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Ansem’s Cave, The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

As I mentioned yesterday, it is imperative to do your self-work before connecting to Spirit. 1,796 more words


The Importance of Journaling 

Journaling allows us to have a conversation with our unconscious while we are still awake. It creates a consecrated environment where we can work through our traumas, anger and losses. 333 more words



This morning I struggled with the desire to whip my kids into shape. Make them eat what I want them to eat, so I can be organized and manage my day. 297 more words


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yaay we made it,congratulations!!! It is with great joy I welcome you to 2017. God told me it is going to be a year of harvest and great exploits and I am glad to share those powerful prophecies with you. 355 more words


2017 Resolutions

Here’s your usual “a year in review” blog post, last year I made one titled¬†2015, a year in review, it was a blog entry speaking about my 2014 resolutions and then my 2016 resolutions which guess what = I’ll review them and see if I did it and I’ll talk about my 2017 ones. 1,376 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Projections: love and the Mirror of Erised

In the first book of Harry Potter (Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone) Harry stumbles across a mirror late one night when exploring the Hogwarts castle. 651 more words


Toilet Epiphanies

SHIT. Not literally speaking, but, shit man! Holy realisation!

Due to events in my life, I have ventured down the path of healing and soul awareness with as much gusto and commitment that I could muster. 1,150 more words