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Deal 843 Preview

The Trunk: Learning, Knowledge
The Canopy: Transformation, Selfishness, darkness, Lawsuit
The Aerie: chicken

Daily Deal

Self Esteem

What if I told you our understanding of self esteem was totally wrong?

What if self esteem has been the reason for our decline in appreciating life? 810 more words

We the Devouring and Insatiable

So, as a creator (not that I’m great at it, but I try) I keep up with those things that influence my writing and storytelling. I read, watch films and a few non-network TV shows and I spend far too much time reading articles on the web. 829 more words


Are you enough selfish?

Did you ever find yourself in situation that others accuse you for selfishness? You cancelled deal with someone because something urgent happened and you could not come. 558 more words


Recipe for me

A big scoop of selfishness
A cup of self doubt
Two tablespoon of insecurity
Just a pinch of lout
Add a bottle of gratitude
Slowly mix in… 29 more words


Staggering Cruelty.

Yesterday, I was called “so cruel” as to be “staggering to the mind” of the person who chose to voice such a mean-spirited thing to me right now. 159 more words

Americana Injustica

The Love Alarm

Never think for a minute that it is exceptional, or unneeded to express love.

Even when the time and place we live in seem rife with hate, fear, and selfishness. 18 more words