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Loving yourself

When we realize that God sees us through eyes of love we are profoundly healed. When we begin to see others through God’s eyes of love, we bring healing and blessing to them. 59 more words

It's Time To Start Putting Yourself First Because You Matter

Love yourself first. Please, I beg you. I beg you to learn to love yourself. It will make loving someone else hurt less. You will have to shift your focus. 526 more words

Day 233 - Body and I are not friends today.

Yesterday and today for sure haven’t been my finished days in Uganda. I don’t know what happened to my body, but for some reason, it decided to not be friendly to me and basically throw out every bit of food there was inside. 397 more words

May 2017

"Look at me..."

“Look at me. Look at me.” Said my 3 year old as I was distracted by something else when he clearly wanted my undivided attention. So, I stopped what I was doing and I looked right in his eyes. 155 more words

Mornings are for coffee & contemplation

Now that there’s space between me last week and me now, I can say I definitely slipped last week in caring for myself. I wasn’t drinking enough water, not eating the best, I skipped yoga all week and I slept way more than I should have. 235 more words

An explanation...

I know all of you tend to accept me just the way I am.

I know that I have friendships here on WP that I am honored to have. 909 more words


Why Knowing Your Self-worth is Important

I’ve just really been thinking a lot lately, just with everything I’m going through in life. I’ve been having to do a lot of self-reflection and try to understand where life has taken me. 374 more words

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