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Author Guest Post - Author Plugs and Promos

Romance Author Faye Hall on the Hard Work of Selling Yourself

After finishing writing a manuscript the next stage of things is usually writing a plug or synopsis to send to a publisher. 914 more words

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Every writer should know..........

There are a lot of tips for aspiring authors out there; some are good and some not so much (in my humble opinion).  I have been blessed to have several best-selling books; and I also worked in the publishing world so I have inside information about what publishers are looking for. 519 more words

Tilly Rivers

Make Money with Your Book (or product or service)!

  1. Royalties
  2. Autographings
  3. Note: Some locations will not carry your book. Check ahead of time when you book the location.
  4. Public Speaking
  • Schools, institutions, churches
  • Clubs (Elks, women’s clubs)
  • 125 more words

A Poet's Gotta Do What a Poet's Gotta Do (Or What Would Walt Whitman Do?)

The answer to my Oh-what-to-blog-what-to-blog anxiety arrived today.

Our usual UPS man backed into our gravel drive as he always does, coming to the little stone house in the trees in Virginia, setting my dogs off into an excited  leap-and-bark-fest, which he ignored, as he always does, and smiled as he handed over a large box to me on our stoop, hurrying away to finish his route. 737 more words


How To Double Your Ebook Sales By Doing Nothing At All | Just Publishing

Georgina Cromarty reblogged this on The Writing Chimp and commented:

Another great article :) Sounds like a missed opportunity if you don't consider all the selling platforms out there.

GET PUBLISHED 3: Publisher/Agent - either/or?

Publisher or agent? In these days of digital publishing you don’t need either to get your book out there – but if you don’t want to go down the self-publishing route you definitely need one, or both. 408 more words

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The Last Words You Will Ever Write...

The Back Cover Blurb, the BCB, the last words that you will write for your completed manuscript, the most important words you’ll ever write. 634 more words