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If your dog could talk...

Let’s face it, our pets see a side of us few others do.  If you could have a conversation with your canine “best friend,” what would they say to you?   47 more words


Leave me alone!

Look at this proverb:

Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire;
    he breaks out against all sound judgment (Proverbs 18:1).

I don’t think this is talking about going off by yourself for a time of prayer and Bible study.

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Real Honor

“Some really bad people I say are dishonorary Irish, and some honorable ones, I say are honorary Irish,” I explained.

“What kind of honor?” someone asked. 254 more words


A Season of Selfishness?

How do you guys know when summer is over?

For me Nottinghill Carnival on August bank holiday weekend marks the start of a transition. Usually by this point I’d have made use of my pre-summer purchases, seen the people I said I would catch up with, at least started on a few projects and repaired the damage done to my bank account during the academic year. 767 more words

Your Culture

burning lives

we fool ourselves all of the time
thinking the world is ours
and when that fateful hour arrives
the world will show us how many lives… 53 more words


How to check out faster at a store

Typically humans will form a queue if there are multiple registers open. The term first in first out (or FIFO) comes to mind. However there are people who subscribe to the LIFO life (Last in first out). 231 more words


Now It's About You

Are you tired of conforming to everyone else’s world?  Don’t you feel it’s about time for them to conform to yours? 776 more words