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Self-care when busy.

Self-care is absolutely important and essential! It is common to think of self-care as selfish, but it simply is not. Taking care of yourself first can make your relationships better, improve job performance, and make you a better parent! 68 more words


Everything is a Choice

When I first got serious about yoga, my anxiety was at an all time high. I knew that yoga helped anxiety and depression by this point because I had been dabbling for years. 847 more words

Healthy Living

Winning Self

It is easy to from anybody but win from yourself is so hard…

It could be easy to win “from” but is it worth it? Is it ethical? 597 more words


Consider meditation.

Many people have thoughts about the term “meditation”. Some don’t buy into it, some feel they don’t have the time, some feel they never could, some feel they would never want to, etc. 129 more words

Things To Think On

Gratitude diary.

A gratitude diary can be a great way to take time to be grateful each day. It is also something positive and uplifting to look back on when you find yourself feeling negative, depressed, and just generally down. 71 more words

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Thoughts 💭

If I practice one day, I can see the result. If I practice two days, my friends can see it. If I practice three days, the great public can see it. 12 more words


Love Life

Live life learn love
from constant hiding to rising above
from living in pain to accepting what was
from old customs to new ways to unplug… 96 more words