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An End Is Just A Beginning

The unthinkable has happened. In a blink of eye everything I know has changed…again.

A few weeks ago, I lived with my boyfriend and his 3 kids, along with my 2 children. 513 more words

After A Breakup

Letting Go

We’re living in a society filled with complaints. More often than not our home pages on social media are filled with ongoing senseless rambles about petty drama. 1,379 more words

Self-Worth : The definitive guide to valuing yourself

Your self worth is a function of how you value yourself. To build your self worth you must first discover your values and then make up your own definition of success. 1,123 more words

#DearMe -- An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Some of you may have seen the #DearMe campaign that recently debuted. It features the famous ladies of YouTube addressing their younger selves with life advice. 522 more words

Growing Up

I am new, not stupid

This is a message for both sides; the employer/supervisor/trainer as well as the new employee.

I have been working since I was 15 years old and I am now 42. 355 more words

Whistle While You Work

your greatest ass-et.



noun: asset; plural noun: assets

  1.  useful or valuable thing or person.

There’s this really common thing among women who are friends – they are super supportive in times of crisis, ready to help at the drop of a hat in times of need.  357 more words