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Vox populi

A commentary on the day’s political theater

When today’s basileis, daily,
nurture the peccant appetite for self –
courting others to elide their protest of error… 133 more words



As I sit here brooding atop the fence,

Cock-eyed in the most literal sense,

I relieve myself on and of your labors,

And tomorrow, 12 more words


I wasn't made for small talk, but it's safe

I wasn’t made for small talk.

I’ve been told the normal route of conversations is that people talk about the weather, politics and even TV. 656 more words

Self on shelf. Others who bothers!

A very eccentric world we live in
With an outlandish time set within
Having unusual behaviors longing to sin
With attitudes belonging to the bin… 102 more words

The Party

Spending time with my children has always been a source of joy for me. There was never enough time during the week because we were always running around to different appointments after school and work. 767 more words


Black doesn’t suit her for she craves fuschia, amber, mauve, and cyan.
Peacock feathers and shiny gold beads are the things she needs
yes, needs… 78 more words

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