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The Eyes of Your Soul

Keep the faith.
Don’t lose hope.
Your rational mind
cannot conceive of  the true
length, width, depth and breadth of you
so don’t go there… 94 more words


To Acknowledge..

Both repentance for sin and humility for weakness call us to acknowledge our faults and apologize,but sin requires us to do facing and returning to God while weakness calls for gradual improvement as we learn and grow.In our weakness we cannot do all the things at once.We may need experimentation with different options,practice and improve overtime,build our strengths,actively try even though we don’t always have to succeed,but of-course we have to learn from our errors… 21 more words


Kymlicka’s Contemporary Political Philosophy 7

This may lead us, with the author, to the conclusion that the oppressed should be more amply enabled to define their own aims. In which case, with Herzog 1986, it is hard to see how, if liberalism is the problem, communitarianism could be the solution (484). 878 more words


The Blessing of Heartbreak

We’ve all been there-

Lying on the bed with tear-stained pillowcases. Trying to decipher wether you’re more angry or heartbroken. Questioning why it it had to end. 423 more words


the moment you know it is going to end

at the drive-in
I put my ear on his chest
and could not hear anything

later we wove
through county roads
and a dozen midnight graves… 13 more words


Healed Through Music

He was amazing–as amazing as a young man who has only seen the world through the eyes of a traveled young man could be.  He was handsome, with his long dark hair and dark eyes that looked as if they were going to devour me.   451 more words