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Here’s what to do when you just can’t seem to move on.

It’s amazing how one single person or moment can turn your whole word upside down and leave you feeling like nothing will ever be the same. 618 more words

Self Love And Success


ticking of clocks
passing of time
waiting for things to
turn out just fine
chasing my dreams
hoping it’d do
can’t walk away

bring back sunshine… 156 more words

Disorder to Contentment

A childhood where the state of fear, anticipating reaction from others and a consistent undercurrent of stress was my reality. My earliest memories involve being on edge; wondering what others thought, fearing the verbal explosion of divorced parents, worrying about being good enough and sensing the financially woes of my single mother. 529 more words

5 Quick ways to help heal a Broken Heart

Love is a dangerous game, contrary to popular belief, all is not fair in love and war, and in fact sometimes it’s downright unjust and totally sucks! 551 more words


Time of Transition - A Talk with Bernhard Guenther

My good friend Fred Clarke Alvarez asked me to a share a little bit about my life, experiences, and work.

Topics include:

Hyperdimensional Realities, Matrix Control System, Challenges in the Process of Awakening, Shadow Work, Reality Creation, Medicine Plants, Personal Sovereignty, Individuality, Self-Love, Soul Fragmentation, Entity Attachments, Evil, Ascension, Embodiment, Intuition, Bodywork, Psychology, Limitations of 3D Thinking, and more…

Esoterica And Spirituality

6 signs you are over complicating LOVE!

Growing up and becoming an adult should come with a warning sticker…or at least instructions, because Lord knows everything seems a  whole lot easier when we are children! 769 more words



While individualism and selfishness are often not glorified traits to have, especially in a community oriented society like India, they are nonetheless extremely important. More so if you are a kind, compassionate human being, who can actually understand and empathize with people. 1,059 more words