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Express your need

For the last few years I have been fascinated by the idea of personal culture. How people spend their time, how they create their ideas and content and how they represent themselves to a wider world. 623 more words


A Place between fear and Hope

An ever growing world can be a very exciting yet scary place.. As Margaret wheatley puts it” hope and fear have been in the news… we watch for years as the future disappeared under disabling clouds of fear,then suddenly we again could see the sky,bright with hope and the possibility of change”.This is pretty much how things have been since humankind had realised consciousness,from periods of great joy and prosperity to times of deep pain and suffering. 804 more words



may think they own

but time
oh time
has always shown

that to
they belong

to think
them ours
just plain wrong… 47 more words


Trash that Thought

Recently I posted a blog on the un-wisdom of self-deprecation. Saying or even thinking negative thoughts about ourselves is tantamount to cursing ourselves. So now having learned about the harmful effects of self-deprecation, you’ve stopped putting yourself down once and for all, right? 495 more words

Being Selfish

Before continuing to read, please take time to read The Word Enlightenment. Other entries in the New Enlightenment series can be found here. 435 more words