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Family & LuLaRoe

Oh goodness!!! Many of you that are my blog subscribers do not know that I am entering this amazing venture of selling clothes!!! From my home! 613 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Makin' Money

Like a lot of students, I have plenty of practice trying to make some extra money on the side. While a full-time degree at Oxford (and probably anywhere else to be honest) doesn’t leave you much time for a job, I found there were a few opportunities to make just a little spending money. 1,293 more words

Poshmark & 5 Summer Outfits

It’s Fashion Friday y’all! Today I’m going to share with you my recent experience with Poshmark, a site for selling clothing and accessories, as well as some of my summer outfits. 428 more words


I'm Selling My Clothes On Vinted!👗

Hey everybody, happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying your day to the utmost. Today I’m going to be talking about a fashion mobile app that I’m currently on, called “Vinted”. 351 more words


MARKETING: The Basics Of Your Fashion Brand Marketing Strategy

Hi Guys,

Start writing your marketing strategy by positioning your brand.

Where would you be?

This step is key since your whole strategy (the quality of your products, your collection, your price points, your promotion and your distribution) will depend on your positioning. 85 more words


DESIGNER TOOLBOX: 8 Tips To Help You Improve Your Menswear Brand

Hi Guys,

Men’s fashion has started in Paris, a good opportunity for us to understand what makes men tick. This week we found a very useful resource in « Branded Male : Marketing to Men » by Mark Tugate. 89 more words


DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How To Use Networking For Your Fashion Brand

Hi Guys,

I read this amazing article by Startupfashion to help fashion designers boost their fashion brand through networking.

The article covers pretty much everything from the where, the how to the way to approach people and what to do afterwards. 93 more words