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So Many Fears, So Not Feeling Them

Last night, I watched a horror movie. I’m not a person who enjoys scary movies at all. I’m the type to open the windows, doors, all blinds and have a blanket at the ready for me to use as a covering for my head when the scenes are something I cannot tolerate. 493 more words

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Expectations And Its Effect On Nature vs. Nurture

For some reason, I woke up thinking about my parents this morning. Not completely sure why but what came to mind were their expectations of me and my siblings. 926 more words

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Slipping Backwards

Slipping Backwards: Known as “anavasthitatva”

Post Yoga Retreat our greatest shared obstacle is often our inablity to maintain the progress we’ve achieved once we go back home.

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I Want to Save the World! But I'm too Lazy to Make my Bed: 3 Quick Tips on How to Navigate a Shit Storm

Feeling like a super human one minute and then a pile of shit the next?

It’s okay, you’re not alone…

One day you feel like you could save the world from the corruption and lies, topple the elite, and be home in time to make supper! 1,583 more words

Accepting You're the Exception to the Rule

This morning I woke up to hear the news that Tim Duncan, center for the San Antonio Spurs, retired today after nineteen years in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 433 more words

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Me

I was thinking about why I wrote yesterday’s topic of Loving Me and I couldn’t help but to share it with you today. It’s because of PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that I had to learn to love myself even more. 584 more words

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Why I No Longer Need To Claim To Have An Addictive Personality

Yesterday I read this article, and as most things do, it caused me to go within and look closer at self. My thoughts, my behaviors and actions. 566 more words