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I Am Very Curious

I am a very curious individual, but it does not seem enough.  Let me give you an example.  Last week I was in a not so nice side of town needing gas so I stopped. 260 more words


Worth It

Setting boundaries –
What does it even mean?

Is it saying no? Is it saying stop? Is it saying
I don’t like that? I won’t do that? 155 more words

Self Worth

Happiness is an Inside Job

Never look to people or material things to make you happy. Learn to be happy and content within yourself. The moment you can love yourself and be happy with yourself, everything should fall into place. 9 more words


Nobody vs Somebody

The fear of being a Nobody in this society is more intensely lived out than the prospect of becoming Somebody. What needs to be realised is that both concepts are one and the same. 164 more words

Freedom to be yourself

Tomorrow, if the good Lord allows my eyes to open to see another day, I will be celebrating another birthday – – the big 41!! 360 more words

How did I get here?

I isolate myself and pity myself and always wonder how I got to where I am today. I feel hopeless, lost and irrationally and erratically upset with just about everything. 137 more words


A Masterpiece.

Confession time – I used to be a bigger girl.  When I say bigger, I don’t mean like 20 pounds.  I’m talking 80 pounds heavier.  There was a point in time when I was pushing 235.   903 more words