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Are you trying to make a difference, or making yourself seems different?

Spirituality Leads To Better Health?

In a recent article William Sears wrote about the health benefits of being on the spiritual path. He contends that religious belief  may be linked to a longer and happier life as well as good all round general health. 362 more words


Interlude: Shackles

He made him wear shackles

with spikes and tugs

on the shakles

whenever he can. Sometimes,

the shakles

are left alone and the prisoner misses… 13 more words



In order for me to learn about a historic event, the information must be presented in a way that elicits emotion, Anne Frank’s diary being a prime example. 273 more words

Reflection Upon The Living

It is always fun doing things that might not be morally appropriate. What could be worst than having the knowledge of being wrong and still not rectify? 191 more words


The Colors Out of Shadow

Colors out of shadow reminded him of her face,
Which time in its indifferent boredom has tried to erase.
Her eyes stared at him, or did they look away? 80 more words


Importance. Effort. Selfishness. (19 of 365)

Never ever exert effort on someone who doesn’t value your worth.

Spending time on someone who doesn’t give importance to your efforts is such a waste of time. 123 more words

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