Happy 1st December

Now the count for Christmas has finally started, and as the kids say, we have waited a WHOLE year…. Am I the only one who could have waited another year? 452 more words


The Message Is In The Medium

This illustration is a portrait of the late Marshall McLuhan. A media theorist and public speaker on various social medias during the late 60’s into the mid 7o’s predicting the internet 30 years prior to it’s public availability. 64 more words


Trump won// Its snowing

So Donald Trump is the new president….. Are we happy Americans? I am glad that I convinced my husband to sell his shares, cause the stock market went down hill when it… 438 more words


I Feel Sad

I should be posting a post about our trip to France, but I am in a very bad mood at the moment, I don’t know why. 242 more words


Money Maker!

This is by no means a sponsored post, I simply wanted you to get in on what Im in on so you too can be a money maker! 784 more words

Animal Lover

Lessons learned from unpacking

So here we are at home (when we did not expect to be returning to this house) and unpacking parts of two storage units.  Since we did not think we would be back and unpacking just parts of the storage for the basic things to live for six months or so (until we relist the house in the Spring), we did not pack with that in mind.   389 more words


selling stuff on kijiji is tough

I have been trying to sell some items I no longer use on Kijiji. I so far could sell one item for $20 and gave away another item free. 253 more words