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Beyond Binary

I dreamt the other day that I wrote a blog post about my gender identity. I can’t for the life of me remember much of anything I said, but I can take a blatant hint from TPTB, thanks. 1,904 more words


What I see in you

“I am thinking about applying for a yoga teacher training,” I told my partner a little over a month ago. “I am not sure I can afford it, but I still want to try.” 480 more words


5 Things To Remember When You're Not Feelin' The Love

1. You are a perfect manifestation of God.

Everything in creation is perfect and you are just the same. If God is the ocean, you are the waves. 118 more words

Self Work

Gathering the Bones

Meditation and mindfulness have been like an elusive jellyfish; beautiful and always slipping through my fingers. I operate along a spectrum from struggling to bring myself to crawl out of bed, to being creatively productive, and motivated. 678 more words

Mantra For Releasing Anger & Judgement

We all experience pain in our lifetimes. Whether it be deep-seated pain from childhood or fresh pain from the recent past, we all have it and we all need to deal with it in a healthy way. 295 more words

Self Work

The Number One Way to Embrace Change

In this life, things change moment to moment. Feelings, desires, actions, outcomes, everything under the sun and moon changes instantaneously without our consent. We can use our thoughts to create any life of our choosing, but there are still situations and circumstances that are out of our control. 516 more words

Self Work

Why Self- Acceptance is Everything

As a child, we all strive for the love and acceptance of our parents. This is human nature. We want to make our parents proud and we want their affections to be genuine.  1,042 more words

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