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To: Someone Who Doesn't Feel Good Enough

Dear You,

It’s time for a quick story about life…
Once upon a time there was an elderly woman who needed to walk down to the river every morning to fetch water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. 377 more words


Perception's a bitch...but I'm a bigger one

I don’t know if you like coffee or tea or whiskey or kale juice but whatever’s your drink of choice be sure to grab a mug/glass/cup (heck even a bucket) before you start reading. 1,400 more words


Being beautiful

Hello friends and fellow bloggers. It’s been a while since I decided any of the ‘thoughts that fall out of my busy head’ have been worth sharing. 949 more words


Happy Is She Who Likes Herself

I have this pretty necklace with my name on it, in Arabic. I got it as a 19th birthday gift from one of my first friends in uni and immediately loved it! 654 more words

Soul Food

Spirit of Lust and sexual impurity.

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great and I pray that everyone is feeling blessed and happy. Today I will be talking about the Spirit of Lust and sexual impurity. 635 more words


Never conform

You know those posts on Facebook you try to scroll past, but can’t help reading through the garbage fire? The ones that are so ridiculous you almost think it has to be there as click bait. 650 more words


Because I'm worth it....

As a mum,  I always put my needs last.  I make sure the bills are paid, my kids are fed and that there is a roof over our heads – but why do I put my needs last? 515 more words