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Tenet 3: Don't Be A Spaz!

Honestly, I’ve been struggling with this post.  My efforts to convey this idea of ‘Not Being a Spaz’ clearly and succinctly have been falling short.  Perhaps it is because of all the tenets, this is the one I struggle with the most. 487 more words


Deal 1011 Preview

Spiral on my Mind:
nose, Transformation, quill, Mirror, Free Will, Phone, Strength, Reconciliation, and Selfishness

Daily Deal


“Poverty is a state of mind.” Words uttered by a friend during a conversation about the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 1 (No poverty). There and then it hit me that poverty has… 538 more words


Get Selfish

Selfishness is defined as: “devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.” We see selfish people as bad individuals being concerned only with themselves. 1,047 more words


The Pervasive Myth of Economic Gluttony vs. the Inescapable Context of Humanity (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 175)

The faulty assumption that scarcity-based economic thinking is somehow the de-facto human approach to questions of supply, demand, and distribution of wealth has mislead much anthropological, philosophical, and economic thought over the past few centuries. 272 more words

One way to stop economics students being selfish

Note: in this context, “symbishness” means “win-win activity”, “symbishly” means “in a win-win way”, and “symbish” means “win-win”. My thoughts below are evolving.

Economic man – Homo Economicus – is usually communicated to the public as a selfish person. 820 more words

The "I" syndrome

This is something that the Bible teaches over and over again to avoid.
“I” want this.
“I” want that.
“I” want to have sex because it feels good. 275 more words