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£5,100 Sale! What do we get after fees?

We recently sold the highest value item of our 15 year reselling career.  Nic had purchased a job lot of vintage consoles, games and accessories and while researching prices in which to list everything, he came across this inconspicuous looking cartridge with a hand written label.   502 more words


Trying eBay again ... heaven help me...

So.  Trying this eBay thing.  Again.

I have sold on eBay in the past and I have become discouraged.  People don’t seem to realize what they are buying , and some will try to get something for nothing. 666 more words


10 Things I Hate about Ebay!

As an eBay seller, these things just plain annoy me!

1. Time Wasted on the Phone!

Do you realize the time of a customer call on the phone to eBay could absolutely be cut in half if the representative did not have to stop what they were doing every two minutes to come back and tell us that they needed to place us on hold for another two minutes!   802 more words

Top Tens

Are You Making The Most Of eBay..?

Hello :)

About a year ago we typed about some eBay basics; pricing, packaging and what not. But I thought today I’d do an updated type version! 544 more words


Part Time work to make ends meet

I sell on eBay not only because I love to but because I have to.  Lets face it, prices have gone up but salaries continue to remain stagnant.   289 more words


What is My Item Worth: How to Research Pricing When Selling on eBay

When starting a new business on eBay one of the top questions is “what is my item worth?”  Of course you want to make the most profit you can and that is why you should always research pricing when selling on eBay.  631 more words

2 Things I Tried in 2016 That I Won't Do in 2017

2016 brought a career change: freelancing. One of the joys I get from freelancing is trying new things. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. Pretty much the second half of 2016 was trying new things. 436 more words