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Self #242

“But you can live in the most democratic country on earth, and if you’re lazy, obtuse or servile within yourself, you’re not free.”

Ignazio Silone… 34 more words

Thousand Miles - Tove Lo

Too far away to feel you
But I can’t forget your skin
Wonder what you’re up too
What state of mind you’re in
Are you thinking bout the last time… 384 more words


My Name Is Jahele

Why Jahele you might ask.. It was chosen for me. A while back I asked my ET friends to name me something that would represent me personally and my work now and in the future. 258 more words

Finding my voice

I know who I am now.
My flesh was tainted but my soul remains pure.
Sometimes I feel scared,
of my future, past, and even the present. 60 more words

from within

Thoughts come to my head and I write them down on little post it notes when I can and stick the notes to the wall. Strangely the cat lets them be, though her curiosity normally drives her to displace everything else in the apartment. 356 more words

Facing the Spotlight: Tips on Bringing My Best Self to the Game

My whole life, singing has been as natural to me as breathing. Now that I’m getting ready to perform my one-woman show “The Pass”  I have to prepare for a more rigorous performance schedule. 176 more words

Oboe Life: Take 17 - What has been going on after 10 weeks of school?

I’m still alive!

It’s quite awhile since I actually posted anything on here. I know I meant to write some stuff here and there, but I didn’t get the chance to until now…I should be studying for a Musicianship test though… 1,500 more words