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Woman, On Purpose

It’s not always easy doing what’s right for you when people are used to you being a certain way.  Every single day I have decisions to make – they bring me closer to the life I want or back to the life I don’t want.   1,508 more words


Losing doesn’t make you a loser,

And winning doesn’t make you a winner,

Life is full of this shit,

Full of battles and trial bits, 91 more words


The topic of “enough” has been a recurring theme this week.  Whether it’s what we have, what we do, or what we are, there seems to be this sense that it’s never enough.  252 more words

Living Well

To My Future Self

Cliche as it is but we are the end-product of our past. We build ourselves through experiences and lessons we learned in this journey, LIFE. After 24 years, I am starting to recall what I have done in this world. 729 more words

How do others see us?

We think we know how other people see us, but this view is only a projection of our own self-image. It fluctuates over time. Sometimes we think we look hot, sometimes ghastly. 732 more words


The Obtuse Mentality of Working For Free

Would you work for free? I don’t mean volunteering, but actual work. Of course not. You don’t work for the benefit of your employer. You work for you; you work for entertainment funding, advancement, retirement, your family, or fill in the blank with hundreds of other reasons. 854 more words