Alien Baby Illustration Pages

Recently had to print out some art cards for the Scramble Jam here in Long Beach. There was some space left on the page so I added this guy on the pages I printed, cut them out and now I have about 25 of these with blank backs, so… 77 more words

Frankenstein's Monster T-Shirt

I colored this one in and made it into a Zazzle shirt today.  Get it here.


Grandmother Witch T-Shirt

I put up this T-shirt today on my Zazzle store.  Here’s the link. 10 more words


Black Cat T-Shirt

I put my black cat drawing on a Zazzle T-shirt.  Get it here.


Cthulhu T-Shirt

I put the new Cthulhu T-shirt up on my Zazzle store now.  Here’s the link. 6 more words

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