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Real Beauty

Stop using Stilettos as a step ladder to be seen above the crowd
Wipe off the colored chemicals that mute your inner hue
Quit gluing fringe on the windows to the soul… 58 more words

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The featured image above is a beautiful sunset I witnessed arriving home late from work a  day this week. The world keeps turning, we get older and have we really lived? 489 more words



If you were never the “apple” of your father’s eye you probably grew up with the belief that you were “not enough’. ” We always create our reality according to our beliefs. 24 more words

You Have Value! 6 Ways to Honor Yourself Without Being Jerk

Compassionate Love Blog: Displaying compassion for those who struggle with mental illness   (c)2017  Nancy Virden, Always the Fight Ministries

What does honor look like?  

Most of us know it when we see it. 294 more words

Mental Health

7 Lessons My Crappy Ex Boyfriend Taught Me

7. Moms know your boyfriend is an asshole before you do. She knew when she first met him. I tell you, we need to trust our moms more! 367 more words


First blog post

I’m a 25 year old female and I have struggled all my life with body image. Of course like most women I have always found flaws in myself from my weight to my complexion, my height and even the sound of my own voice. 1,181 more words

Self Worth