Lessons learned from unpacking

So here we are at home (when we did not expect to be returning to this house) and unpacking parts of two storage units.  Since we did not think we would be back and unpacking just parts of the storage for the basic things to live for six months or so (until we relist the house in the Spring), we did not pack with that in mind.   389 more words


selling stuff on kijiji is tough

I have been trying to sell some items I no longer use on Kijiji. I so far could sell one item for $20 and gave away another item free. 253 more words


Buy My Stuff?!

Hi! So today I have a post about a cool app where you can easily sell and buy clothing, makeup, and jewelry. When you sell an item, the company even pays for you to ship the stuff to people. 135 more words

Going through boxes part 3// Selling

Now that all the birthday parties are over, I can continue to go through boxes, but I mainly try to sell stuff at the moment, so we can get rid of everything before we hav to move. 647 more words


177 Blank Covers+ Done! Now What?

The tally has been counted. I have officially filled my 3rd magazine box of illustrated blank comic book covers! The count is 177 plus a few in a 4th box. 484 more words


Selling our stuff

You only realise how much useless stuff you have wasted money on over the years when you franticly try to sell it all in two months. 517 more words

My goal for June: make at least 100 euros in sales

So I was planning on having a no spend June, but that was before I heard I was going to IFA in Berlin. Had to buy a plane ticket… Plus, a friend of mine is in a bit of trouble right now, so I wanted to surprise her with a box full of goodies. 327 more words