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I know this site is actually centered around the idea of all of us just being a work in progress in life. And much of these posts are just me trying to figure out what that means for me. 680 more words

body work

I went on a beach retreat this past weekend. It was good and intriguing and stimulating. I feel really grounded and supported now. I’m not sure if I have new friends yet, but I at least got to swim a little in the Gulf of Mexico and be reunited with an old friend who moved to where we were staying. 1,123 more words


Watch Your Worth

You know that heart-twisting feeling you get when you think you’re not good enough? Someone said or did something that makes you feel like you’re worthless. 706 more words


Self Worth​ - How Not to Measure It

I have recently come to realize something about self-worth and after reading many posts, Articles and feedback from different people, I realized one more thing, “how important it is to share the thing I realized with the world”. 607 more words

The #1 Reason No Sane, Self-loving, Truth-loving Human Should Ever Consider Breeding.

To breed is to sign your own death warrant, build your own coffin, and nail the coffin lid shut.

There are many. many, many different reasons why no sane, sentient, Self-loving, Truth-loving human should ever even consider breeding. 801 more words


You are a big deal ...

You are a big deal. You are important. You matter. You count …

So stop waiting on others to have your back. Human beings are fickle … human beings only care about themselves. 134 more words

Relationship Bants (Part 1)

So apparently today I’m posting about relationships. 

When I was younger, I told myself I’d have one boyfriend. We would date for like 5-10 years and then get married. 738 more words