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I'm Having a Bad Day, I Need a Hug, So I Came Here

Pernah nggak sih, kalian ngerasain hari yang bener-bener berat? Atau mugkin hari-hari yang bener-bener berat? Rasanya itu mau ngapa-ngapain males. Kalian jadi ikut-ikutan Disney. Bukan buat Finding Nemo atau Finding Dory, tapi Finding Motivation to …. 714 more words

Len's Shitty Talk



I am here, have not made a wordpress post in two years. Writing on the computer is difficult and not natural to me. I write with pen and paper. 334 more words

Lev My Love

Train to Pandeglang

Yang lagi makan dan yang geuleuhan gak usah baca. Beneran gak usah. Ini serius.

Selamat sore, dari provinsi paling barat di pulau Jawa, Banten. Ceritanya esok lusa akan ada resepsi pernikahan sepupu, jadi saya pun ingin ikut serta. 756 more words


Negative Splits Personality (or Just Get Your Shoes)

Come on, 6 miles at training pace to get done tonight. Get your kit on.

It’s dark.

Of course it’s dark. It’s January. It’s not late, though. 288 more words


Week 41-43: Hibernation is over.

It was real cold here and I was hibernating the whole month, doing nothing but curiously watching what others are doing. I browsed a number of blogs and vlogs, mostly in field of art, food, lifestyle, and travel and started following  few bloggers and vloggers for their unique style and content. 479 more words

Oil Painting

Untold History

​Facts about me series: Untold History


This time, I’ll talk about myself! yuhuuuuu, since I’m thinking that no one could understand me fully like myself, (even sometimes i couldn’t understand my own self, fiuh) and I was not like public figure out there who easily make people write about them in the highlight newspaper, or magazine. 1,214 more words


That's My Girl 

Get up girl and never look back

Life is too precious

Cherish it

You deserve the best

Get up and never settle for less

Put your heart and soul… 26 more words