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If you dont love yourself you will chase after those that don't either...

“If you don’t love yourself you will always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.” Mandy Hale… This is a profound truth. We have all seen this or done it ourselves. 106 more words


A Purpose and a Place

The coffee said it right there on the package; Paradise is where I am.” Ha! Bologna! How can that be? It sure doesn’t feel like paradise when your heads spinning with the bewilderment of it all. 588 more words


Yes, roses have thorns.

God created the thorns

to protect her from the elements

that directly and indirectly

disrespect the fragility of her petals,

the scent of her love, … 16 more words


There is something to say about

people of exuberant inner light

Their light can’t be extinguished

You can drain them with your misery

Envelop them with darkness as tight as Saran Wrap… 126 more words


Ninja Missionaries

If Jesus was fully in charge of the Twittersphere, would be no more cyberbullying or undermining tweets, only love and encouragement.
We noticed negative and demeaning comments on twitter. 364 more words

Think before you belittleĀ 

This is really more of rant than anything else. Just so you have been warned.

Yesterday I came across a comment about a DLB (Dana Lynn Bailey for ya’ll who don’t know) video that was posted a few days ago. 658 more words

When you defend and debate...

If you find you are always defending or debating with people over the *rightness* of your beliefs then maybe deep down you are not sure whether you, yourself really believe them. 93 more words