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Yes, I can. We CAN.

Hi world!

It’s my first blog post and I decided to jump right into it instead of trying to do the normal “introductory piece.” Usually every evening I spend a couple minutes, sometimes a couple hours looking at my closet trying to plan my outfit for the next day. 728 more words



We all talk silently to ourselves in our heads, but we aren’t always conscious of what we’re saying or how it is affecting us. Be aware of your mental self-talk. 37 more words


Unedited Ramble/ What I Learned from 2015

Udah 4 bulan nggak nge post apa-apa. Hehe.

Lagi mood untuk nulis-nulis santai nggak pake bahasa-bahasa serius. Ya abis kalau terlalu dipikir nggak akan di post terus :”. 455 more words


Self-talk: Avoid telling yourself these 5 things

Via @mindbodygreen by #SteveKamb

If you’re a rational human being, then you probably have a tiny voice in your head that tells you why certain things are possible and other things aren’t. 69 more words


Focus on you : Self Talk

I am ugly, I am fat , I am broke, I cannot handle this I am so run down, This is not working

Words what you say about yourself have a far reaching impact on your future. 625 more words


You ARE Good Enough, just as you are.

So I wanted to take a quick break from the writing prompts I’ve been using because I read something this morning that just resonated with me and I knew I wanted to share it. 443 more words