Thoughts on Getting Rid of Things

Most sites I’ve read on decluttering advice you to be careful when selling your clutter. I would agree with them very much in relation to my own experience. 875 more words


A Challenge to Myself

I have a ton of clothing. I mean, seriously. its ridiculous the amount of unworn cloth that resides in our master closet. I take up most of the racks and my poor husband is relegated to the top rack…. 302 more words

Married Life

Certain Evils

So my car payment is due Thursday. Because I am that awesome, I went to michaels. Yes the evil craft store. And yes I spent Waaaaay to much money. 125 more words

Alternatives to Craigslist for buying/selling stuff

Spring is on the way and you will probably soon be cleaning out your home.

Once you have performed this rite of purification, you may end up with lots of stuff to sell. 622 more words


Never more will I hoard broken things.....

(This is my first ever blog post thing – bear with me – I’ll get the hang of it soon – jon)

What caught my eye was the simple fact that here was the best invention ever. 777 more words

England - Before The Journey Begins

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Have you ever been on holiday somewhere, and felt yourself instantly and explicably at home? Like there is something about the place that acknowledges and reflects back to you the beauty that you carry within your soul. 351 more words

Finding Balance

The Day I Sold My Childhood Violin

Today, I put my childhood violin up for consignment. Since the early 00’s, I’ve been lugging it from apartment to apartment. Once in a while I would open the case to make sure it wasn’t broken. 690 more words

Creative Life