth and Ignorance

This week was not an easy one.  Not all weeks can be, they say.  The flip side of that, of course, is some can be.  Part of me wonders if this is dogma, no better than religion for truth.   181 more words


Daily Bliss - February 1

The angels want us to know that when we do our own work we’re benefiting not only ourselces, but also the higher good of all people. 76 more words

Daily Bliss

Wind Storms and Castle Walls

Most people would say that I’m warranted a few fears.  Okay – we can agree on that fact.

This diagnosis, and what it causes, are things of nightmares.   426 more words


Late Resolutions

I recognize I’m late for this kind of “New Beginning, New Years, New Resolutions” post.  Sometimes, we’re too busy not finding the forest for the trees. 292 more words


My Own Glorious Mess

I saw this quote the other day, and it’s really stuck with me.

AEvery one has problems, big and small. Everyone has issues within themselves they are working on. 46 more words


Now What?

To Infinity Whatever and Beyond…

This blog has been left lying around gathering dust. It isn’t that I forgot about it. I’ve thought about it often. 413 more words