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Life Is All About Me

Those who know me well know that I constantly joke that life is all about me. In keeping with that tenet, I brought up the subject of selfishness at a meeting the other day. 557 more words


The ambient temperature is 16°C. A cool breeze is flowing. I’m yet to see the Sun shining. However, people seem happy. The children are all excited and are playing cricket. 370 more words


Cambodia's gentle touch

For me, 2014 unwittingly became a year of uneasy solipsism, of indulgence in my own sheltered and objectively minute emotions and desires. Regrettably, I assumed that the grievances in my own life would leave a similarly noticeable mark on other people and the world, and that the world would right the imbalance and pay me back for my travails with a year of unparalleled joy. 9,067 more words

Food For Thought

Selfie - Wrap up

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all who participated in our Selfie sessions. We are so grateful for the fellowship we share. Our Selfie session opened up several topics in regards to selfishness, vanity, narcissism, and so much more. 120 more words

A personal letter to Bill Gates...

This is my response to this recent article: http://www.apnewsarchive.com/2015/With-new-US-report-idea-of-hacking-and-cooling-Earth-moves-from-fringe-to-lab-maybe-the-air/id-d9f7ad496ab04355b89585835abe9b58

I remember seeing you drive off the ferry landing, in your Ford Taurus, and I thought, ‘Wow, how cool, how low-key, a billionaire driving a Ford Taurus.’ When you bought that large property on the island, and didn’t develop it, I thought, ‘Wow, a benign entity.’ Unlike your partner who bought the old Four Winds Camp and turned it into a manicured, palatial estate. 366 more words


Tanka 26022015

another party
we all gather to spread cheer
over a large Scotch
nothing to think more of
back home mother is worse