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Me-Centered More

“Have you ever thought about what exactly the Serpent offered Eve in that fateful conversation in the garden? What he offered Eve was “more.” What he offered Eve was transcendence, but it had a fatal flaw. 167 more words

Sovereign Self?

“We were never meant to be self-focused little kings ruling miniscule little kingdoms with a population of one.” -Paul Tripp

It's not about them...

Personally me being fed up of how unfair the world is, it hardened my heart, made me selfish, in the smallest and biggest ways. I couldn’t understand how I could be treated unfairly when my heart was always full good intentions, as I always put others before myself. 129 more words



In one way or another, we understand that contemplation is an ingredient for a fulfilling life. This wouldn’t be so if it had no effect on how we live. 839 more words


Fragrance of the date palm

A great teacher, this date palm is.

My eyes see the palm tree in this picture, but what my mind registers instead is this:

I must admit. 760 more words

Utilitarian Christianity

Utilitarianism relates to the utility of something, or in other words, “What can it do for me?”

The system is teleological – Greek telos, meaning “end” or “goal” – with morality being found in the end result. 729 more words


Dedicated to my saviour,  Jesus Christ;  for opening my eyes

What about me?
How would people see me; what would they say about me?
How do they see me; what do they say about me? 374 more words