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Thursday Haiku

Again and again

I try to forgive myself

Until I find peace.

Just About Anything

It's Quite Alright To Go With The Flow

It’s ok to be fluid! Alright alright alright! It’s wonderful to set goals and plan but it’s ok to fluid and go with the flow too. 134 more words

Task: Populate Your Mind with Past Thoughts

Populate your mind, in this moment, with precisely the same thoughts which used to appear there, day after day, in recurring fashion, fifteen to thirty years ago.



Our brains are amazing things. No two humans process information in exactly the same way. Yet, we work together to accomplish tasks, create things and solve problems. 361 more words


Then Again, Maybe I Won't

If I had a nickel for every time I have

looked for you

reached for you

like some forbidden fruit

Like worrying a loose tooth… 52 more words


Snailing It

So self help is hard to keep up with, actually.

Maybe it is because I am so used to putting myself on the back burner? It also could be because I am not a schedule person and am rebelling against structure with my very soul. 238 more words


A Suicide Note

To my dearest,

Writing this one was never easy. I have never been an open book, but, it is never easy to close myself away when I have the universe angrily bursting inside of me. 555 more words