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The Sum is More Than its Parts

The price to pay for faking it
Is not to know how you might feel
The price to pay for lying 
Is not to tell real from unreal

The price for cheating someone
Is to cheated be yourself
The price for wrong abandonment 
Is to be put upon a shelf

The moment that your usefulness
To someone else is done
Ay, making others fearful feel
Will teach you how to run

The price for stealing is to lose
Much that you might own
As someone who leaves other ones' 
Possessions well alone

The price to pay for giving in
To inapprop'riate lust
Is just to stand and have to watch
When part from you they must

Tis by your own beliefs must be
That you companions find
And by their own beliefs they will
Unpleasantly remind

The individual who feels the need
To be unfair his brother to
In order that himself he
Have some happiness in view

For if the two of them in time
Worked together as a team
What sunshine of abundance 
Upon them both would gleam! 24 more words

Selfishness and Sufferings

Selfishness and Sufferings

There is no exception to our selfish ambition while in sufferings.  Selfishness needs to be tamed, and that’s the hard part.

Selfishness resulted in suffering.  806 more words


Our Memorial

Farmers, keepers
of the earth
holders of ancient
knowledge of wisdom

So many have been removed
from the knowing of nature
losing respect and understanding… 51 more words


But Look At All The Things I Did For You!!

So many times in life we beg God for things – healing, financial security, relationships, and the list goes on. Sometimes it seems that He’s not hearing us and other times we get an answer immediately. 740 more words

Grieving for life

A few weeks ago I lost my Grandma. She was the closest family member I’ve ever lost and also someone who was more than a grandmother.  589 more words

Self Growth

The Sale Price Of A Turkey

This past Monday my husband asked me if I could get two 20lb. turkeys for Thanksgiving. He also told me that this one grocery store was having a sale on turkeys. 442 more words


Word for the Weekend #3: Service

Service: What’s your motivation?

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word service is “something done for someone else.” That sounds pretty good, right? 334 more words