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Be your own boss on eBay

You can live the dream and be your own boss on eBay.  But in all reality just because you are “The Boss” it does not mean you don’t have to answer to anybody.    418 more words


Easy Money - eBay

One of the easiest ways I’ve discovered to make money online, or better even, to generate passive income, which I’m happy to report that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to very by over the past six years, selling items on Ebay. 537 more words

You've GOT To Spend Money To Make Money?

If you read my leading WordPress blog you saw my passion for the businesses that make websites like Ebay and Amazon who they are. I’m not going to elaborate any further on that but wanted to set the stage for the heart of this message which is that it’s seriously time for a website to come along and throw a monkey wrench into the whole unreasonably excessive CPC, Listing Fee, Percentages of Sales and/or Monthly Subscription system! 755 more words

Online Selling

Is There An Ideal Way To Sell Online?

It seems no matter where you sell online there’s always something not so “ideal” for sellers.  Indeed, we should be grateful such platforms exist but are these sites taking advantage of the sellers ? 1,091 more words

Online Selling

My New Life as an eBay Seller


I have been selling on eBay now since the year 2013. What opened my world to start selling on ebay was being a buyer first. 1,493 more words

My Life As An EBAY Seller!

Watch how Mark Penman earns $5k - 10k in a month

Watch how Mark Penman shows you where he finds the deals he sells and makes $5k-$10k per month. He shows you how to find the right deals and… 40 more words