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Week 41-43: Hibernation is over.

It was real cold here and I was hibernating the whole month, doing nothing but curiously watching what others are doing. I browsed a number of blogs and vlogs, mostly in field of art, food, lifestyle, and travel and started following  few bloggers and vloggers for their unique style and content. 479 more words

Oil Painting

Untold History

​Facts about me series: Untold History


This time, I’ll talk about myself! yuhuuuuu, since I’m thinking that no one could understand me fully like myself, (even sometimes i couldn’t understand my own self, fiuh) and I was not like public figure out there who easily make people write about them in the highlight newspaper, or magazine. 1,214 more words


That's My Girl 

Get up girl and never look back

Life is too precious

Cherish it

You deserve the best

Get up and never settle for less

Put your heart and soul… 26 more words


To be the Best Version of Me

Morning, maybe every single person in this world is hoping that he/she will be a better person and have a better life. Well, life change, and people change. 556 more words


The Madam and the Mistress

What’s next? Her mind asks her seductively

Penelope refuses to give attention to the thought. “No! Focus” she sharply whispers outloud. She’s starring at her computer screen, atleast twenty tabs are open, multiple apps running and several desktops on her MacBook. 690 more words


Mental Morning 

It’s a consistent decision day in and day out to live life to the fullest regardless of what other people are doing .

At work, for myself and personal brand above any other position I fulfill, I keep my reputation high and perform at highest standards, doing this will gain me consistency! 51 more words

Make Moves Monday

She Deserves Better

I look at pictures of when I was a child and I want to save her. I want to save her from the person I am. 142 more words