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Sell Your Old Books for PayPal Cash

If you have old textbooks or books lying around, turn that into cash

Growing up, we used to have garage sales to sell our used items. 88 more words


The Secret to Making A Profit Selling Back Your Textbooks (Seriously!)

Making a profit selling back textbooks… That’s unheard of, right?

I mean… if we’re lucky, the campus bookstore will pay us $5 for a $120 textbook, and if  551 more words


Find the College Textbooks You Need at University Exchange

Ever since we were in pre-school, textbooks have always been a part of our lives. Anyone who has been to school will agree with that. Textbooks will always be a requirement as long as you are studying. 380 more words

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Secondhand College Textbooks and Supplies for Sale

A brand new semester means brand new subjects. And brand new subjects mean brand new books and materials. In college, books and supplies do not come cheap. 376 more words

Buy And Sell Textbooks

Selling Textbooks the Right Way

It’s the end of the semester. You are cramming for finals, writing term papers, pulling all-nighters, and occasionally making time to eat a decent meal. The last thing on your mind is planning ahead when you have so much to do right now… 407 more words

Textbook Buyback

Why gifting education makes sense?

Around 2000 years ago, Kautilya, a great Indian philosopher, royal advisor, and professor of economics and political science highlighted the importance of education by calling it as “an investment in human capital’, which can have a huge impact on growth and development of a nation. 368 more words

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Some Guidelines To Sell Books On The Internet

If you are a book lover, but now you are worried that your collection is already occupying the majority of the space in your room, it is time to clear some of them so that you can get room for starting your new collection. 383 more words