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Victory Is Mine...And Yours

Victories. Small or large. Victories are wanted and needed each day. Depending on the type of life some lead will determine the level of consciousness the person may or may not have when it comes to victories. 695 more words

Her. Part one.

Do you know how she learned patience? She escaped. It was easier that way and it worked too. Do you want to know where she went or who she ran to? 493 more words

It's A Woman Thing

I was reading this book called FeMALE TRAITS by Lurea McFadden. Let me start off first by saying that I love the book. It’s dope in my opinion. 360 more words

Vacant, Staring Eyes, I Know the Look

No longer do I desire to shut uninvited feelings down, at last I am beginning to understand,  all emotions do in fact, serve a purpose. So today I am letting the melancholy come. 819 more words


Raising strong children in a world that can be unkind

It was at the young, tender age of four, when my girl had her first taste of bullying. Fortunately for her, that is an age where, thank God, she is still innocent to cruel jibes and taunts, and has no idea what ‘fatty watty’ even means.Unfortunately for the girl’s mother, it just so happened to be MY daughter on the receiving end of the bullying.   1,763 more words