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'm Not Dead Yet!

In case it’s not obvious from my general silence, I’ve gone to ground a bit.  Winter is a quieter time for me.

In this case, though, a lot of my silence is because my writing time right now is focused on preparing my graduate school applications. 138 more words


The Art of Being Confused

When I first moved to Bangalore about four years ago, the only thing I knew was I wanted to live by myself. I’d been wanting to do that since I started college. 980 more words

Choosing Flute

Meditation Music: This is a piece I recorded recently. Its based on Raag Jait, a morning raag.

Why did you choose to dedicate your life to playing the flute? 493 more words

new moon ~ LiBRA

Today marks the New Moon in Libra. Typically the new moon is a time of pursuits, to go for something you have been thinking about; whereas the full moon is a time to let go. 166 more words

Decision-Making Stress

The more choices we have, the more we feel pressured to make the correct one. The a while ago, I got a free subscription online and was doing a lot of online shopping. 395 more words


Finding Your Voice

Each of us who is ambitious enough, attempts to create a unique yet recognizable sound, a “voice,” as some say. A memorable voice fills an audiences’ ears with inspiration; it sounds new and fresh and sometimes still rings with a kind of warm familiarity. 904 more words

Chiron Rising: empathy, connectedness and metamorphosis

Lately I have been feeling unsettled… actually this has been going on for quite a while. We have moved four times in the last year, living in different temporary places, without having enough information to make decisions or plan out what to do next.   607 more words