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Rock the Boat

You may be surprised by this,

Given my extroversion,

But I am new to making waves

Well, politically or philosophically

Especially on behalf of myself… 368 more words


Do you ever ask yourself, what is it about rejection that hurt so much?

I can still recall the very first time I felt rejected. At the tender age of ten. 924 more words

Relate to Me, I'm Human: Heartbreak

I remember that it hurt. Waking up in the morning hurt, going to sleep at night hurt. All the anxious hours in between hurt. That is what I remember from my first heartbreak. 168 more words

There are people who are better writers than me

There are people who are better writers than me

They’re funnier
They’ve had more life experiences
They’ve traveled
They’ve made love to every sign in the zodiac. 127 more words

The Shame of Women

Bottom line: Women are ashamed about being women, therefore they let out their very life force – blood.

So not only do we carry this shame, need I really explain why, but accompanied by extreme pain (for many) or other physical symptoms – this is reflective of their pain to exist. 42 more words

Meet Yourself Where You Are

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been struggling with some awful fatigue the past week or so. It’s the kind of exhaustion that makes it almost impossible to function, and this inability to do as much as I want has caused a lot of old fears to surface for me. 596 more words

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Favorite Scientist

This is my son Max, and that is his favorite scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson. Most people don’t have a favorite scientist, but Max does.

On the day this was taken Max spent the afternoon running from one sold out Hall at the local university to another in a desperate bid to see NDT speak live, even if it was a closed circuit projection from a building all the way across campus. 387 more words