Sports, I Think!

This is probably the best one could do without sorcery or technology from 500 years from now.

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New Creeps For Show!

These are some loose pencil sketches I decided to tighten up, ink and recently color. So far they are just images that haunt me, but I reckon these will soon become stickers. 93 more words


Accepting Commissions

I am accepting illustration commissions. All work is digital and will be delivered by email or uploaded to the cloud. I take payment via PayPal. … 244 more words


Wanna Buy This?

For about two weeks, I’m selling this page. It’s a one page comic. It’s from a series of one pagers I’m putting together into a comic called Sassafrass. 21 more words


This Week's Hustle: Kruger and MAD Art

I think it’s time to start listing some original art so… This drawing was made when I was watching Nightmare On Elm Street III: The Dream Warrior from the comfort of my drawing desk. 126 more words


Selling Stuff

I’d like to mention, because I haven’t lately, that I do sell prints and print rights to most of my work.

I sell custom-printed merchandise and prints through… 216 more words

The Squishy Stinky Diaper

Restoring the faith in humanity

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my husband had accepted $10 less from a buyer despite being told the price moments earlier. And despite me telling him of the error immediately, he hesitated until the buyer drove off, triumphant in having successfully ripped me off of $10. 173 more words

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