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I’m finding you, my sweet soul.

It’s taking some time but you’re worth every painstaking moment, every burning flutter.

I yearn to feel alive again.

The Love You Deserve

Steven Chbolksy wrote in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” 

It’s true.  Somehow we learn to draw limits around the love we will accept.  258 more words


Declaration of a Negress

I was caged, and free all at once. It happened so suddenly that I almost didn’t take notice.

I had become Africa.
It happened over night. 235 more words



Lines, creases, crinkles
Wrinkles, crow’s feet
Haunted eyes
Joyless smile
Emptiness and sorrow
The wonder whys
It receives them all

Graying hair, Bags
Dark circles… 69 more words


EXHORTATION - A Christlike Self Perspective: Never disabled, forever unstoppable

Let nothing & no one call you “disabled” (incapable, unable, unworthy, insignificant etc…)

Will you allow others to label you and so define you? Will you accept their definition of you as opposed to God’s ? 502 more words