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Transformation: A journey from FAT (118 kgs) to FIT (75kgs and shredded)


After a lot of procrastination and self-doubt, I am finally taking the plunge. I am putting my story out there. A wise man once told me “Strong people do not push others down, they pull them up”. 1,777 more words

The top 10 things that turn men off!

It really is confusing at times why exactly we are repelling the very species we want to attract , marry and the spend the rest of our lives with ?! 687 more words


The Story Continues

The Semicolon tattoo has been floating around the minds of people and their social networking sites, wondering what is the representation of it. It is a global symbolic representation of mental illness; the moving efforts of an individual who suffers from it, making him not only functional again but a Survivor. 736 more words

Give me an F

Today felt like one of those days where nothing goes right. After a few things were off, I just started feeling like the day had its own destiny. 564 more words


The Art of Dissolving

A few years ago I moved from a medium sized town where I had lived for most of my life to a very isolated and beautiful place. 1,115 more words


Aftershock, living liberation, and a daily dose of yoga

When I left my husband several years ago, I moved into what I have described as a kind of stormy period. It was dark and messy with many waves of grief and tears. 1,139 more words


Of Nursing A Broken Heart

And all you see some days are the dark clouds all ready to flood the left over brightness, all ready to thrive on the left over strength. 293 more words