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A Few Words From the One That Got Away

Over the past couple of years, I have had people in my past contact me and ask me for forgiveness for how they treated me when we knew each other several years ago. 913 more words


Staying in an abusive relationship is a valid choice

Hello, and welcome to number 5 in this series. If you need to exit this page safely, click here.

The past four articles have focused on getting out of abusive situations, because ultimately that is pretty much the only way to get the abuse to stop (the other way is for the abuser to accept responsibility and make real, permanent changes to their behaviour within the relationship, and that’s about as likely as winning the lottery when you haven’t even bought a ticket). 1,361 more words



During my last visit with my Spiritual Director we reviewed the “homework” he had given to me the previous time we had met. That homework was to think about and bring a list of all the negative traits and habits that I have in my life. 334 more words


I am so proud of you! The importance of self belief!

“I am so proud of you!”

Six words that could change a child’s life! Change anyone’s life!

Six words that could wash away self doubt, obliterate the belief that we’re not good enough! 334 more words

Anger And Fear

Perfectionism, crumbling.

Earlier today, I was writing about perfectionism in a status update on Facebook (my good ol’ interactive micro-blog):

Here’s what I want for me and all others who deal with the scourge of perfectionism: deep reservoirs of patience, compassion, slowing down, refocusing on What Really Matters.

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Exploring Vulnerability

Boost of the Day #85: Your life...

Bit of much-needed motivation on a Monday…

When you have those breakthrough moments out of your struggles with mental health and life feels under control again, take the chance to think about the changes you might want to make to your life. 49 more words


The home

How is your home?

Your home is supposed to be the most lovely place to you. This is where you should receive your greatest love and support.   208 more words