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Fact is that ever since I was younger I felt lonely and not accepted. This turned into not being accepted by myself. I am angry that I am missing so many “beautiful things”. 1,732 more words

My Soul Search

And then she gave relationship advice...

You were beautiful before he told you that you are. You were cared for before he brought you medicine when you got sick. You were pursued before he started texting you twice in a row. 804 more words

It's Time We Loved Ourselves

We need to love and forgive ourselves. We need to know our self-worth without the approval of others. It’s not selfish, it’s not egotistical, and it’s not impossible – it’s necessary. 2,302 more words

There's Hope in Front of Me

I have had this song in my head all day. I hadn’t seen the video until I looked it up to share. The story in the video starts out pretty dark, but people who need the message in the lyrics have faced the darkness before. 258 more words


February 13, 2015

Today was different. I wouldn’t know exactly how to describe it. There is warmth my eyes. there is twirl in my walk. Have I finally found some comfort in the darkness of my mind? 72 more words

Humility is not the same as Low Self-Esteem

Is it just me or is there a whole population of people that think that by keeping themselves stuck and verbally belittling themselves that they are being humble…This is anything but humility. 64 more words