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You Are Allowed To Search The Darkness.

You are allowed to search the darkness.

You are allowed to not always see the light. You are allowed to feel dim.

You are allowed to let yourself down. 345 more words



An Aura is a kind of energy that comes out of each one of us. It is something that we cannot control. We cannot change our Auras. 1,105 more words


Are You A Designated Survivor In Your Own Life?

On ABC this fall, there will be a new show titled Designated Survivor. This show will be about the person designated to be tucked away in the event that something happens to the President, Vice President, and those officials who are in line for presidential succession. 676 more words

The Tina Fite Project

Strength and weakness

What is strength and what is weakness?

In our social environment, strength viewed as when we have a lack of emotions, an ability to “get over” situations and weakness is when we are emotionally involved. 309 more words



Who am I? In order to find out more about myself, I sat down in meditation. I became an observer of myself. I watched everything that happened. 1,444 more words


The tireless pursuit of things

Does anyone else get sick of buying things?

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my spending habits. And I’m not just talking big ticket purchases, but, the everyday incidentals. 362 more words

I Will Drag Myself Out Of This!

After last nights post I went home and I wanted to do some some meditation whilst my partner was out so I chose an Angel one, it was Archangel Raphael and a healing meditation, it took me ages to get into it and I finally started seeing colors and then I started twitching because I was cold so I just got the duvet and rolled my self up with it and had a snooze. 426 more words

A Day In The Life