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Coffee Talk: Being with Mean People

  • Know to love and trust yourself.
  • Never level yourself with mean people. Do not (in any way) treat them the way they treat you. It is important to keep your standards high because you know better.
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Sometimes I wish I didn’t have my mind.
Like, if I could just trade for a simpler, less attacking brain that didn’t find every way to drag me down, I would. 233 more words

"You are worth the whole bunch put together" - The Great Gatsby

“You are worth the whole bunch put together” (The Great Gatsby) – and so much more I would say. The high point of your life was not when you met them, but way before they came and long after they are gone. 102 more words

Talking with Myself

I’ve been awake since 10 last night. On the weekend’s I don’t have my son, sleep is rare. In fact, what is typical is me coming home from work on Friday, making dinner, falling asleep and then waking up late and staying up the rest of the night. 213 more words



Today I shattered the screen on my iPhone 7 plus.. its getting fixed Wednesday thank Jesus. But do you ever think things wouldn’t occur if you didn’t go places or do certain things? 494 more words

If every answer to a question was a ‘yes’ I wonder what would life be like? Even though there’s  glamour in saying yes , there’s definitely power in a no.   375 more words

Bright Future


That Stupid moment when you hate yourself, your decisions everything you have become.Regret for things we have done shall come to pass with time but regret for the things we… 186 more words