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Sometimes you have to check your-Self

Have you taken the time to complete a SWOT Analysis of your life today?

Self Work

Impossible Dreams

I want so much to evolve.

But my fear is an anchor. And it’s so, so easy to let it dominate my life. I have so little desire to stir up anxiety that when I hit any resistance in my mind, when I feel even the slightest tinge of hesitation, I quit. 300 more words


What is real?

Let me begin by saying that I think therapy should be a regular part of healthcare for all beings and not just a luxury for those who can afford it. 3,172 more words

Mini-Retreat Day 3 - Integration

“As we increase in our awareness and our integration of Self the process of integration grows and expands as we begin to incorporate the fullness of our nature, that of our spiritual nature or our Soul.”

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Soul Growth

2 - 1. you win

I’m so hard on myself. Even when I’m actively trying not to be. It’s really difficult to unlearn habits that you’ve been doing every day for your entire life, you know? 738 more words

7 AM

Three Things You Should Do Daily

A huge part of becoming a successful human being in this world, starts with finding a great balance that brings happiness, self work and appreciation to your everyday life. 514 more words

Lunar Cup

Last year I made a small, but none the less positive step towards sustainability in my personal life.

I invested in a LUNAR CUP, which is a re-usable menstruation device (there are also other types such as the moon cup, lunette cup etc). 430 more words