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You are the motive.

There are days where you feel worn out.. where you can’t t give anymore you try your best but you have no energy left..

These days are the best days.. 271 more words


Loving my body

I had never really liked my body. I have always been the kind of girl who wears long, baggy tops to cover my figure and wears dark colours so that I was never noticed. 577 more words


True To Self : Taking The Blame

Blame It On them: The Wrongs We Do

As individuals we hate taking the blame for things. It’s always somebody else’s fault for what went wrong, never ours. 533 more words

Personal Development

Coping With Rejection

No one likes to be rejected, but there are some who can cope with it, and others who have difficulty handling rejection. This type of fear of rejection can cause difficulty in relationships, depression, negative self-talk causing a web of internal attributions to the rejection. 763 more words



That’s me in the picture below, hours after an emotional breakdown. If you’re wondering why, I can answer it with the usual: hormones, but hey, I am tired of blaming my hormones and all the other chemicals inside my head, as if it were the only reason for my morbid tweets, and emotions. 389 more words

You can make it 🦋

A big question in your mind still remains up until now. How are you really going to start your life all over again?

You may think your life is a total mess, and you are carrying tons of baggage in the past and in present time. 534 more words

Nightmares 🦋

I am back on track.

Without you, I made it this far,

You have been in disguise for so long, I never would have known until then. 212 more words