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Loss of Innocence!

True Light

Gone are the days of yesterday, or better said, yesteryear. Back in the days of the above video people looked a lot sweeter and had a real sense of innocence about them and also back then people were more positive and had more positive messages in their songs and even the films all had possitive happy endings. 680 more words


Give and Take

Your achievements are good
Good manners are better
An endless competition
When we can celebrate together

When you only care about
What you have to say… 115 more words



I Didn’t experience so many fun things when I was a kid. We dont have the luxury to play under the sun for a long time. 437 more words


A River of Selfishness

There are ways of dying that don’t end in funerals. Types of death you can’t smell. ~Haruki Murakami

I once tried to die to my selfish tendencies. 129 more words



‘Quite agitated’ is how you would describe me these days..

My transition process is happy..


Happy was supposed to be another word.. but a word that was going to take me down a long hard rant about my anxiety and anger.. 25 more words


Loose Thread

In my earlier years, I would have considered myself a thinker, as I’m sure most other young people do coming into this world.

I was intrigued by abstractions and insight, and, assuming I had a thing or two to share, I pursued creation: writing (blogging), composing, and opining when the time seemed right.  1,269 more words


I'm Sick of Being Independent

In my ongoing saga of adulthood, I have discovered something quite startling: Single adulting has made me dangerously selfish. I touched on this a few weeks ago… 622 more words