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Alright // Already We'll All Float On Alright

I am chasing kindness and power.

I see myself as a private and potential public figure.

I try to think of my niece (I am told), and as many others as I can (including all of you). 220 more words



What does it feel like?

It feels like I am curled like a nautilus on an ocean floor
and the water is so cold
so dense… 327 more words


A mother and daughter shoot

Charita and I had fun setting up this shoot…she even took pictures of her and her stuffed animals, I will post that later. I love these pictures!

Natural Light

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Has your physical illness had any effect on your mental health? Explain.

Yes. It certainly has. I believe depression is the one that tends to hit you the hardest when you realize the huge change your life has gone through. 545 more words



I took my mask off today and laid it upon the ground.
It was dirty from years of hiding;
so heavy my neck permanently bent from its weight. 156 more words


self asteam!

Everyone in this world has some sort of display of low self asteam, it’s very common for everyone to have the feelings of worth to ones self also some to others to approve of them as a whole.Though it can be rather easy to read as there are many layers, it’s just how deep it goes. 466 more words



Score: +2

A dramatically better day than Monday. I endured my shift and didn’t have a breakdown. It was really hard though.

So I feel more emotionally stable, if not marginally. 521 more words