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The unit of womanhood.

Keeping up with the morning alarm habit, but this morning I finally pulled out my new sketchbook and brought out all my pencil cases. I put my name on the book, sharpened a fresh pencil, and spent about half an hour sketching on a page. 979 more words

Mornings And Mondays

Words Hurt 

Heavenly Father,

I can still remember the sting of his words as if it was yesterday. He called me fat and told me I should never wear a sleeveless shirt because I had granny arms. 435 more words


2017's First Ramble

Hello once again! And welcome back to my ramblings. I will be 100% honest and say that this post was written the night before my last Christmas exam, when I was trying to think back on 2016. 1,351 more words


3 Simple Reminders When You're Spiraling

I’m going to be really honest. This week hasn’t been my best. And it’s only Tuesday.

But, despite the fact that I’m currently swimming in self doubt, anxiety and putting completely unnecessary pressure on myself, I know this will pass. 450 more words


Battling Self-Worth

He stepped into her house and soon, they were at it. She felt that if only she let him in, he would love her. Little did she know that the very next day, he blamed her for letting him in. 250 more words


body image battles.

I am more than the number on my tag. I am more than the fads in the magazines. I am more than the words of a critic. 1,053 more words

Yes! We as woman have to realize our own self worth. Stop letting other people give us a price tag. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are priceless.