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My canvas is raw.

Oils and pigments disguise.

I paint my portrait .

© Paul Nichol. 2016


Looking Through the Reflection

I will start first by saying that I have written many a blog page and don’t really know why I write them other than a mediocre try of my hand at something other than sitting in front of the debilitating television night after night doing nothing but staring and letting my mind melt into the nothingness. 248 more words


The porcupine's solution

As beings collide,

each clash offers Ego the

chance to fall away.


Is Low Self-Worth Ruining Your Happiness?

We all struggle with ourselves sometimes. It’s part and parcel of being human. Am I enough? is a question that is pretty wide-spread amongst us all and can be found in even the most confident of people. 740 more words


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The Face Behind the Words

Hello! That’s me, Callie. I’m the author of this little blog. I decided to create this as a means of expression, so content is likely to be a little bit of everything from my writings to cooking experiments to DIY projects to fashion adventures to beer reviews to whatever else seems worthy of writing up a post. 264 more words

About Me

Where you look is where you go.

Comparing: a crutch

to ease the weight of Being

off of wounded legs.



At the moment I decide
to live the question itself,
the space between my limbs
and my heart and my mind
and I am free, 7 more words