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Edain 4.0 - Review

The trailer

I use Gondor/Arnor in this widely anticipated release. It’s been 3 years in the making, and graciously received by a much starved community. 3.8.1 was playable, but imbalanced, and mechanically fractured. 632 more words


Our Self

There are many layers to the self, most of which are not visible. We have an electromagnetic system of energy circulating within us, which includes our emotional, mental, spiritual, and astral bodies. 1,317 more words

Alternative Medicine


Wrote 500+ in an email.  See thee tomorrow.


I am off to do homework now,
patient sweet Odessa,
sat in cloth like samurai
in the opening nights
of spring.

To my left sits the album, Daft Klub; 19 more words


Incontrovertible Evidence to the Obvious

Maybe it’s the loneliness
but I don’t seem to mind it.

Situations that I find within realms of possibility
seem most exciting to me;
paralleling mirror images… 172 more words


Acrostic For The Day

A= And so I was thinking of my evil plan
P= Pranking my friend because I can
R= Reasons so clear, no need explain why… 81 more words


who, me?

My name is Meagan DeGraaf.

Like many others, I have a difficult time explaining myself. There’s no way I’m going to do the typical “I am __ years old and I go to ______ school in _________ city and I like to _______, _____, and ______.” I guess that says a little bit about me right there. 450 more words