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Our trip 'oop north' to visit Zaheer & Bec

Making videos on YouTube has brought many blessings and surprises, one of which was the meeting of two like minded resellers, Nic & Zaheer, approximately three years ago. 866 more words


Selling Seasonally & when stock becomes overwhelming....

This week on the regular Tuesday Tat chat we chatted about the pros and cons of selling items seasonally and putting items away for Christmas. 94 more words

Tips & Advice

Reselling chat with Chad the 'Golden Finger Picker'

Zaheer and I were both excited to get Chad AKA ‘The Golden Finger Picker’ on our chat

Chad is a highly respected reseller from the USA with a hugely popular youtube channel, both he and his wife, Kim have a wealth of knowledge they share with the community. 48 more words

Selling On EBay

Yard Sale Treasure Hunting... Vlog & Haul...

We went to a ‘Yard Sale Trail’ which was great fun and proved to be a great way to find a good mix of stuff for reselling… 196 more words


Focus on Friends: Zaheer & Rebecca Malik

This month we are featuring our good friends Zaheer & Rebecca Malik.  Nic & Zaheer got to know one another via their YouTube channels shortly after Nic started making YouTube videos about reselling.   815 more words



In this second part of our ongoing style series we are focussing on styles and keywords for listing men’s shirts/t-shirts/tops and women’s blouses/t-shirts/tops.

When researching styles and keywords Google Image Search is your friend.   260 more words


Focus on Friends: The Drew Resellers - Emma & Tony Drew

This month we are featuring our friends Emma & Tony Drew AKA The Drew Resellers. We initially came across their instagram page a few months back and are now regular viewers of their YouTube channels and Emma’s Blog (links below). 953 more words