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Aftershock, living liberation, and a daily dose of yoga

When I left my husband several years ago, I moved into what I have described as a kind of stormy period. It was dark and messy with many waves of grief and tears. 1,139 more words


Of Nursing A Broken Heart

And all you see some days are the dark clouds all ready to flood the left over brightness, all ready to thrive on the left over strength. 293 more words


Against Their Will: Our Duty to Respond to Fellow Polytheists in Distress

As I am watching people crawl out of the woodworks, voicing their support for a theology of consent in the Polytheist community, a question has come up. 3,380 more words

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There's a lot to chew on in this post by Thenea, and I'm still chewing. I agree with the overall goals for our community that I see presented here. I don't agree with all of the underlying theology regarding what exactly the gods are or what They want, but I am not sure how much that actually affects our overall ability to implement these ideas. Overall this conversation is a very important one that I believe we do need to be having, not just about our relationships with the gods, but in our relationships with each other ABOUT the gods. -E-

P.S. Apparently I'm wearing "overalls" today...

Working on the self

My handsome husband has gone to Missouri for the weekend, so it gave me a chance to really work on my self. I had a lot more time on my hands than I really didn’t plan for. 140 more words


Dreams and Nightmares - Strange Figurations

– Akash Kapur

Akash is a writer, photographer, and part-time philosopher. Can often be found lost in gardens, forests, books and other pretty places, or curled up someplace awkward, pondering the deeper mysteries of coffee and life. 38 more words

Self work....again?? Really??

Self work is a never-ending battle with me….I say this with a smile. For those of you who have followed a little of my journey with Rolfing and Bonding (DET) this will fit right in. 418 more words

Navigating Open Relationships

I haven’t been sleeping well for a few weeks. I’ve also had a dry cough – messed up throat chakra – and have been meeting a new person off of Tinder every day. 365 more words