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Fashion and the Environment

The older I get, the more I start to think about the environment, and how to consume less energy. Back in the days, I use to just go with the flow, but I am happy to say I am now wiser, and I now think twice about how my fashion choices affect the environment. 375 more words


June eBay sales report

My June eBay sales report is promising…so far.  This turn around in sales has made me realize slow eBay sales in May 2016 has been a blessing in disguise.   328 more words

Selling Tips

Slow May 2016 eBay Sales can be productive

I have been experiencing slow eBay sales in May.  After hyperventilating and revising listings I have decided to go back to the basics.  I have decided that slow May 2016 eBay sales can be productive. 386 more words



Literally people have no concept of what I do all day, some mornings I venture out in my robe and slippers to the garage ,   hoping no one will see ….our garage is outside the house and about fifty steps I need a box or maybe an item I have listed months ago ….I sneak back to the house hoping the dogs all keep quiet and no early rising neighbor snags me for a hello ……..I box and weigh the items, print labels and try to get everything ready for the mailman at 9:30. 160 more words

Be your own boss on eBay

You can live the dream and be your own boss on eBay.  But in all reality just because you are “The Boss” it does not mean you don’t have to answer to anybody.    418 more words


You've GOT To Spend Money To Make Money?

If you read my leading WordPress blog you saw my passion for the businesses that make websites like Ebay and Amazon who they are. I’m not going to elaborate any further on that but wanted to set the stage for the heart of this message which is that it’s seriously time for a website to come along and throw a monkey wrench into the whole unreasonably excessive CPC, Listing Fee, Percentages of Sales and/or Monthly Subscription system! 755 more words

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