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“If you want to be a successful professional writer, you need to learn business.”

Kristine Katherine Rusch

THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION, And How It Harms Writers, WMG Publishing, 2013. 487 more words


GET PUBLISHED #6: The Last Revision

So you’ve finished your book, edited and spellchecked it, done your industry homework and made a list of publishers you think will like your work. 250 more words

Get Published

Meeting Stephanie Hale

Meeting Stephanie Hale

arranged by our tutor Julia at Worcester university.

Julia and Stephanie met working for the BBC. Stephanie Hale was the former Assistant Director of the Creative Writing Diploma at Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education and is now the director of Oxford Writers literacy consultancy. 733 more words

Great Lessons

Query Letter Tips

  1. Personalize the address. Make sure everything, especially the agent’s name, is spelled correctly.
  2. Know something about the agent or editor. Do your homework. Find out what they like, and see if you can gear your query letter in that way.
  3. 289 more words

Author Expectations vs. Reality

Success on a level such as that realised by J.K. Rowling and E.L. James, whilst it happens, is rare. There’s no reason why you can’t acquire a publishing deal and build a longstanding writing career, but there’s no guarantee this will happen. 917 more words

The Writing Hall

Todays Writers' Tip: Spending Money to Promote your Book(s)

September 21, 2015

It Takes Money to Make Money

(Marketing and Promotion Number 10)

A Word about Business Cards

Before we discuss today’s topic, let me revert to something I’ve already mentioned in two past blogs: business cards. 731 more words


The Grueling Task of Book Promotion

It seems to me that the art of writing is much easier than the grueling task of book promotion! I have run a small business for eight years, experimented with advertising until I got the right formula for my small company. 738 more words