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The times that I bowed down and the times that I did not

As we all know or would have experienced, humility is a highly desirable trait in society– humble people are often more well-liked amongst their peers. Perhaps this can be attributed to the reason of insecurity in people– people want to feel that they are good enough, and so when someone humbles himself/herself, you seem to feel like you’re elevated (having one’s ego massaged is a good feeling undeniably), or at least, not put down. 1,346 more words

Is it really rock bottom?

I have had a sucky couple of months and I mean sucky.  I think I hit rock bottom about 6 times. Better yet, I have been living at rock bottom. 382 more words


자존감을 알아간다는 것

생각보다 긴 글이 될 것 같다..

최대한 짧게 하지만 내가 전하고 싶은 메시지를 전달 할 수 있기를 바란다.


이 단어에 대해 진지하게 신경을 쓰게 된 건 29살 너무나도 가슴 아픈 이별을 하고나서 였을 것 같다.

Excerpts & My Story

Price Learned

Times I saw the mirror

Times I saw me in the mirror

A step up

You happy? You peaceful? What of of us?

I know I’m not lost… 86 more words

Life Talk: Accepting Compliments.

It’s funny that we sometimes find it easier to deal with an insult than to accept a compliment. Don’t be bashful or embarrassed and don’t negate the flattery by denying it or causing too much of a fuss. 108 more words


The Art of Sleeping Better

Practice taking 10-second breathes with the methods below. Get your lungs fully oxygenated and clear your mind in an instant.

  • Clear your mind of thoughts and focus on your breathing.
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