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I have to turn over a new leaf

I do, I really must do actually.

Looking back at anything I have blogged, I am one miserable bastard.

I never use to be, but I have become one. 177 more words


What They'd Say

I want something special,
I want something new,
I want something just for me,
I want something like you,

I dream in colored,
Yes I dream in blue, 104 more words

And Here Comes The Journey

Perjalanan dimulai dari sebuah perubahan..

Layaknya anak-anak lain, gue juga pernah berpikir untuk merubah dunia. Ingin kehadiran gue di dunia meninggalkan jejak dengan membuat atau merubah dunia menjadi lebih baik (dalam versi gue, karena setelah gue pikir-pikir apa takaran atau norma akan dunia yang lebih baik ?). 331 more words


Where It All Started, January 2015

I was once a blogger.

Back in 2009-2010, I was an active blogger and really love to post anything in my mind. I was a university student with lots of uni projects and thankfully, granted with a good internet connection, that’s how I managed to be online almost every time. 108 more words


#TalkAboutItTuesday: Down on Yourself

I think I speak for everyone when I say some days I literally feel like doing nothing.  Not because I’m a lazy bum, but because deep down inside something is nagging at me convincing me that I’m sub par in some area(s) of my life.   339 more words

Comparing Yourself to Others

It’s been a long time! National exam is just around the corner, and I still can’t believe I’m about to finish my last semester in high school. 394 more words


Yours Truly!

Dear future self,

You’ve been through so much in the past years, and there are a lot of things still ahead of you; stuff happens. A lot. 333 more words