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Everyday Invalidations Question Your Assumptions

If I make 100 sales calls a day then I will be rich OR successful.   If…then.  Why do I believe or assume the above is true?   91 more words


“Reflexion” series

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The year I turned five was when I started getting jealous of my sister, wanting all the things she had. That was the year my mummy gave birth to my brother and my daddy was so happy and he stopped travelling so often. 519 more words

What does it mean to be devoted to the Truth?

In the world, we have two kinds of movement: One is the movement towards Truth, powered by the Truth. The other is the movement when we see something in which we do not see the Truth, yet we see it as attractive. 716 more words


Money Can't Buy Happiness

Written By: Gary Wonning

Money can’t buy happiness.

How often have you heard that statement? I know I have heard it many times in my life. 266 more words


Love Coffee and Be Present

I believe everyone who knows me also know that I am always down for a cup of coffee. It’s about time to tell you why am I so obsessed with it. 441 more words


Love Month it is!!!

And yes, February has come, so the word valentines. And it is one of the most hot-button issue elsewhere especially for the SINGLE ladies and gentlemen club out there. 523 more words