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With all due respect, doc

“You seem bothered by something – is there anything in particular that’s on your mind?”

The woman was still smiling pleasantly, her hands folded and resting neatly on a notepad. 358 more words


Generosity of heart....

Generosity of heart is inversely proportional to the age of the body.This picture somehow depicts how selfish we all have became.Our life just circle arounds the word mine.We don’t think what other wants for us filling our own stomach is only the first priority. 49 more words


Love is not selfish!

​Haha God you got jokes calling me out in my morning reading. I see how you doing me. Trying to get me all right and stuff. 172 more words


The Implications of Believing There's a Command to Love Yourself

So I recently put “a command to love yourself” into a search engine to see what I’d get… I’m not sure why, but I was kinda surprised at the litany of stuff actually arguing for the idea. 344 more words


Stop trying to help.

You want to be there for me, but you want to fix me, change me, make me into someone who doesn’t bring you down. What you don’t see is that my pain is part of me, not who I am, it is not yours fix or take away, it is mine to manage and one day be free of. 50 more words

Chart a Course to Compassion, Cap'n!

Here, I will write about what I envision this blog to be and redouble my efforts to focus. Also, I will hopefully convince any readers that this is not going to be a total drag from start to finish! 219 more words

loving ourselves, loving others

I am not the only one who left a loved one behind, not being there when they needed us, or betrayed/disappointed them over own wellness, convenience, or happiness. 109 more words