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When the lies catch you....

….. no matter how many wonderful lies you tell people about yourself – you still live in the reality that they are indeed LIES.

Why not deal and dwell in truth? 110 more words



You don’t have to try,

You’ve already made it.

You push the limits,

Trying to break free.

But there’s no reason to believe

You’re not perfect the way you are.



Validation is a verb meaning to give meaning to. So does that make finding validation in others the same as having others make you happy. To me, the words are two different actions that often overlap and have the same outcomes. 320 more words

Monday Sunshine

This made me laugh. Go beyond the rigid definitions our society currently has. I would add “going on adventures around the world” to that list too (as I was in the picture above whilst in Queensland, Australia).  30 more words

Monday Sunshine

You are worth more than gold

We need to give ourselves credit more often, I am tired of seeing my beautiful young men and women constantly put themselves down. Take a look at the mirror, look at where you are in life, even if you are not where you want to be, you are still here…alive, healthy, beautiful, thriving, and intelligent. 195 more words


Take Care

Recently I have heard a lot about self-worth. We experience self-worth in some form or another and often take it completely for granted. I have watched people put themselves down or put others down without thinking much about it. 380 more words