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The beautiful Hanna

Hanna is this wonderfully sensitive, warm, and loving person who I have the privilege of photographing the other day. I kept telling her ‘Hanna, you look like a model! 73 more words


What would a company be without a logo?

I need your help. After the name (thanks Danny) now comes the branding. C3 stands for communication, coordination,¬†creation. And so now I’m looking for a logo. 6 more words


Oh Good!

It is amazing that you can get used to a great many things and then suddenly, a shift in paradigm provides you with a whole other vision of self and possibility. 19 more words


Bottled Up Inside

Bottled up inside
are the words I never said
the feelings that I hide,
te lines you never read.

You can see it on my eyes, 130 more words

Empty handed

It was the beginning of the end

all that could be done

was stretched out

the rubber band finally snapped

now I’m sitting here

empty handed, searching for your love… 11 more words

Telling the side 

So many things transpire in a typical day for each of us, and all we have most of the time is the way we as ourselves perceive them. 384 more words

Slow Mo...

Dante pulled the trigger like it was the most natural thing in the world. The projectile flashed out the chamber, twirled within the ribbed barrel, and exited the front end with a force and speed comparable to the speed of sound. 1,123 more words