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Fabric Covered Pots

This would make a cute teacher or housewarming gift – try it!

You’ll need:

  • terra cotta pots
  • fabric
  • mod podge
  • foam brush

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I can't wait to blog again!!!!

I am showing real estate every minute of every day this weekend, but I have great stories for you.  Can’t wait to write them down!


DIY Jammie Pants

Make some for the whole family. Let everyone pick their own fabric, or make a matching set!

Click HERE for the instructions


Should You Price a Home High or Low? A New Study Makes a Surprising Recommendation

“Home prices are up. Mortgage rates are low. Housing supply is stretched thin. Suffice it to say—it’s a tight market.”

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Melted Bead Projects

Pony beads can be melted into these cute designs, check it out!

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Hand Planters

Let me hold your plants for you! Cute! … and Handy!

– cement
– water
– plastic gloves
– trowel to mix & scoop the cement.

Click HERE for the instructions