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Kenapa Sih Aku Nggak Bisa Seperti Mereka?

“Selalu begini. Aku selalu menjadi yang terbodoh, terkuper, termiskin, dan ter-tidak up to date.” Maki Elis dalam hati.

Elis melempar tasnya dan langsung berbaring di kasur. 1,167 more words

Written By Siska Yuanita

Dollar Store Fat Lady

As my waistline becomes more of a reality, my compassion grows larger for those who are bigger than me.

I saw a lady at the dollar store who was so big, her shirt didn’t cover all of her torso. 205 more words


I can do it! (I am doing it) 

Our internal dialogue has a huge impact on our success. A concept I often talk about, but why is it so important?

Everything you say to yourself about you and your goals is a command to your mind which impacts your next steps. 408 more words

Weight Loss & Hypnotherapy

Absy why’re you doing this to yourself. #selftalk

Skogafoss: The Towering Waterfall

There are a few things I thought about as I wandered around this towering waterfall in Iceland.


Having Imaginary Friends and Talking to Yourself is a sign of Intelligence

Until recently, I had never told anyone that I have had about 2 or 3 imaginary friends my entire life.  Even more, I have always talked to myself.  1,182 more words

Melepas Harapan

Hidup mengirimkan kecewa untuk menampar manusia yang menggenggam terlalu banyak harapan.

Seperti hujan yang menggenggam harap pada matahari agar dimengerti. Bahwa sejatinya ia hanya ingin melengkapi, bukan menyaingi. 228 more words