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I think too damn much 💭

If you haven’t noticed by now some posts are about what I wear/fashion others are about education, and some are going to be about me just rambling, opinions, my focus, or life and this is one of those. 265 more words


We all aspire to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. And whilst This is admirable we seem to lose ourselves in the process.

To busy pleasing others we forget what pleases ourselves. 218 more words

We all have ... 

Have you gave someone your all and in the end, it just didn’t work out ?

After the breakup you sat there and told yourself what didn’t you do enough of ? 217 more words

Value yourself 

How you perceive yourself, how you talk about yourself, and how you represent yourself eventually become the reality for you. And if it happens that you’re putting yourself down, belittling your worth, and making light of your talents in the face of others, then you will come across as self-effacing, low in self-esteem, and almost a part of the wallpaper. 119 more words


Bottle it up.. 

There is a very common myth about psychology in which people believe they will alleviate their anger by “letting it out”. This is such a popular concept that many therapies have grown up around it – things like punchbags, squeeze balls, etc. 81 more words


Women- An Analysis

we the people of 21st century. we the people proud owner of technology. We the people who believe in voicing our opinion. We the people who believe in equality. 583 more words


To be  young, wild, and free
That’s what I wanna be!
I long to be outside these cold bars i see

Outcast and Outraged. 98 more words