Restoring the faith in humanity

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my husband had accepted $10 less from a buyer despite being told the price moments earlier. And despite me telling him of the error immediately, he hesitated until the buyer drove off, triumphant in having successfully ripped me off of $10. 173 more words

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Selling Stuff

Manca veramente poco alla nostra partenza..un week end di mezzo e poco piĆ¹..ultimo giorno di lavoro (meno male) domani e poi via verso relax, vacanza e poi…. 435 more words


The one time selling stuff doesn't feel so good

I had posted a lot of our brand new wedding gifts (sorry…) on Kijiji because they weren’t being used and, well, we really needed the cash. 386 more words

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Inching our way towards Financial Stability

I know this might be an insignificant update for those of you with cash to spare, but I am please to report that we just sold an Ikea TV Bench for $120, and that I had received a Trupanion refund after… 99 more words

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Converting clutter into cash

It’s no secret that we’re in a pretty dire situation financially. And me not having started work yet is just exacerbating the situation, because now our monthly expenses for February ($7,065.18) far outweigh our projected income ($3,760). 139 more words

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Mobile Marketing.. More than just Cell....

The way that we interact with our customer is changing all the time, at an alarming rate in fact….. The big organisations are moving so fast that the smaller fish needn’t be left out. 281 more words


Selling Stuff: the Making of Nomads

We lived for a while, waiting. Rushed, yet in limbo, we were waiting till the day we were to be officially and completely moved out of and free from our house. 1,489 more words