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Know Your Self Worth;

Honestly? I’m sick and tired of seeing women staying in relationships just to be in relationships. If someone is constantly putting your down and making you feel like shit about yourself, you need to leave. 244 more words

The Vortex of Meanness

Have you ever marveled at meanness? I think marvel is usually used in a positive context but when I marvel I’m generally dumbfounded. The meanness I’ve witnessed lately really does have me dumbfounded. 855 more words

Love is like learning how to swim

Falling in love has been one of the greatest joys I’ve ever gotten to experience. It’s like I’m always floating. His eyes tell me let me be your light.  432 more words


God Doesn't Make Mistakes

God does not make mistakes. God made you to look a certain way and gave you certain gifts to use in the course of your life. 82 more words



One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is to know your worth. It took me awhile to recognize the areas in my life that I had been settling; relationships, jobs, school, and even opportunities for growth. 351 more words


A Word for the Christian Huddle

He was an outcast. Not a friend to his name. Despised. Rejected. Hanging his head in shame.

He was familiar with ridicule.

And the feeling of loneliness. 507 more words


Horrors of Being Loved

Undoubtedly we all desire love – but weirdly, one of the toughest things to do is not to hold it against someone when they actually do turn around and reciprocate our feelings with the same intensity we desired their love. 556 more words