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Bette Davis Eyes

I think my hesitation is that nobody cares. ┬áNobody cared before, but now that I’m in this great white and mostly empty box everyday, it’s very easy to feel yourself lost in the shuffle of thousands. 490 more words


''untitled'' (project- self)

My heart is dust
my soul’s a remnant
of a piece after a scattering blast,
my mind is split
between carelessness, wrath, madness and apathy… 47 more words


I was going to write something nice today

As I woke up at 7 am today, I started rushing because I have to give a good mom impression to my neighbor: She runs a private pre-school/daycare and she let me enroll my son in the final days of April without money in advance or any other requisite. 570 more words


Endure and Conquer: [2]

April 27, 2017

It was the day of my 17th birthday when somebody asked me, “How were you able to move on over him?” 405 more words



I’ve lost something.

Something important,
fundamental even,
but I’m not sure what
it is or was.

I just know it’s gone.

I thought it was… 122 more words


Consider The Oyster

Who are you, and what makes you who you are?

It’s not a simple question, but most people would be able to give an answer without much difficulty. 737 more words