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Why Healthy Relationships Aren't What You Think They Are

It’s really scary how many people believe that a real relationship has to be one with no problems whatsoever, that conflict is some kind of dissausion towards true love and that anything less than perfect deserves to be shut down. 857 more words


Why Do We Feel Alone In Our Struggles?

The other day I was talking to an old ex of mine. To be frank our breakup wasn’t the healthiest and I ended up reaching out to her a while back to see if I could work on some of the unhealthy trauma that might have come out of something like that. 1,299 more words


Q & A

I’m going to clear up a couple of questions. Since one person is asking, I know others have the same questions.

What is anxiety and how did I suddenly have it? 274 more words

Letting go of negativity and changing your life for good

A serious fact for all of us, at some point we all have acted toxic on way or another be it in a relationship or professional life. 611 more words

Type Writer

Why Do We Fall Into Old Habits?

Perhaps it’s fate that keeps us stuck in the belly of the dragon, or maybe it’s something larger than life, maybe it’s my neighbor John, whatever it is, it’s definitely one of these three things. 886 more words


Self Care Tips for when you’re Feeling Lonely

  1. Start tackling a project you’d like to work on.
  2. Go for a walk in nature.
  3. Spend time with you pet.
  4. Spend time laughing over funny memories.
  5. 35 more words

Taking Back Control

My last post “Corona Virus Stress (Venting)” was during a very stressful and overwhelming time. I ended up filing for unemployment because I’m currently out of work right now and I still haven’t heard from them, I was on Facebook way too much, taking in a lot of negative posts regarding the coronavirus mask situation, conspiracy theorists, and the George Floyed situation, so I had to take a break from that, I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and stressing about the finances on my new apartment with my boyfriend, I had a bachelorette party to attend on the same weekend that I moved, and a wedding that I was in shortly after that. 757 more words