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But how do you reconcile

who you were then –

(the girl who was

unafraid to love openly,

without any hesitation)

– and who you are now… 13 more words



You might have pulled me out of the fire
But I won’t soon forget its smell
Or the dancing flames as they licked at my bones… 163 more words


Trust Yourself

“Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.”

We want to be liked and loved by the ones we care about.

The moment we lose ourselves and our identity, we can no longer be the person we want to be. 50 more words




Scientists made a startling discovery about identifying ourselves after dosing people with LSD

By Rafi Letzter

Scientists in Switzerland dosed test subjects with LSD to investigate how patients with severe mental disorders lose track of where they end and other people begin. 562 more words


Funny how time is used waiting

in line for desert to discover

the picks have been picked over

On the timeline with cultural

traditions admonished by… 53 more words


A Pancake Tuesday!

Another huge storm blew through Boston, delivering us 6-12 inches of snow! 🙃 I worked on some homework, watched some Netflix, and even played a few video games, but the tastiest part was the pancakes. 293 more words