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It's MsShana2You !

The very title to my fist blog screams CONFIDENCE! But that’s not how I always felt … I didn’t know I wasn’t a confident person until it came to speaking up about things. 428 more words


Embrace your Unique Mysteriousness

It is perfectly okay to remain a mystery. It does not mean you’re weird; It just simply means that you’re wonderfully unique. Perhaps, not everyone deserves to see through you.

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You Are Love & You Are Loved

Do you know what’s beautiful? Loving from the core of your being. True, unconditional love. Knowing that it’s been reciprocated¬†right now in this moment, even if it’s not evident in the physical as yet, just continuing loving the way you do and it will come, it will be matched, you will be appreciated by the right person at the right time. 242 more words


Where I've Been...

Hi everyone,

I’m sure you may be wondering where I am and/or if I’ll post again. The true is, my dog Lola has crossed over to the rainbow bridge 2 weeks ago because her cancer was getting worse. 157 more words


You aren't born with character, it's built.

Struggling with self-worth, purpose, and reasoning to your existence in your early twenties is inevitable.

For a portion of life, we are formed mentally and physically by our surroundings. 422 more words