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You are Worth More than Your Productivity

Such is a quote from Instagram that has resonated with me most.

In the wake of social media opening the curtains to one’s life on mobile display, one is privy to certain details and personal events considered suitable for public view, be it through a Facebook status or Instagram photo. 496 more words


Learning to Love Myself

Confession…though I make remarkably frequent use of it, I don’t always like what I see in my mirror. However, I’m learning to live by this principle: rehearse to reverse. 316 more words


Whats wrong with me?!

My name isnt really Charlotte and i dont know what i want to get out of writing a blog. Truth is i need someone/something to vent too. 103 more words


Sunday Funday: Worth 

What do you put your worth in? Is it in your career? Your degrees? Your looks? Your clothes? Your money? Your Relationships? Your salary? There is nothing wrong with obtaining the blessings given by God. 66 more words

Where It Begins

Life. It holds so many uncertainties. So many inequalities. So many injustices. As a human race we are a profound, complicated, and diverse people. Some are driven by power and riches. 754 more words

Who Am I?

This morning I woke and instantly felt the devil’s grip crushing my lungs and heart. It was like every breath was going to be my last. 281 more words


Daily Gratitude ~ 12 & 13

Today and yesterday I am grateful for the little victories.

Not every day goes our way but when we can lay in bed at night and feel an ounce of accomplishment and pride then you feel a sense of worth. 155 more words