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This Thing Called You!!

Begin to live today as though you are an immortal being and all thought of death, all fear of change will slip from you. You will step out of the tomb of uncertainty into the light of eternal day. 264 more words


10 Things to Teach Your Children

Being a teacher is interesting. Most of the time the students treat you as a confidant and tell you things they would not dare tell their parents. 526 more words



it is a feeling felt not only for commoners,
me, the one who take a distance from them, also falls
and fail to guard myself from the drizzling rains… 49 more words


Talking to Myself: Ummm, that sounds like a personal problem...

Friends, we have to practice honesty. We owe it to our higher selves to exercise discipline and integrity when it comes to our mind’s inner workings because things get jumbled way too easily when your mindset isn’t clear. 333 more words

Stop Talking Sh*t

We’re grown. We all know the frustration of not living up to our own expectations. Of falling short. But, why do we have to be so damn mean about it? 703 more words

Drug of Choice

There’s this disappointment that takes over your mind and fills up the insides of your gut, and it’s just disappointment over disappointment over disappointment. The problem is that it’s not only a feeling, it’s your mind starting to tell you that you’re never going to get out of this, that no matter how hard you try you will always fall short. 237 more words


The Power Of Subconscious Mind - Review

At times there are certain concepts which fascinate and thrill you to a unimaginable extent. I recently experienced this while reading a book about the workings of our sub-conscious mind.Generally, the conscious and subconscious are the most widely distinguished parts of the brain based on the purpose they serve whereas biologically it’s a whole lot another deal. 248 more words