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My Twins Within

“My wisdom for the day, after 1 cup of coffee, is to simply define what I call, the twins, Dharma & Karma. Dharma is that child that can live within me for life. 48 more words

Random Thoughts

Gentleman & a Scholar

There’s a, shall we say experienced, man I know who when you do him a favor will refer to you as a “gentleman and a scholar.” This is definitely a phrase of the past, one of those expressions we are worse off for losing. 402 more words

Metaphysical Ramblings

New !

I need to write something before my writing skills totally wilt away.

2017 rolled in immersed in friends, family, laughter and water!

I am excited for myself and adventures unfolding – many unknowns … 87 more words


full disclosure

I feel like for about a year now I’ve been playing paper basketball with a trashcan of excuses and drafted letters. Words have always come easier for me on paper, but I’ve been loading my notebooks with meaningless lists and scribbles built on avoidance. 485 more words



Yay I went to the gym last night. Boo I had three large bottles of beer when I got back.
I’ve figured out that lager doesn’t do too much damage  204 more words


Introspection No. 5: The City of Stars and Halfway Through January

I’m sitting here thinking about how we’re halfway through January. It seems like yesterday when I was helping out with Christmas Eve dinner and New Year’s Eve preparations. 679 more words


The art of problem solving: Why I don't know what I don't know

How do we deal with problems we can’t solve? Or questions we can’t respond to? “I don’t know” is one of the most difficult statements an engineer can make.  837 more words