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Old Self

If you were my old self…


I am not sure if I will go hard on you or will take things easy. You are quite unpredictable – one day happy and hyped, the next day, gloomy and unmotivated. 732 more words


Post 3: Finding your style

I have been restless these days. Lately I have started painting a lot. Sometimes I paint from photo references; sometimes I copy other art work. I have realized that only way to improve your art is to practise, practise and practise. 252 more words

Oil Painting

Brutal honesty and self-talk.

Someone sent me a quote the other day and I loved it so much that I put a paraphrased version of in my Instagram bio. 2,067 more words

Everyday Things

Engineering turns sideway

Khi kỹ sư trở thành website developer.

Cách đây một năm, tôi đã nghe một câu nói như thế này

engineering turns into web developer for a higher chance of getting a job…

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4 Little Things To Make Your Transition Better

The Post originally appears on my site  – Authentically Aejaie

While I was writing it, I kept thinking how these four simple things can help someone going through transition… 942 more words

Little Things

A new journey


Akan selalu ada rintangan untuk mencapai niat baik. Begitupun dengan konsistensi menulis blog. Selama kuliah 6 tahun yang panjang, ada banyak hal yang ingin saya bagi dan bahkan sudah diniatkan untuk dituangkan di blog. 525 more words


Is he, really, the one?

At one point, she has given up on relationships. Maybe not forever, but for a while. She’s been trying to find love for so long, but what she actually found was she wasn’t ready for love and she doesn’t know when she will be ready again. 245 more words