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A woman's strength

Have you ever thought what makes woman tough despite all their crazy drama queen scenarios, make-up dilemmas, monthly menstruation visits, weird cravings, panic mode-on whenever her boyfriend or husband is not with them and such? 642 more words

L.W's Grotto

The Countdown

10 minutes to go.

Just sit here and wait.

I can feel my heart racing, my temples are pulsing and there’s this steady whirring noise that’s coming from the vents– I swear it’s amplifying with each passing second. 972 more words


The bitch is back

I’m back, bitches! Oh, and smelling delicious thanks to a shop from my home state of Maine and the amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) perfume oils she sells. 901 more words


Let's Be Honest....

Okay let’s be honest, life isn’t waiting for me. Life doesn’t wait for us because we have an illness, life continues to zoom by without thought. 614 more words


Finding yourself

Self-acceptance is something I’ve always underestimated. Lately, when I couldn’t sleep for days properly, thinking about all the things in my life that went wrong, (You tend to overthink when you don’t have much to do) I realised that I shouldn’t be caring about what the society wants from me. 324 more words

7 Things To Remind Yourself Daily

It’s easy to wake up in the morning and think about almost every single worry you could possible have. However, it’s also easy to remind yourself once a day that you DO matter. 381 more words


Love what you do

I had the most wonderful privilege of going on a supremely relaxing holiday with my Mum and daughter. There was glorious food, incredible surroundings and impeccable service. 638 more words

Mind Journey