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Love Letter #5

Dear Self,

It’s okay to love someone. It’s okay to get so lost in someone that you almost lose yourself. Almost. Get so lost that you’re not sure who is who. 304 more words


Outbursts when the insides burn. (Part-I)

“Some people tell me,  we’re all just the same, the things we feel, the things that provide us happiness,  the music our hearts dance on, the movies that play on repeat in thousands of screens, isn’t it all just the same about everyone? 142 more words


She Feels She's Not Herself Anymore

She feels she’s not herself anymore,

She doesn’t act the way that she did.

She used to be in her comfort zone,

Now she’s in the limelight where most sought to go. 364 more words


Pursuit of a Passion: Week 5- Support: The Key to Success

The previous Kick It Like Mom article Unlocking Your Potential talked about how much focus we put on our children’s potential rather than on our own and asked the question: … 717 more words

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Huling Gabi ng Pebrero (Isang Monologo)

Huling gabi ng Pebrero, taong kasalukuyan.

Nakaupo sa harap ng isang pampasaherong dyip, nag-iisip. Gabi na. Malapit na mag-umaga. Pauwi pa lang ako. Sinabi ko na alas-nuwebe ng gabi ako uuwi, nauwi sa alas-onse. 702 more words