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Photographing your items, what you need to know.

I know, I know, you have heard it a thousand times. Quality pictures are a must…blah, blah, blah…. Let me share with you WHY this is TRUE and why you should really put in that extra effort when photographing your shop items. 1,014 more words

All About ETSY

Spring Cleaning a Brand

Every year in the spring I try to clean up, update, and generally improve the look of my brand. This year I decided to work on a logo and I must say I’m super pleased with the result! 72 more words

What Changed My Mind About Etsy's Pattern?

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

At the beginning of April, Etsy launched Pattern, a standalone website for sellers interested in growing their brands through a personal website. 247 more words


This Community

As I sit here at 3:15AM, I’m checking in on my Facebook group. Again. It’s become second nature to check in to see if anyone has posted something they might need help with or to see how conversations are going. 240 more words

Selling On Etsy

IFTTT and Etsy - A Visual Guide

IFTTT or If This, Then That, is an excellent tool for Etsy sellers.  Recently, Etsy became unsupported for IFTTT recipes. With this, I did some digging and I learned that while Etsy remains unsupported, there IS a way to see your published Etsy listings circulated through IFTTT. 850 more words

Selling On Etsy

Writing Your Shop Story on Etsy

To share your story with your customers shouldn’t end at, “Here’s how I got started…” Your story goes so much deeper than that. When you’re sharing your story, you should essentially be sharing yourself with your customers: 661 more words


Finding Your Target Audience

While other sellers are busy advertising their items to anyone who’ll look, you’re busy getting serious as an Etsy seller. You’ve come to the realization that finding your target audience is the key to your success and you’re not messing around anymore — good for you! 646 more words

Selling On Etsy