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How To Market A Book Without Annoying Everybody

Some time ago I hit upon a radical new strategy for the blog. When I had a question I didn’t have the answer to, I was going to ask someone who actually knew something about it. 1,565 more words


BookBub and Me: 20,000 Downloads, 50 Reviews, and a Month (so far) of Daily Sales

I even made it onto three Amazon e-book bestseller lists

I’ve never figured that paying a promotions company to market my book was a worthwhile investment of my money, but in the past month I’ve discovered – yet again – that when it comes to promoting books, I’m a neophyte. 1,027 more words

Selling Your Book

September OWL: Selling your book!

It’s nearly conference time here in RWA-land, but when our lives go back to normal, many of us will need to submit our books – a process that is about as popular among writers as getting a root canal. 610 more words



“If you want to be a successful professional writer, you need to learn business.”

Kristine Katherine Rusch

THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION, And How It Harms Writers, WMG Publishing, 2013. 487 more words


GET PUBLISHED #6: The Last Revision

So you’ve finished your book, edited and spellchecked it, done your industry homework and made a list of publishers you think will like your work. 250 more words

Get Published

Meeting Stephanie Hale

Meeting Stephanie Hale

arranged by our tutor Julia at Worcester university.

Julia and Stephanie met working for the BBC. Stephanie Hale was the former Assistant Director of the Creative Writing Diploma at Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education and is now the director of Oxford Writers literacy consultancy. 733 more words

Great Lessons