Getting rid of stuff

Yesterday I put some bags of stuff into the recycling bins.

Today I got rid of some rocks and fossils. One of my mother’s interests was geology. 350 more words


Getting ready to sell the house

Documenting the selling of almost all of our stuff before we go on the road again is difficult.  Here are some photos of what the house looks like now, with piles of everything getting stacked up.  163 more words


One spooky sale.

Source: One spooky sale.

Check out this amazing site belonging to the incredibly talented Bronxelf. She carves, drills, paints and decorates eggshells and creates the most stunning pieces of art. 30 more words

Selling Stuff


I finished The Minimalist Budget really quickly and I was inspired. This is not a book solely about budgeting; it’s a book that enables you to see the value of your resources: money and time. 525 more words

The Hustle

Jack and Andy's Lemonade Stand

One of the most important things I think you can teach your children is self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately these things aren’t really taught anymore in schools and parents don’t really teach their kids this. 568 more words


Selling Stuff for Supplemental Income

I’ve been hemorrhaging money this year, to the tune of “oh shit”. As you could probably figure out, paying for a wedding and purchasing a house is pretty financially crippling. 887 more words

Selling Stuff

I love furniture. Which is a problem when it comes to selling it

So my parents are coming to Sydney this weekend. They have been working for a week in New Zealand, and stop off in Sydney to see myself, Nick and my sister (in reverse order if you ask the sister) before they head back to Nanjing. 596 more words

Before China